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  1. next payday i am loading up on the cissus. I am 34 and my knees are starting to tell me so. I must say I am fortunate, as I know alot of guys that are younger than me, and there knees are shot already.

    Anyway, From my reading, Cissus is the bomb for us older guys.

  2. Ya next paycheck i'm also loading up on Cissus, i see all these guys my age and younger buying everything under the sun but neglecting their joints, not smart, buy something to prevent unjuries from happening don't wait for them to happen!

  3. i am hoping cissus does to me what others have been claiming.

  4. im sure it will.

  5. I will sometimes take 3 REM with one ZMA/Valerian capsule. It works well. I have also combined REM and melatonin (also works well). Your mileage may vary.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by yeahright
    I will sometimes take 3 REM with one ZMA/Valerian capsule. It works well. I have also combined REM and melatonin (also works well). Your mileage may vary.
    I do the rotating shift thing (days/nights) so it varies, but my base is usually 4 REM with 3mg melatonin. If I am working nights, I usually don't take anything else as I don't have trouble falling asleep. If I am off and want some help falling asleep, or am working days: 3mg melatonin, 4 REM, valerian (I think the total amount of valeric acids = 1mg??), a zinc and mag tab, 5htp if I really need help, and 1 Glucophase XR. That stack makes me really drowsy and has the ingredients to improve sleep once I'm down. I try not to use the valerian and melatonin every night. The melatonin is mainly because my levels get screwed up so much with the night work and rotations.

    I've gone through several studies on the rotating shift, and besides a few on light pulse treatments and melatonin... most just say my health is doomed with the conclusion someone else should research solutions for this we just proved its bad... like the other 1000 researchers have already done.


  7. I have heard melatonin works, but to use cautiously. So I just dont use it. I took 4 rem and 3 pf last nite. Slept from around 11 pm until 630 am. I awoke slowly , but am feeling fine right now after my cup of

  8. Never used Melatonin Rem and ZMA work just fine for me so i don't see any reason to. I do wanna try ALRI's Lean Dreams once i'm done my Rem stash, but that'll be like 6 months from now because i've got so much REM, lol.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Kristofer68SS
    i just take it like the bottle states. 4 before bed. I have been dosing with the 3 PF.
    If I can remember correctly my label states 3 per dose on the serving/ingredients diagram and the write up on it states 4 per dose. I asked what it was really supposed to be, but I can't remember the final verdict b/c 3 ended up being too strong for me anyway. I only take two caps, sometimes three, depending on how much sleep I can get.


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