Jayhawkk's Alpha Drive XL™ Final Review

  1. Jayhawkk's Alpha Drive XL™ Final Review

    Well it's been a painful long recovery with several setbacks and a few days of intense coco pebble filled goodness but it's time for a final review. I need to put a few disclaimers up first.

    While I enjoy getting free supps to test(first time i've made a log) to do this properly it takes quite a bit of an effort to stay on track especially if you have other things going on. I did my best but I did slack a few times when I was too damn exhausted to make updates.

    I'm not educated in chemistry, biology, nutrition or any other science or health subject out there. My knowledge, if you want to call it that, is from reading and learning from this forum and asking questions. Trial and error and many errors on my part.

    Thanks to anabolicminds for the continued support and Bioscience for a chance to try a product and give me an opportunity to have a speedy recovery. Now that that's out of the way on to the review!!!!

    Alpha Drive XL™

    Energy: Pretty good energy in the gym. I didn't notice a whole lot outside of the gym but when I needed it, it was there.

    Mood: I only flew off the handle twice during this cycle which is good for me. I'm a patient person but if the buttons are pushed I tend to get angry fast. This did not seem to have any increase in hostility like previous supps i've taken.

    Pump: After about a week into the cycle the pump was amost a 24/7 issue. Sometimes the pump ended my workouts early. For the most part good but painful pumps are, well painful.

    Strength: At the beginning of the cycle I was not able to lift 315 once on the flat bench. Last day of the cycle I lifted 315x7.5 times...Also hit 255x1 on the BTN Press. I've never even bothered curling more than 55 pounds because it wasn't worth it. I've curled 60 pounds now for 8.

    Size: I've put on a good bit of size and i'm happy.

    Overall: A great product that does what it claims but you need to have your diet dialed in to avoid fat gains. I gained a good bit of oblique fat but my diet was no where in check so this is my fault. I just needed a break from dieting and I felt like to give an honest review I needed to have calories.

    Final Grade: B
    Definate worth the buy but this isn't a magical drug. Don't expect to buy it and not eat right or train right and gain 20 pounds of lean mass.

    **Starting Stats**These were measured this morning and were cold but flexed stats.
    18 Neck
    17 Arms
    13.5 Forearms
    26 Thighs
    16 Calves
    37.5 Waist(This is rough because I still have a very good amount of swelling. I'm guessing at least an inch worth but i'm not too sure.)
    208 Pounds
    These were all left sided measurements.

    **Ending Stats** These were measured at night cold but flexed.

    18.5 Neck +.5
    18.25 Arms +1.25
    14 Forearms +.5
    26.5 Thighs +.5
    16.25 Calves +.25
    38.75 Waist +1.25
    222 Pounds +13

  2. A little movie I put together


  3. What no 20lbs!? PFTTTTTTTTT forget that then, lol. This sounds like some good stuff, 1" on your arms is impressive.

  4. Heh, I wish

  5. NIce vid 315 is lookin a little light for ya their

  6. awesome job brutha. 315 looked easy for ya. incredible progress for a months time, very impressive.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    Final Grade: B
    As far as the Final Grade, how are you grading it? Is this compared to other OTC test-boosters, or more of a grade as an overall bodybuilding supplement?

    Also, you left off one very important aspect when reviewing a "test-booster" - Libido! On second thought, this is Jayhawkk, so I'd probably rather not know

  8. Ya i'd like to know as well, is their another test booster that you'd give an A to?

  9. Sweet vid Jay, I agree with B, 315 was easy for ya, keep up the great work!!!

  10. A B because to me an A should be left to the test boosting products that give you jail time

    It was rated a B because there were some draw backs. Pumps are great but I had to shut down a couple workouts due to them being too much. I also had some lower back pumps.

  11. LOL In jail for masturbating in public, lol

  12. my first cycle, tren and test suspension, lead to some jail time, not for tuggin in public though

  13. YOu did test& tren suspension for a first cycle? Jesus. Can't wait to try out tes suspension, I prefer shorter acting gear.

  14. PH isn't all there.

    in any category.

  15. Dang Jay!!!! Awesome vid, you are one strong puppy

  16. Beez is right, sanity is not my strongpoint.

  17. I noticed a little bit of abdominal bloat as well. Gained a bit of fat on my run which is likely due to sub-par diet at times, but I also think the longjack may have played a role. If you look at logs where people mega-dosed it, some got pretty bloaty.

  18. Bloat was there. Sometimes felt like if I squeezed my hands I could feel fluids move.

  19. Thanks for this Jay - good job on it.


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