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  1. I'll do a backwards test. Starting out 1 hour and moving backwards to 45 then 30 minutes without food @1scoop.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    I'll do a backwards test. Starting out 1 hour and moving backwards to 45 then 30 minutes without food @1scoop.
    BTW...wanted you to know I'm not being picky. Just trying to be helpful in finding the way the product best suits your individual response and needs.
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  3. Oh didn't think that at all. Just trying to offer advice to get the most of it. Some products require a bit of a different approach for best results.

  4. Took 1 scoop on an empty stomach with 8oz of orange juice tonight. About 15 minutes or so later I had a stim effect equal to about drinking a cup O coffee. Had a great workout and definately had focus.

    Hit 255x8 on Military Press behind the neck and then 275x1

  5. Its time for a little dusting and cleaning in here, Let me get my french maid outfit and feather duster.......

  6. And on that note i'll update this I don't see a damn Maid outfit either

    I'm finding out while talking to the othe testers that it's my own fault i'm having less than normal reactions with Focus XT. Siwtching shifts and lack of sleep and my normal high amounts of caffein intake.

    I have to drive to Georgia Friday morning to visit my Grand mother in the Nursing home(she has alzheimers) and then hit my dad's cemetary for a much needed re-familiarization. I'll be carrying it with me and i'll be mixing it with bottled water that will be cold from a cooler.

  7. From personal experience I agree 100% that the effects of Focus XT can be almost completely negated by lack of proper rest. I don't think your high caffeine tolerance is a major issue here. Although you may lose out a little on the 'kick' the nootropic aspects should still be there.

    I look forward to your results with a little more rest behind ya

  8. I agree i wouldn't use this for a pick me up, you should be well rested, if you want a pick me up then you need some more potent stimulants.

  9. Okay I had a 18 hour travel each way trip this weekend and decided this was a good time to test Focus XT™

    Thursday night at 9pm EST I started out on the highway.

    I felt refreshed although I hadn't slept since 6am that morning. I was prepared to come to terms with a lot of issues and this had me feeling good.
    2am: I started feeling a bit tired and decided to stop at a rest stop(breeding ground for homosexuals).

    Servings: 2am 1 scoop in 20oz of gatorade.

    220am: I felt good again. The slight tiredness was gone and I was back cruising.

    Side note: I met BV there oddly enough and he was running through the parkinglot with a ball in his mouth. I had a timeline so I just gave him a thumbs up and kept going.

    530am: Feeling tired again and I had a coke and some food. if you can call three huge raison oatmeal cookies food.

    600am: Too tired to continue and went to sleep on the side of the road. Nothing like being rocked to sleep by passing semis going 70mph. I slept with a seatbelt on so if I was shotputted by a 18 wheeler I would stay with the vehicle as it landed.
    730am: red eyed and still tired I couldn't take it and took another scoop with a bottle of orange juice.

    815is-am: I was a little tired but no where near what I was and continued on. Jammin to some tunes on XM baby, yeah!

    1240pm: I reached the nursing home and visited with my grand ma.

    145pm: I headed out to Atlanta

    4pm: Made it to my grand pa's. Safe and sound

    Focus XT™ Notes: I have to give this powder some credit cause Stopping for about 1.5 hours in a 18 hour trip ain't bad and no stomach problems or illness type of effects.

  10. Saturday Night I headed out from my Grand pa's

    I had about 9 hours sleep the night before and about 2 seperate 1 hour cat naps that day.

    Mood: I left out emotionally drained and not fully recovered from the trip out.

    9pm: Left out and not totally sure where the hell I was or how I was getting back on the highway.

    Side note: I was getting phone call after phone call from newly met family members making sure I was okay out there and a cousin that was in child labor. A good feeling. haven't had that family feeling a long time. Put a smile on my face

    2am: I'm hurting and went 1.5scoops into 32oz of gatorade and a pb&j sammitch. the sammitch was ate about 20 minutes after.

    230: I started noticing the effects as i was jamming to the banana boat song. DAY! DAY-O Daylight and me wan go home!

    6am: I needed a nap and stopped at another Rest area...BV's number was in the restroom. I guess he was popular.

    730am: I headed back out.

    1230pm: I took another scoop in a bottle of water and had another pb&j sammitch.

    3pm: I made it home and went to sleep

    Focus XT™ Notes: This was an excellent replacement to my standard energy drinks I use on the road. They would both mess my stomach up and would give me ulcers in my mouth. I may not use this daily at work but long haul days involving training and driving it will be used. No doubt.

    I'm going to get some rest.

  11. Hope you had a great time bro. Glad you didnt crash off the road via fatigue. Ive been learning while i watch criminals and messed up people operate. It reminds me just how important family is to everyone. when the family scene is intact id gove anyone a 2:1 advatage for success. And anytime youve spent time with family, people you miss or need, your less likely to do things like give someone the finger or have road rage. Just feels good like your not "you" with out a few good people around you. hope your feeling full, this focus xt is sounding good.

  12. Glad you had a safe trip and glad that it seems to be working better for you now.
    SNS and Competitive Edge Labs Black Friday Sales:

  13. Haven't been to work in a couple so putting off useage tuntil then. I have a long training day due on tuesday too. Gonna make special interest then.

  14. Training classes are rife with nodding off....

    (I'm in a week-long one on design of chemical processing equipment this week. It's so damn hard to stay awake while talking about stupid heat exchangers and distillation towers.
    But - at least in my classes, I don't get shot at or pistol whipped when I nod off. )


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