Alright cupcakes, here it is Ether2010/Nos precusor Log

  1. Alright cupcakes, here it is Ether2010/Nos precusor Log

    Today my friendly postal employee brought me a little box. As usual I tear into with glee not being able to wait to see what new chemicals I will be shoving into my body. Even though Chuck selected me for the Ether review my box contained both so it must be Christmas/Hanukkah/Quanza depending on your choice.

    First off are things that confused me:
    Directions. Wow little typing with lots of words and a bit confusing. I had to read them a few times and probably will have to write down when to take them for the first few days. Seems like they both get taken 20-30 minutes before eating. No problem, except in the AM as I wake up, shower, have a shake and pop my pills. That may mean the pills will be taken one hour after eating instead of before.

    I started the dose of Ether today, reminds me of another little blue pill. Perhaps Chuck should have colored the NOS precursor blue since its similar to another blue pill!!

    Today is a non-workout day so I will only be consuming the Ether twice. Tomorrow is arms only so I will be taking my No-xplode along with Ether.

    Other daily supps are pre/on cycle protection for an upcoming pheraplex/superdrol cycle. I take about 4 shakes a day alon with either No-xplode or Choas as a pre-workout drink.

    My current stats are (cold)
    Bi's 18.5
    calves 17(l) 16.5(r)
    legs 27
    chest 48.5

    my weight is about 260 and I am 6'4.

    I hit the gym 3-5 days a week trying for bi/back chest/tri and legs. Some days its only bi/back chest/tri and an arm only day. Low reps with heavy weight. No more than 10 reps to start with a minimum of 4 reps.

  2. Lookin' forward to it Sugar Bumps

  3. Day Number 2

    Today was day number two, an arm only day. Started with the three pills about an hour before I worked out, followed 30 minutes later by 3 more. Drank my No-xplod about 30 minutes before gym time. Don't know if it was just the No-xplode but I was pretty wired. Didn't really want to leave the gym but got through my workout and still had more energy to go. Arms felt pretty pumped but no change in size.

    I did figure that based on a 3 day workout week one bottle should last about 3 weeks.

  4. Excellent. I'll link my log to yours! Have fun testing!

    P.S. You're one big mofo.

  5. Day 3 and 4 are going to be un-eventful. Non work out days, yesterday was 16 hours at work, today a regular day.

  6. Day 5 I skipped due to missing work which means I'm not supposed to leave the house. Bla bla bla.

    Day 6 I added the NOS precursor. The label said wait until day 10 but I couldn't/didn't want to!! I did chest and tri today.

    PUMP was GREAT, arms were swollen real good. I measured post workout to see how swollen I was.

    Arms were 19" and chest was 49" so 1/2 inch in pump about 20 minutes post time. Its a pain trying to schedule the pills though, otherwise I am happy so far.

  7. Day number 7.

    Good feeling going into my workout today. BI and Back. Was pretty strong for about the first 35 minutes, then ran out of gas for the bi's. Seems to happen alot, until an arm only day. Arms were PUMPED thats for sure.

  8. Day 8 was a nothing day.
    Day 9
    I have noticed my pee looks like lime gatorade.
    Chest and tri with some shoulders. Chest was pumped thats for sure. Was hungry the whole workout. Had good focus though, moved a decent amount of weight as well.

  9. Day 10 back and bi
    Back was super strong, got out some good reps and high weights. Bi's were good, I petered out as usual though.
    No change in cold measurements.

  10. Day 10 was actually Saturday
    Day 11 off day
    Day 12 Chest and tri
    Chest was very strong, swollen up as well.
    Day 13 bi and back. Started with arms since I feel they were lagging a bit. Arms were blasted quiet well.

    One thing should be added to the bottle. Focus is improved as well.

  11. Day 14 off
    day 15 was bi and back. Was pretty tired, but pushed more weight on some things than I ever had.
    Day 16 chest and tri. Still havin good luck with the pumps. I think it important for some sort of pre workout drink along with this to help keep energy up.

    Day 17 off
    Got an infection so haven't been hitting as hard.

    Day 18 just back and moved more weight than normal despite my infection and feeling like a turd.
    Day 19 off
    Day 20 off

    Bottle is almost empty.


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