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  1. Ok well i had to pin 2.5 ccs of oil in my right delt, im kinda wondering how this is going to turn out. Everything went in fine and so forth. This is the only time i plan on doing this. Got some good advice from xxtruxx about ventros which i will pin tomorrow.

    Also, tried to pin gluts before this, def a no go.
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  2. Monday September 18,2006

    Well my right delt is feeling ok but i do NOT wanna see what it will feel like tomorrow. I really need to switch to enanth but im confused on how to do it. I cant handle this pain. My right quad, the inner tear drop is causing me pain like mad, its so hard to walk up stairs. My left quad is pretty good but ****ing A!!! This is almost making it not worth it, if i didnt look how i did so far id probly call it quits.

    Diets been great today, lessened up on the carbs a bit and the fat as well. Protein still high.

    Weights up to: 193 +7 lbs Im sure most of that is glycogen storage and water but **** im likin it.

    Today will be my first day with ventros, i hope it goes good. 125mgs test prop and 50mgs tren. Starting to dose the tren ED now.
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  3. Well guys this sucks ass but im stopping my cycle. Idk if ive got dirty prop or what, but i can hardly walk and i cant even lift my shoulder above my head without it hurting. This really depresses me as the look i was taking on was exactly what i wanted. Leaner and bigger and my confidence was just sky high.

    If anyone has any opinions lemme know. I have 2 more unopened vials of prop but idk if i should use it, came from the same source so i doubt one of em would hurt less then the other. Should i just keep using the tren till i can get in test e and then switch to tren enanth as well and just boot out the test prop? What do i do, i dont wanna stop i love how im looking but i cant even workout.

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  4. Well i just pinned tren tonight to see how i reacted to that. Pinned my right ventro. I know its not smart but i may continue on tren until i can get in test e ( altho it bloats ) and maybe tren enanth and run that for my cutter. If i wake up tomorrow and my right ventro hurts like i had prop in there when i did i will scream and possible kill someone!
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  5. Thursday September 21,2006

    Sorry for the lack of updates i been real busy. I dropped the prop and im just pinnin tren. Im getting test e in and more tren a, winny, and probly EQ. Im gonna extend this cycle a weeee bit, make it a real big recomp. LOL

    Weight is still at 193. Id like to be at 200lbs and 2% bf lower, that gives me some good time what yall think?
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  6. Saturday September 23,2006

    Weight: 193.8 which is still +7lbs

    Im getting comments left n right from people, and im not even halfway thru my cycle. LOL The newest update is this. Im going to run Test E for 12 weeks, EQ for 14 or 15, and then ill probly retry prop for weeks 13-15 to finish. All im pinning right now is Tren A 50mgs ED, no pain and its nice to be able to walk, libido is still high as ever. Ill be running tren a weeks 1-8 probly at 50mgsED for the rest of the cycle, im also going to be running winny at the beginning 50mgs ED for weeks 1-6 probly, well more like 3-9 when i get it in and the tren ill have another 5 or 6 weeks on it when the test e and eq come in.

    Like i said im going for a big recomp with this cycle. It may end up a ******** by the time im done but i do not wanna put on ANY bf. I most likely will be dropping the T3 and adding in Red Acid or some type of TTA product in.

    Workouts are great, diets been sub par, getting in cals but there not exactly the cleanest, diets going to be nailed though once i finally get thru the weeds with this ****.

    Thanks guys
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  7. Wednesday September 27, 2006

    Weight: 189 lbs which is still + 4 lbs, im lookin leaner though but i think its some of the carbs ive cut out. Im also looking bigger and my strength is waayy up.

    Libido is great and diet has been pretty good.
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  8. Friday September 29,2006

    Ok guys a few things has changed around here. I added prop back into the mix on wednesday night. I figured id try a new vial to see if id have any luck and so far so good no pain. I got in my test e , EQ, and winny today. What i will probly do is run the test e and prop until the test e kicks in and then drop the prop obviously, run the eq and the winny, turn this into a recomp lean bulker for a good 12-15 weeks or so. Proper precautions are bein taken so no worries.

    I havnt weighed myself yet today and ive already popped 1 winny at 50mgs. Ive also replaced the T3 with san Tight!

    Ill update later with how my workout went and so forth.
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  9. Ok guys i have a question. In my fairy tale whymsical land of butterflies n rainbows, i got in my test e, eq, and winny today as stated in my previous post, but how do i go bout makin the switch from test p to test e? Id like to keep running the prop until the test e kicks in but i dont want like 2gs of test runnin around in my system so how do i make the transition?

    Do i say keep my prop at 125mgs ED and then just dose the test e at 500mgs a week till about week 5 or how do i do it? Thats the only question i have guys.

    Thanks bros

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  10. Sunday October 1, 2006

    Ok guys, since i havnt had any feedback im going with 100mgs of prop ED if the pain dont kill me before ( lol ) and then around week 4, or my 8th shot of enanth/ eq ill stop the prop and continue tren/winny and then im sure the enanth will kick in. Ill probly be running about 900mgs of enanth a week, which with ester weight n stuff will yiled 750-800 total test. Ive bumped up the tren to 75mgs ED and this is the highest im going to go. Im also on winny at 50mgs ED.

    Im not sure what to do as i dont seem to be losing any weight and yes im gaining but i wanna shed the fat before my enanth and eq kick in because id like to make that a lean bulker but i want to be super lean so im thinkin bout adding in some DNP at 200mgs a day for the first couple days then maybe 400 for a couple days and see how it goes. Im not sure yet and im just on tight right now and maybe once the winny kicks in ill see some serious fat burning wth the tren but right now its evading me.

    Weight as of sat morning: 191 which is + 6 lbs
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  11. October 2, 2006

    Weight after first meal: 190 which is still + 5 lbs

    Ok im pretty sure the winny is kicking in, i look very dry, vascularity seems to be up and i almost look gritty. I like it though .

    Diets been rough the passed couple of days but its now back on 100% and this time im staying on, idc if i miss a meal im keeping this **** clean. I just cant wait for the enanthate to kick in, i hate feeling like i have been hit with a baseball bat by the prop even tho this batch isnt as bad.

    Ive noticed with the increase of tren that im a little more bold, confidence is still up there. I dont get rage or irritated quickly but i find that im just more aware of situations and ready to go at any moment if need be. Make sense? LOL

    Tonight i shall hit my left ventro with test/tren 100/75 2 ccs!
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  12. Ok guys its been a little crazy around here as i stated in my SNS log but things are going well with the cycle. Im moving between 195-198 depending on what ive eaten. Im getting leaner thats for sure, the addition of winny has helped.

    So , so far this is what im on.

    EQ: 600mgs a week
    Test E: 900mgs a week which actually will be 750-800mgs after ester weight.
    Tren: 50mgs ED
    Winny: 50mgs ED

    Im keeping most of my carbs in the morning or after training. Pumps are insane and strength is just crazy wicked. Im finaly enjoying the cycle as im not limpin everywhere. Getting compliments left n right and havnt even hit the middle of my cycle!
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  13. Friday October 13, 2006

    Ok guys ive totaly changed what im using basicaly.

    Supps in use:
    Test E: 900mgs a week
    EQ: 600mgs a week
    Tren: 50mgs ED
    Winny: 50mgs ED
    Melting Point: 8 caps
    CLA: 6 gms
    FXT: 1 scoop when needed

    Weight is going up n down n all around, i was at 198 but im holding steady right now at around 189 since cleaning up my diet a little bit more, lowerin the carbs n fats a slight bit. Im getting leaner and holding weight and im basically just on tren n winny right now as the test e and eq havnt kicked in altho im sure there working a little.
    Id love to get super lean like 10% or so before the test E and EQ fully kick in, i can always extend my cycle which isnt a problem but id love to lean bulk at that point in my cycle. My eventual goal is to end at 200 now and be around 10%. Im not sure if thats a little outlandish of a goal but hey im setting the bar high.

    All my lifts are going up steadily and im making great progress. I feel all the strength gains im making will be easily kept as there not huge jumps.

    Im getting comments on a daily basis which is always nice especially when im recomping right now and its sorta hard to see what everyone else can. I can tell a different especially in most shirts i wear but i never chalk it up to the fact that other people notice it too. I just miss the feeling of the test i had on prop as it kicked in quick so i cant wait for the test e to kick in and then of course the eq.

    Thats basically it, ill report back later.
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  14. Im weighing in tonight and ill report back. Tonights back night and ive seen a couple guys using the belt with a chain attached to add plates so im going to use that if i can find it for weighted pullups. :bb:
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  15. Well its been a while since ive update so lemme get this back on track.

    Weight: 203.2 + 18lbs Now a lot of this is water, im staying pretty lean but i do know that im holding water so im guessing im at probly about 199 lbs or so.

    All my weights are going up and im getting compliments all the time.

    supps in use are:

    Melting Point: 4 caps ED
    CLA: 3 caps ED
    Letro: .2mgs eod
    Test E: 900mgs EW
    EQ: 700mgs EW

    Thats basicaly where im at. I know im holding water from the MP and the Test E. Im done with the orals and no more will go into my body for the rest of this cycle.

    I feel great and im enjoying this cycle very much. I have some tren a i have left over i may throw in at the end but its doubtful ill probly just save it.
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  16. Keep it up and keep us posted. Im so jealous.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by ryano
    Keep it up and keep us posted. Im so jealous.
    Thanks bro n will do. Its nice to see someone post in here other then me! Hehe
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