I thought since I hadn't previously posted in this section any of the information from my log now would be a good chance. Rather than scanning through many pages and posts to read my daily review I will sum it up here. (For a full detailed log check my sig under current log)

August 10, 2006 - September 10, 2006

Alpha Drive XL™ - Summary

5)Take 1 cap of Alpha Drive XL 3 times daily w/meals.


  • Purpose and Plan - To evaluate Alpha Drive XL™ in increasing natural testerone levels. To study the particular effects in gaining LBM with a focus on a general body recomp.

  • Libido – Overall libido support has been pretty damn great. I've used fenugreek, powerfull, and activate before and Alpha Drive XL™ definetely stands up to the competition and provides equal if not better libido support than these other compounds. there were a few days that libido seemed low but that only had to do with external factors that were uncontrollable.

  • Sleep – Overall sleep has been very good. The vivid dreams were a little much and I have no experienced this with any other supplement before. Fortunately, this is only something that didn't last for that long and I'm sure its more on an individual basis.

  • Energy Levels – Energy levels have been outstanding. I haven't experienced any lethargy that has been directly related to the use of this supplement like something you could experience using Melting Point or Superdrol. They have been extremely stable and have been readily availible to any physically demanding situation. This has been a huge benefit.

  • Mood – I have been very impressed with this area. Never has my mood been elevated. Although external and interal environments changes have occured, I've noticed a steady balance of elevated mood. I don't know what else to say but I'm very pleased. Compared to Activate, Fenugreek, and Powerful - Alpha Drive XL™ has definetely shined in this department.

  • Strength/Pumps– Strengths and pumps have been tremendous. I've been gaining strength but its strength that I feel will stick around for a while and is not just a spurt in strength. I like to think of this as functional strength. My push-ups are a lot better as well as my pull-ups. Most of all, my control and strength has vastly increased. I've had better experience i nthis field in comparison to Powerfull, Activate, and Fenugreek. But I must say, the time that I ran Activate Beta I received comparable strength gains. With my second run of Activate (retail) I didn't see that good of gains.

  • Endurance/Focus – Endurance and focus has also been very motivating. Endurance has been good and this new program has definetely opened up my eyes to how my perofrmance in the weight room was lacking and how weak my endurance is/was in some areas. With the support of Alpha Drive XL™ I've been able to have the focus and energy to steadily increase my endurance over the last month.

  • Weight/BF estimate - Weight and BF measurements have fluxuated. It's somewhat been hard to gauge since I drink a lot of fluids on the weekend. (Maybe a beer or three over the weekend but definetely not any hard drinking). I've definetely added size and weight and possibly a little BF but overall the effects on my composition has been positive.

  • Final verdict: Theres really nothing that I can say besides that it delivers. It says what its going to do. Don't go expecting some steriod-like results in 4 weeks but with a solid diet, plenty of rest, and hard work in the gym, Alpha Drive XL™ is the perfect compliment to help you with not only your time in the gym but also outside of the gym. In my opinion, the biggest compliment a customer can give to a supplement company is being a return customer. I WOULD, definetely, purchase and use Alpha Drive XL again. Whether its cutting, bulking, very lean bulking, or simple PCT recovery, I believe Alpha Drive XL™ will fit any mentioned need.


Diet could have been better over this log but I must say its a good thing I over ate rather than under ate. I've been able to increase calories and maintain a relatively similar BF%. This has been a time where I haven't concentrated much on specific diet and mass gain goals. This has actually proved to be very comforting and motivating.

Other notes

I will elaborate more on anything requested.

Supplements I used ED while trialing Alpha Drive XL™
  • Vitamin C
  • ATW Whey Protein
  • Taurine
  • At least 4 grams fish oil
  • Devil's Claw Root
  • Finasteride

Starting Weight: 208lbs

Ending Weight: 212-213lbs

Quote Originally Posted by Training

Increased Control and Increased Strength throughout the log. For more details please take at my workouts lcoated in the log. I didn't have extraodinary gains but rather very steady gains. I prefer this as it can be best to prevent injury

Before and After Pictures

Before weight: 208lbs------------------------After weight: 212-213lbs

You'll have to excuse the poor posing and lighting issues.

I'll have measurements soon but for the most part I've done exactly what I wanted. I've added size while gaining minimal body fat and I've added strength.

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