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  1. Day 20

    I took my three Alpha Drive with my three main meals (1 capsule per meal). I took my Raw Test 20 minutes before my lunch and dinner. My libido is still doing OK. My strength is going up particularly in my pushing exercises, like bench press, DB overhead press, triceps pushdowns,etc. I don't seem to be progressing in my pulling exercises (back and bicep) as quickly. I'm not sure why this is. My theory is that since I have always been stronger on pushing rather than pulling exercises the test boost that I am getting may be amplifying my strength differences. I'll keep monitoring them to see what happens.

  2. Day 21

    I took my three Alpha Drive today, but no Raw Test per the bottle's instructions. My sleep seemed better last night, but I had a strange sex dream starring Janice Dickinson, the cranky model from TV. It seems I had somehow agreed to star in a porn movie with her. Before any of you get too grossed out about her age, remember, I am 48. She's not too old for me.

    Anyway, based on what I have read in a couple of other logs some people had even better results after increasing their dosage to 4 capsules per day. I have 27 capsules left of the Alpha Drive, so I've decided to start taking four a day beginning tomorrow. I'll continue taking the Raw Test per the bottle's directions. This will cut my log short two days, but I don't think that will make a huge difference.

  3. Day 22

    Today was day 1 of taking 4 Alpha Drive per day. I took 2 capsules with my breakfast and two more with my lunch. I took 2 tablets of the Raw Test, one each 20 minutes before my lunch and my dinner.

    My libido is back up today, but it may be all in my mind. I'll be able to tell better after a few days at the higher dosage. I only did cardio at the gym today, so I have no data on how it affected my weight training. The cardio went well, I felt very full of energy. The session seemed to require less effort than normal.

  4. Wow, I start at 4 capsules of Alpha Drive and the wife and I are having so much sex I don't log for three days!

    Well, I wish that were the excuse. Actually, work has been killing me. I feel like I'm going home early when i only work 12 hours anymore.

  5. Day 23

    I took 2 capsules of Alpha Drive with my breakfast and two more with my lunch. I took two tablets of Raw Test, each one 20 minutes before my lunch and dinner. Does anyone else think it's a little odd to call three of your meals breakfast lunch and dinner when you eat 6 times a day? I know breakfast is always the first meal of the day, but which one is lunch and which one is dinner? For anyone who cares, I call meal #3 lunch and meal #5 dinner.

    My sex drive is still good today and my workouts are going well. I seem to be able to add reps, weight or both on all exercises everyday. If I can keep this up I'll be able to bench 800 lbs by next fall!

  6. Day 24

    Four more capsules of Alpha Drive today, no Raw Test.

    I am still feeling an increase in my libido and everything else seems to be going well too. I have a lot of energy and a good sense of well being and my strength levels are still increasing. I guess having one's test levels back towards normal really helps. At least, I'm assuming they're back up. I've always wanted to try before and after blood tests to confirm this, but my cheap insurance company won't cover the cost.

  7. Day 25

    I took two capsules of Alpha Drive with meals 1 and 3. I took a Raw Test tablet before meals 3 and 5. See, that resolves my dilemma about lunch and dinner from two posts ago.

    I wish I could say that my libido continues to increase, but it seems to be plateauing. Not that I am complaining, mind you, it's still way above where it was. I just was enjoying the feeling so much I wanted it to continue to grow.

    So far I have nothing but good things to say about this combination.

  8. Day 26

    I took two capsules of Alpha Drive with meals 1 and 3. I took a Raw Test tablet before meals 3 and 5. My libido is still going well. My wife made me go clothes shopping with her, which I really hate. Today, though, I noticed there was an awful lot of fine looking women in the store. Lately I hadn't been paying attention to any women, not even my poor wife. So, this is a nice change. I'm actually appreciating the female form again. The funny thing is that it seemd the ladies were noticing me as well. I think it's one of those positive vibe things. I was feeling good about myself and I probably came across as more confident and self-assured. It's amazing what a little extra test can do for ya. Anyway, it was nice to get the attention.

  9. Day 27

    I took 2 capsules of the Alpha Drive with my first and third meal of the day. No Raw Test today.

    My sex drive took a nice little spike today. I had sexual thoughts going through my head all day, making it hard to focus on anything else. And, my wife was working today, making me even more frustrated. We had a lot of fun when she got home though. It seems like we're not getting as many of our chores done around the house as we used to!
  10. The party's over now!

    Day 28

    At normal dosing I would have two more days of Alpha Drive to go, but I increased from 3 capsules to 4 capsules per day. So, today is my last day. I'm wondering now if I should have tapered off at the end. I would hate for my libido to crash in two or three days. Strength is still up, libido is up (not to make a bad joke), mood is up, everything is going positive with the product. I even lost some bodyfat without even trying. Not a bad combination at all.

    The product label says you can take Alpha Drive for eight consecutive weeks, so I was seriously thinking about getting another bottle. But, I entered Jayhawkk's 4000th post contest and was lucky enough to get selected to test a different product shortly.

    Overall, I would definitely recommend this product combination, particularly to those men over 35, who would benefit from the test boosters and DHEA the most. I was very happy with my results with the Alpha Drive and Raw Test.

  11. Thanks for the great log!


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