Powerfull+CVM Xtreme+Xtend Stack. About Time

  1. Powerfull+CVM Xtreme+Xtend Stack. About Time

    Well I have been mentioning this stack for a while now but never felt the urge to go for it as I am not huge into supplements. Main reason I want to try this is I havent been using creatine in a while which is a staple and now that I am finally starting that back up why not try this stack as I feel it has promising results so here it goes.

    Some of you may know I have been under Bobo's program for a while (first cut then bulk.) I dont think I really need to say much about this as its nailed down and in respect to FLA Nutrition won't post it up.

    Thanks to the help of people on the board I came up with this:

    USP Labs Powerfull Double Dosed
    SNS CVM Xtreme Creatine
    Scivation Xtend
    Anabolic Innovations WPI
    Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin C daily

    I will be following a TUT program that was laid out by Bobo. It has been working great for me and have high hopes with it coupled with the stack.

    As for updates I will not be posting up entire workouts (again in respect to FLA Nutrition) but if its ok with Bobo I will post some excercises (the more major ones like bench, squat, incline and the like) and post up the last set and not the entire scheme.

    Time Frame
    I plan on running the double dosed powerfull for atleast 6 weeks and if I still feel that Im benefiting from it at that point I will continue on to 8 weeks. I will continue use of CVM Xteme and Xtend for entire 8 weeks regardless before a break from creatine.

    As with anyone in a bulking cycle I am hoping and working my ass off to put on as much muscle as humanly possible between know and December 1st when I start cutting. However with this stack in particular Im hoping to increase strength to help achieve my indivdual exercise goals and help put on lbm (weight gain I attribute more to proper eating rather than the stack but we shall see)

    Heres some of the exercise goals I was mentioning:
    Bench Press: Goal: 225x8 for 3 sets or with Dumbells 95X8 3 sets.
    Squat:315-365 for atleast one complete set.
    Leg Press: 700 for a complete set.
    Pull Ups: BW+ 45lbs (this is a reach but I can dream )
    Bicep Curl: 50 for a complete set.

    These are the major lifts I can think of but the stack should have a effect on all exercises hopefully. However I will be using these lifts and some others (and the mirror) to judge effectivness of the stack.) As the days go on and I post certain lifts from exercises you can see where Im at.

    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 200

    Will get measurments tommorow

    Side Effects
    Well since I havent really ever tried a supplement like powerfull I can only go by what I have heard as to what to expect. From reading Im looking froward to increased libido and most importantly the effects wit will have on my sleep. With school starting my sleep time will be decreased so the sleep I do get (still going to be atleast 7 or 8 hours hopefully) needs to be deep and restfull.

    I have all items arriving shortly (monday being the latest) so I am very excited to get this started.

    And finally as for the reques for pictures I will be posting them however not in the beggining. I feel that before and afters are the best way to go rather than pre now and post later.

  2. Well I have all items on hand and will begin dosing tommorow.

    Wake at 5:30-6: 1 serving CVM Xtreme, 3 powerfull (will work up)
    12:00 3 powerfull,
    3:00: 1 serving CVM Xtreme (30 minuets prior to pre workout meal)
    9-11:00: 3 powerfull will be taken 30 minutes prior to eating my before bed meal.

    Im very excited to begin this and look forward to the results

  3. Day 1:

    Well Nothing to note as far as strength increases so Ill start postig up select exercises in the next comming days.

    I do want to add that my sleep has been amazingly restful and makes the time I do get worth it.

  4. Good luck with this one. Looks like good products to be testing out.

  5. thanks white

    Day 2

    Standing Bicep Curl (TUT):
    40x1 (did 6 reps and then failed on last so dropped down to 35 to complete set, I feel like I will do 40 easy next time I do standing curls)

    Arnold Presses (TUT)(shoulders are a weak point so keep that in mind)

    this wasnt entire workout but once again wont post up entire workout or rep schemes in repsept to program)

    Today in the gym I didnt notice much strength increases but reps were easier and pumps were starting to stay a little while (and on bi day thats easy to judge.) Sleep has been awsome and I find myself turning in early every night (which could be from school starting and 5:45 wake ups but cant say)

  6. Lookin' good, OCC. Keep us posted with bf%, weight, and measurements every-so-often if you can. Best of luck!


  7. Day 3-4

    I had to stop dosage on Sunday because I was pretty sick. Every year after the first week of school I ussualy get sick for a day or two (just from being around so many people.) I missed a chest wokrout on Sunday but just mixed chest into todays back routine.

    Nothing to report as far as strength increases due to yesterdays debockle (no supps, barley ate, and slept all day)

    tommorows a off day but today supps were all on and tommorow will be on target so I should be able to hit the gym hard on Tuesday (Tris )

  8. Day 5

    HIt the gym hard today and got some PRs up (which have been comming in the truck loads since starting the program a month and half ago)

    However I did feel stronger in the gym and heaveir weights wer easier to rep out on which was nice.

    Overhead Tricep Extension with EZ Bar:

    Skull Crushers with EZ Bar:
    65X1 (pr)

    Skull Crushers were up alot which I am attributing to the stack which is a very wlecome occurence.

    I dont think Ill see a increase in anything on leg days but more in the tris and bi days (and shoulders or just smaller muscle groups)

  9. Favorite LIfting Day: Chest and it was one of the best workouts Ive had.

    Im creeping in on one of my top 3 goals as far as lifts for this bulking cycle and its really got my motiation going through the roof.

    DB Bench Press:
    80X1 (PR) (I will hit 95 and or 100 byt the end of this bulk so help me god! or atleast be repping 225 on the bench)

    Incline DB Press
    60X1 (pr)

    So far this cycle is going awsome. Strength gains are clearly evident and Im upping my calorie intake as well.

    Only thing I am truley missing are lasting pumps. I have some Arginge E2 matrix left over from a while ago and I think I may add that into the mix to see what happens as its only half a bottle and pumps would be nice to go along with the strength gains

    As far as other sides my rest is better than ever and libido is through the roof. Furthermore my appetite has been down a little bit and meals that were easy to down are a little harder to get down for some reason. I dont contribute this to the powerfull but more to the new schedule with school (which is a pita as far as eating.. cant wait to get out of hs and into college)

    tommorows back and Im hoping for some more prs

    weight update on Saturday

  10. Niiiiiiice combo and great feedback How's recovery?

  11. Any updates?


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