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  1. Woohoo! Here it is...

    Day 30
    Calories: 2813
    Macro Pro/Carb/Fat: 30/37/21
    Cardio: 148
    Weight (AM): 177 Home
    Notes: HIIT Tabata sprints for cardio. Again the headache in the morning was mild. Taking two days off seemed to alleviate the headaches I started to experience.

  2. 30-day review:
    I certainly gained in the 30 day period. I think I hit my ongoing goal pretty well, to re-comp my body. I had pretty good gains in strength while getting a little more defined.
    I think the Thyrogen-X helped out, it was really around the second week or so where I noticed myself looking more defined in the gym. My pumps feel fuller, and I can see more mass and definition in my chest. That is also after I started getting headaches, which I *think* was from the Thyrogen-X, but let me stress that I am not sure. The headaches really started to be a drag on my workouts, and I started losing motivation. It did also seem like my appetite ramped up a bit, especially on my days off. Would I take it again? I'll leave that answer for day 40, to get a better idea about the headaches *for me*. Funny thing is my legs look like they had good progress, despite my knees feeling bad and going lighter, specifically slightly lighter weight without 100% effort. I can see some more separation in my quads too - I can start to see the teardrop which wasn't too visible before. Hopefully I can get bodyfat measurements tomorrow.

    It's harder to see the extra mass that I mentioned in my chest from my photos, which I took relaxed, a day after working out before TX and two days after working out post TX. Here is the before and after:

    Measurements 10-13-2006
    Chest - 42 5/8" Up 3/8"
    Waist - 33 3/8" Down 1/8" (Both measurements NOT on an empty stomach!)
    R Arm - 15 5/8" Same
    L Arm - 15 1/4" Same
    R Leg 6" from knee - 20 1/2" Up 3/8"
    L Leg 6" from knee - 20 1/2" Up 1/4"
    *All measurements before and after taken 3 times and averaged.

    Start - 178.5
    Day 30 - 177.5
    *Note though that my scale was consistently within 1 lb of the gym scale before, now consistently 1.5-2 lbs heavier.

    Strength Gains (9-13 Start Thyrogen-X)

    Incline Hammer Press (Reps x Weight)
    9-13 - 165x12, 170x8, 175x5
    10-9 - 180x11, 190x6

    Decline DB Press
    9-13 - 70x8, 70x7, 70x5
    10-5 - 75x8, 75x7
    10-9 - 65x12, 65x12

    Machine Flyes
    9-13 - 150x10, 150x8, 150x10
    10-9 - 170x12, 170x13

    Narrow Grip Bench Press
    9-13 - 95x12, 115x8
    10-5 - 140x7, 140x3
    10-9 - 115x12, 115x12

    Trceps Ext. with Rope
    9-13 - 70x12, 70x7
    10-5 - 95x10, 100x5
    10-11 - 85x12, 85x10

    Narrow Grip Pulldown
    9-15 - 160x13, 170x6, 170x6
    10-7 - 180x11, 180x7

    Rows with cable
    9-15 - 156x12, 168x7, 168x7
    10-7 - 180x11, 180x10

    Low Back Extensions (Machine)
    9-15 - 270x11, 270x9, 270x6
    10-7 300x10, 300x10

    Rear Deltoid Press
    9-15 - 70x17, 80x12
    10-7 - 115x10, 115x9

    Standing Curls
    9-15 - 75x15, 75x15
    10-2 - 95x6, 95x8 *hurt left bicep, worked light later

    45 Degree Dumbell Curls
    9-15 - 27.5x7, 27.5x7
    10-2 - 32.5x9, 32.5x7 *hurt left bicep, worked light later

    Had to start working lighter on legs, my knees were starting to bother me.

    Leg Press - starting doing one leg at a time.

    Leg Extension (Quadriceps)
    9-14 - 190x13, 200x10, 200x9
    9-23 - 200x12, 200x11

    Leg Curl
    9-14 - 135x14, 140x9, 140x8
    9-18 - 140x10, 145x7

    Calf Raises
    9-14 - 175x12, 185x6, 185x7
    9-23 - 185x10, 185x8

  3. Good job GATOR!!!!!!! Im glad you did experience some positive results!!!!! We appreciate your time doing the log. Good luck continuing your journey!

  4. Thanks for the opportunity for the trial! I'll have to see if I can get some better pics over the next few days... I'll see what I can do!

    Day 31
    Calories: 2425
    Macro Pro/Carb/Fat: 30/29/24
    Cardio: None
    Weight (AM): 177 Home
    Notes: Off day.

  5. Day 32
    Calories: 2977
    Macro Pro/Carb/Fat: 31/35/20
    Cardio: 400
    Weight (AM): not taken
    Notes: Chest/Triceps/Abs. Headache in morning, mild.

  6. Day 33
    Calories: no accurate count
    Macro Pro/Carb/Fat: no accurate count
    Cardio: none
    Weight (AM): not taken
    Notes: Legs. Headache in morning, mild.

  7. Day 34
    Calories: 3227
    Macro Pro/Carb/Fat: 38/37/20
    Cardio: 425
    Weight (AM): 175.5
    Notes: Back/Rear Delt/Biceps. Mild headache in morning.

  8. Day 35
    Calories: 1869
    Macro Pro/Carb/Fat: 21/55/24
    Cardio: None
    Weight (AM): 175.5
    Notes: Off day. Mild headache in morning.

  9. Day 36
    Calories: 2748
    Macro Pro/Carb/Fat: 32/36/30
    Cardio: None
    Weight (AM): 176
    Notes: Chest/Triceps/Abs. Headache worse in morning than previous days.


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