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    I wanna do a mini log of my experience with Rem, maybe a week or so, so here it goes.

    Day 1 i Recived my 5 bottles of Rem last night, super fast shipping i might add especially with it being to Canada coming from the US i'm very impressed. I took 2 caps on an emtpy stomach at 11pm and woke up at 4am, TOTALLY rested! WTF? lol THat's definitely impressive. When i took the 2 caps in about 5-10 minutes i started feeling more relaxed like i could sleep but not so much that i was just going to passout or anything, i'll keep everyone posted on my recovery from exercise n such.

  2. I have 1 bottle lets see what it does for you before i hit it up. then i'll see if its worth buying more of. Are you having trouble sleeping? on a cycle with tren? or just a supp whore? lol btw did you get a deal or something for the 5 bottles?

  3. I just like their stuff, and i couldn't resist the buy 4 get one free deal. Also yes i can be a supp whore, lol. And when my sleep gets out of whack it really screws things up for me, i'm a firm believer in getting lots of quality sleep for muscle growth, recovery and overall good health.

  4. REM is a solid sleep supplement, I've dosed it at 3 caps and notice no difference with 4, throw 4 powerful into the mix and you will experiance that most vivid dreams in your entire life without interupting your sleep.

  5. That's nice to hear i'll probably be doing around 8 powerful or so a day we'll have to see.

  6. Day 2 i bumped it up to 4 caps and went to bed at 11:30pm and had to get up for 7am for work i felt like i could have slept a little longer but once i was up i lost this little "hangover" effect. I did sleep very deeply and didn't have to get up at all! Which is serious for me because I normally wake up and have to pee or more often then not i'm hungry, lol. I did notice my muscles looked tighter and my skin was oiler. Owe and i sweat more on this stuff at night i hope into bed and i'm warmer and when i wake up i can tell i've been sweating a fair amount. No doubt this is from the Bacopa's effects on T4 levels, i also wake up very hungry. I don't really blame the product for the hangover effect as my sleep has been out of whack for a couple days and it normally take a few days ot get back in line that's all. Tommorow i have to get up for 4am so i'm going to bed at around 8:30, maybe 9 tonight, so we'll see how i make out.

  7. Going to be following this......I love this product.

  8. I started this stuff with Ciss and Pfull about a week ago and Im not really sure what i think of it yet. I think the Ciss/Pfull is kickass (great pumps, feel strong) and I may be sleeping "better" but not great. And ditto on the "hangover effect" you mentioned CHAPS. Not a bad stack so far, all things considered, I look forward to seeing your results.

  9. I'll be watching this, REM has been hit and miss with me, what I've concluded is that when I'm tired if I take 4, I will get very deep quality sleep. If I try to take it to go to sleep, it will keep me up all night, so I don't take in consistently any more, but when I do get good sleep on it it's very restful complete sleep.

  10. I've got 5 bottles of Cialabol and 3 bottles of powerfull coming to me so i'll most likely start a new log or modify this one and post my results, basically i'm eating at maintenance and doing a fair bit of cardio i wanna see if i can drop some chub eating at maintenance and using the above stack. Then in november or so i'm doing a fullout Test/Tren/T3 and possibly clen/lipoderm/cap cream , it's called everything but the kitchen sink, lol.

  11. Day 3,4,5: Sorry guys i've forgot to update this, well i've been using 4 caps a night continually now and i'm really liking this stuff, it really puts me to sleep fast and KEEPS me asleep with the later being the most important to me. The hangover affect is still present but very very minor so it's no biggy, i could care less. It does go away very quickly and i'm left feeling nice and rested. I'm also noticing that i look a tad leaner and i walk up very hungry and looking harder in general. Most likely from the combo of increases cardio and the Rem increasing GH output .

  12. Glad you've found your REM groove.

  13. :bb:

  14. Ok so this was a crappy mini-log, lol. But i'll give my final verdict. Rem kicks ass, I am more relaxed during the day, my muscles recover faster, no more tossing and turning, nice vivid dreams. I also notice that it brings my temperature down fairly fast which is important for me to get to sleep. Also i've lost that hangover effects. Also i'm looking a tad leaner and my sex drive is up. I also sprained my ankle pretty bad at work 2 days ago and it has healed literally TWICE as fast compared to in the past, even my doctor said i'm recovering super fast. This is going to be a permanent staple in my supplement arsenal.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Basso
    I'll be watching this, REM has been hit and miss with me, what I've concluded is that when I'm tired if I take 4, I will get very deep quality sleep. If I try to take it to go to sleep, it will keep me up all night, so I don't take in consistently any more, but when I do get good sleep on it it's very restful complete sleep.
    Sounds like a mental thing, Basso.

  16. i am on day 3 of it. I took 4 before bed last nite.

    I went to be around 12ish and slept to 11.. I usually slept this long on sunday. I try to get at leat 9 hours on sunday. I sleep until my body says get up.

    I woke up several times from sleep memory. 6, 7, 8 am. Felt the hangover feeling then covered up and slept till almost 11.

    I am giving it a full week or two before giving a verdict.

  17. How did you dose when you first started? And ya i'd give it a week, i routinely take 4 now and am not getting the hangover effect.

  18. i just take it like the bottle states. 4 before bed. I have been dosing with the 3 PF.

  19. That could be why talk to the guys at USP cut back to 1-2 caps if your stacking it with PowerFull.

  20. i may just ditch the PF at bedtime and use the REM and some ZMA..

    what do you think of that?

  21. That would be good, I was told by the guys at USP to cut back on the Rem if your using PowerFUll along with it, that would explain the hangover effect being more pronounced.

  22. have you dosed the DNA? if so, how have you been dosing it?

  23. I never got any DNA, what i did order, but haven't recieved yet is (these amounts are in 2 seperate shipments)

    15 Bottles Cialabol
    10 Bottles PowerFull
    5 Camphibolic

    I DO wish i coulda got my hands on some now, but my priority was the Cialabol and cheap PowerFull

  24. I just ordered more 2 PF, 5 cialabol and 3 camph from synergy. I couldnt pass up the prices. I think it was 135 bucks for 10 bottles of supps shipped to me...Cant be that at all.

  25. I know! THe prices are just TOO good to pass up.


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