Viperspit's Ripped to the Bone Contest Prep Log with ALRI & Trainer

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Quil
    Viper, I also wanted to ask your cardio training heart-rate-based, or are you working off of a caloric deficit?

    Quil, ha ha, it's based off what my Trainer tells me to do

    I don't monitor hear rate, I keep certain levels consistent that I know works for me, such as 15 degree incline on the treadmill at ~3.5mph for 45 minutes and StairMaster in the morning interval training style for 20 minutes. It's all about lowering bodyfat at this point until Nov. 18th, while trying to bring up my abs.


  2. Viper, where you at man? Got any updates?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Quil
    Viper, where you at man? Got any updates?

    lol, yea I've been slacking on the Logs lately. Probably because I'm in the cutting mode getting ready for the final weeks here and not a lof of exciting stuff like PR's in lifts and such.

    The great news is my waist is really coming down. I haven't measured yet as I don't measure again until 11/6, but I bought a pair of 32W / 34L jeans today and was nervous about them fitting. They fit fine in the waist with room to spare

  4. Hey guys, yea I'm still around, sorry for not updating. Things have been realy crazy lately here, at work, at training, you name it.

    I'm down around 20 lbs. since the start of the cut. Things are progressing nicely. I'm in the final 2 weeks now before the contest ends so there's no time to slack off now, in fact, I actually need to step it up a bit. I'm still carrying some fat in my lower abs, which probably won't be gone by contest time, but will eventually afterwards. The definition is really starting to show up now, vascularity is at an all time high.

    Here's a quick pic from us trying to find good lighting in the house, well it happened to be best in the garage (we have halogens in the house, which suck for pics). No pump, no color, just ate, so don't expect stage presence, lol.


  5. Well the IMPC is finished. Yesterday was the finals and now it's over. Judging will be complete by Wed 11/22 and score cards will be given out. I'm happy that it's over, as it's been a long 8 months.
    I ended up coming in at 206.5 lbs. ~ 8% b.f. Overall, I met my goal, my abs could have been much better, need a lot of work. I was extremely pleased with my Legs as they were cut and dry. My Back was probably my best feature. Now it's time to add some serious mass while maintaining a somewhat respectable b.f. level. Time for some more cheat meals...

  6. Good job Viper.... all your hard work shows in that back pic. Post up some of your weaker shots, that way you can use it as your before and after improvaments when all is said and done.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  7. Well, I'd say this is a fitting end to this Log. I'm very happy to say the least. Thanks to all of you guys and girls supporting me throughout the competition. Congrats to all the IMPC competitiors, it was a great time and you are all winners for sticking it out the entire 8 months!!

    Novice Bodybuilding:
    1st Place Madman911
    2nd Place Djohnson
    3rd Place FitnFirm

    Open Bodybuilding:
    1st Place Viperspit
    2nd Place HybridX

    Most Improved Physique:
    1st Place B0dybu1ld3r
    2nd Place Djohnson
    3rd Place Spaceclown


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