Joebo's Thyrogen-X Log

  1. Joebo's Thyrogen-X Log


    Today will be my first day taking ALRI's Thyrogen-X, so technically my log will start with day 1 tomorrow morning.

    For full product details visit the link below:
    ALRI - T-X: The New Weapon in the War Against Fat

    Current Supplements:
    I'm currently on the end of a Anagen/Fenotest/Cissus cycle which i have a log running of as well. I will only be continuing cissus usage along with my ATW Optimum Whey.

    Age: 26
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 194

    Current training schedule/ Protocol:
    Tuesday: Chest
    Thursday: Back/Traps
    Friday: Arms
    Sunday: Legs/Shoulders

    Current Nutrition/Macros:
    Eating between 2200-3000 daily in correlation to on/off days with off days obviously being the lower calorie days.

    Goals with Product:
    I would like to see a drop in body fat, mainly in my mid-section as this seems to be the only place fat seems occupy. I plan on keeping everything consistant and only adding thyrogen-x. I will get some current pics up, hopefully over the weekend.

  2. Bring it Joebo :bruce1:

  3. Day 1
    Nothing to really note today in regards to effects obviously and also cannot comment on any negatives. Had a good arm workout yesterday.

    DB Curls:

    BB Curls:


    Single arm reverse grip pull downs

    On a side note, I had an un-fillable hunger all day yesterday, not sure if it had anything to do with the thyrogen or not. I typically will alternate weeks with dips and close grip bench. I do not do a whole lot of arm work, well not as much as I've seen a lot of people do, but for me lately, less has been better.

  4. Its a good idea to take your measurements now and then again at the end of the log, to be able to track your progress in another way as well as weight.

  5. Good idea... I'll take measurements tomorrow and post em' up!

  6. Great start to your log Joebo, good luck with this. Kick some butt

  7. Day 2-3
    Saturday was an off day. Yesterday I hit legs and shoulders. I hurt my knee on saturday working on cars so I took it light on legs. Shoulder workout went well.

    Standing BB Shoulder Press

    Front Raises

    Lateral Raises

    Legs were light as stated, so won't bother listing. Weight has been steady. Can't comment on any fatloss at this time obviously. No side effects to mention either. Pictures should be up tonite before i go to bed.

  8. Day 4
    Yesterday was an off day so no working out for me. Slipped on calories yesterday and only took in about 2000. I have not noticed any fat shedding off and weight is actually up 2 lbs. Now i just finished an anagen/fenotest cycle so the 2lbs may actually be from that. But def no new fat. I will be putting up my measurements this evening as well so i can monitor progress. Still working on a new pic. I'll take one with my phone, but it won't be that great.
    Name:  IMG_00341.jpg
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    Here is a pic thats slightly dated, but haven't changed much in the gut department since then. I will then post up current to see the changes after my anagen/fenotest cycle as well.

  9. Day 5
    Good chest workout yesterday. I switched from BB bench to DB for a change. Had good energy and even blasted through my ab workout at the end which is usually grueling for me. I might just be optimistic, but it seems like my upper abs are becoming a little more visable, but i could just be crazy. Weight was at 196 this morning which is up 2lbs from when i originally posted my stats for this log. The 2lbs gained I believe to be muscle and attributing it from my feno/anagen cycle, but who knows for sure. I'm really hoping in the next week i start seeing some more notable fat shedding!!!

    DB Bench

    Nautilus Incline Press(Free weight version not weight stack)

    DB Flys

    20 warmup
    12 w/25lb
    10 w/25lb

    Machine Crunches

  10. Following along Joebo. Interested...

  11. Day 6
    Yesterday was an off day so not work out for me and was a rather lazy day. Again, had an unfulfillable hunger which was odd because i ate a good dinner and wanted more right after i just finished eating. Didn't weigh myself yesterday, but like stated earlier my upper abs seem to be showing slightly and i mean slightly more. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!
    Meal 1:
    4 HB Eggs no yolk
    Oatmeal w/ some granola
    protein shake w/milk

    Meal 2:
    PB&J x2

    Meal 3:
    97% lean beef patty on wheat roll
    Mixed greens w/fat free honey dijon
    16oz 1% milk
    Fat Free yogurt

    Meal 4:
    Protein shake w/ground oats

    Meal 5:
    Skinless Chicken w/BBQ
    Sugar Snap Peas
    Brown Rice
    16oz or so 1% milk

    Meal 6:
    1 slice wheat bread w/PB
    8 oz milk

    If your following my log, how bout some rep!!

  12. So you took the day off, but were very hungry huh? Well maybe of you use fitday and keep track of all your macros you might see why, you may not be getting enough cals, or some foods are targeting your weak spots Granola is yummy but high in fat, Jelly is ok as long as its sugar free. You should be eating like 2 chicken breasts at meal 5, with no BBQ sauce! or use Walden Farms BBQ it has 0 cals. Check it out

    FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal

  13. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm
    So you took the day off, but were very hungry huh? Well maybe of you use fitday and keep track of all your macros you might see why, you may not be getting enough cals, or some foods are targeting your weak spots Granola is yummy but high in fat, Jelly is ok as long as its sugar free. You should be eating like 2 chicken breasts at meal 5, with no BBQ sauce! or use Walden Farms BBQ it has 0 cals. Check it out

    FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal
    It was two chicken breasts, actually maybe more. I cooked up 4 breasts for me and my gf and I had a larger portion then she did. I have always used sugar free jelly and natty pb. I'll start putting everything into fitday and seeing the macros, but i should have been fine on cals yesterday.

  14. Day 7
    Decent back workout yesterday although tired quickly which could be from bad sleep the night before. Weight consistant at 196. Upper abs are def becoming more visable. Nothing major, but i think i notice slight shedding of fat there. No sides of any sort to mention either which is good.

    Wide Grip Pull Ups

    Cable Rows(Cybex-not sure of weight since they are only marked by nonsense numbers)

    ISO Lateral High Row

    BB Shrugs
    (Note:I believe i need straps because I can do more reps but my grip starts to slip at the higher weights)

    DB Shrugs

    Hammer Grip Pull-ups

    I didn't do deadlifts because of my leg that is still sore and also i just wasn't in the mood for them yesterday. I wanted to end with hyperextensions but just had no juice left in me.

    macro: 34/46/21

  15. Days 8, 9,10
    Sorry for no updates lately. I've been in AC for the past tw nites using up some comp time i had. Friday I had a great arm workout. Weight stayed the same as the previous week except reps went up, so I was pleased with that. Saturday I had a shoulder/leg workout. Shoulder workout went great, lots of energy. I still took it light on my legs but this coming weekend i should be able to go back up in weight. Weight is constant and having lost or gained. I think i'm starting to shed some fat though which is a good sign being about a week into this cycle. I think the next two weeks should show whether the fat is gonna start coming off or not. I do have faith in this product and think it will do what it claims to.

  16. Day 11
    Forgot to weigh in yesterday, but i don't think anything has changed weight wise, but will verify tomorrow morning. Yesterday was an off day and spent the majority of the morning in the casino and then the afternoon driving home. Ate dinner and pretty much passed out, so it was a lower then normal calorie day. Chest day tonite, will update tomorrow morning.

  17. Day 12
    Yesterday was a chest day and I def can not say it went well. As i posted before, I had a wedding on sunday night in Atlantic City and afterwards we all hit the casinos. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep that nite and woke up early the next morning to do a little gambling before the drive home. So I think i was just still recovering. I made it through the workout, but didn't progress anymore then the week before and tired quickly. Weight this morning was at 197, so I'm actually up a bit. I think i was holding a lot of fluid though because i've already used the bathroom twice and haven't drank much this morning yet.

  18. Day 13
    Yesterday was an off day. Very tired yesterday from a busy day of work so I went to bed extra early. Weight was 194, so I'm back down to where I started out. Upper abs slowly but surely pokin' their way though. Yesterday my cals were 2490 with macros 38/40/22.

  19. Day 14
    Good back workout yesterday. Good energy throughout. Weight was 194, so no change there. I'm just about at the mid-point of this log, so i'm hoping this last half is where i'm gonna see some good recomposition effects.

    Wide Grip Pull Ups

    T-Bar Rows

    Nautilus Lat Pulldown

    BB Shrugs

    DB Shrugs

    Did 12 minutes of HIIT as well.

  20. Days 15, 16, 17

    Sorry for not updating in a few days. Friday I had a decent arm workout. Didn't move up in weight though, but stayed consistant and added a rep here and there. Weight staying constant at 194. Saturday I went to the Farm Aid 06' show in philly, so nothing to report for that day. Sunday I hit shoulders and legs. Shoulder half of the workout was awesome and weights were all up by a small margin. Legs were kinda on the weak side, one for not working them in a little while, and two adding a little HIIT at the end of my workouts lately have definately fatigued them as i'm not used to that. Overall, I think the effects will start to show soon. I have noted upper abs showing a few times before and now I'm starting to see it progressing downwards. I'm getting a cut line down the middle that seems to keep getting more defined. I think i'm gonna get some nice recomp effects in these last two weeks here.

  21. Day 18
    Yesterday was a rest day for me. Weight is up 2 lbs, not quite sure how or why ,but i look leaner, nonetheless. Homestretch ahead, gonna keep my fingers crossed and hopefully shed some more fat. Tonite will be a chest day followed by some HIIT. I'm just starting so cardio wise i'm out of shape, but improving each time.

  22. Day 19
    Decent chest/trap workout yesterday. No real improvement on chest, but my BB Shrugs went smoothly and easily with and extra 30lbs. Weight consistant. Abs are def starting to show. I'm excited for these last ten days!

  23. Thats cool that your abs are starting to show !!!!!

  24. Day 20
    Yesterday was an off day. Weight is at 196. Not noticing much of a change overall. Like i said abs slightly showing is the most mentionable at this point in time. Today will be a back day which is usually always a great workout for me.

  25. Keep hittin it hard Joebo. Keep the diet tight and cardio.

    Quote Originally Posted by joebo
    Day 20
    Yesterday was an off day. Weight is at 196. Not noticing much of a change overall. Like i said abs slightly showing is the most mentionable at this point in time. Today will be a back day which is usually always a great workout for me.

  26. Day 20-24
    Sorry i haven't updated in the past few but I have been super busy. Weight is actually up 1 lb. I can't say i'm noticing any more shedding. I have to wonder though, if one's thyroid is already functioning optimally, how much can an herbal booster really do? I'll see if anything happens in the next few days, but it got me to thinking about how test boosters are uneffective for young people. Would the same apply to thyroid boosters on someone's whose thyroid is functioning optimally or near optimum level?

  27. Days 25-26
    Weight up at 196.5. So i'm actually up in weight. Strength about the same. Can't say I've experienced much shedding if any.

  28. I wish you had better results Joebo. I do appreciate your time in this log though, very much! What will be next when you complete this? Whats your plan of attack for that fat?

    If I can be of any assistance, Please let me know

  29. Thanks. I don't want people to get the wrong idea though. Please keep in mind that I kept my diet the same, so I wasn't on a cut diet. Although I didn't lose weight I think I had some recomp. When i post up final pictures, hopefully you'll be able to see. I just wanted to make everyone clear that I did have some results and if I was on a cut diet it prob would have worked much better.

  30. Day 27-29
    Ok, so heres the final verdict. Weight is actually up two lbs total, but pants are fitting looser. Will post up a current picture hopefully monday to compare the difference. Please keep in mind that I wasn't on a cut and continued my diet as normal and just added in the T-X. I think i did get a slight recomp effect from it, but on a cut I think it would be a great addition. One thing is about the last half of the cycle I had headaches every morning that sometimes continued on into the afternoon. I didn't take a dose today, so hopefully no headache tomorrow. Someone else reported the same headaches in their log as well. I'd recommend it if your on a cut as i think it could lead to some great losses.


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