Anagen/Fenotest stack review/log

  1. Anagen/Fenotest stack review/log

    Hallo everyone! I decided to do a small log on my anagen fenotest stack. I wont write every day but i thought i would share mu experience since you guy's(and girls) are kind enough! Please don't judge my grammar or spelling because I am swedish!

    Stats: L: 194 cm W: 210 pounds bf: 14% (about)
    Diet: Strictly high protein(chicken, turkey, tuna, cottage cheese and so on), carbs: brown rice and whole grain pasta
    Fat: Fish oil, flax seed, olive, nuts

    Training: 4 dayz a week in the gym plus walks

    General supplements:

    Multi vites
    Fish oil
    Pre workout: AAKG & CEE
    Gainer(home made Malto and whey)

    Now lets get down to the log:
    I bought two bottles each of anagen and fenotest and im dosing five each 1+1 X 5 with meals

    I already done a week and the results so far is actually really good!

    Feeling: Muscle fullness, I feel pumped allmost all the time and my body feel more hard and and vascular.

    Strength: +10 pounds in the bench and increase in total body strength

    Libido: What can I say; Im was a Stallion before and I am now. I strange part was the other night, I had a erection allmost the whole night so I had to sleep on my back!

    Gains: I would say about 2 pounds but that could be anything its to early to say.

    Sides: Headache the first days(could be something else). Increased acne on shoulders but nothing I can't handle. A bit of insomnia. But I consider this sides as a sign of effect so it's OK.

    I will get back to you in a week or so! See Ya!

  2. Any updates??

  3. Day 13

    So far nothing's really happened since last time. Gains are probably up about 2 pounds. Can't really say that I feel the muscle-fullness any more(sadly). Libido is a bit down at the moment but hey here in sweden its getting colder évery day and there is a lot of things that can get you down:-(

    The insomnia is a bit better and the acne is under control.

    Who knows, maby everythiong will explode on the other bottle? Today I will begin doin 6 anagen a day and dose Feno 2 x 2 morning and pre workout to see if it makes a difference.

    I thought about taking powerfull and cissus instead of fenotest. Any thoughts on that??

    Peace out!

  4. I'm on about day 14 of my anagen/feno/cissus stack and can only say my libido has drastically increased over the past 2-3 days. Stength gains haven't been very impressive, but i also have been on vacation...

  5. Day 17

    So far so good! Im currently dosing 6 anagen 4 fenotest. The results so far are ok, Im up about 4 pounds but a part of that is probably because my diet has been up in cals. Not any vissible increase in bf(or decrease for that matter).
    If libido has changed i must say its gone down for some strange reason even though feno is a "libido booster".
    I have noticed a diuretic effect over the last week(a lot of peeing) but its hard to blame it on the supps. Lifts are up but not much since my first thread day 7. Thinking about adding powerfull cissus to the stack. Good or bad???
    Just made an order for Activate and rebound reloaded, cant wait! Seen some really good logs from people on that stack.
    But I have a few weeks left on the anagen stack so i keep you posted!


  6. throw in the cissus for sure. Powerfull would be good to add too if you want. I also have the anagen/fenotest stack that im looking at taking with cissus. Im going to most likely double dose it tho'

  7. I decided today to lose tha feno and add powerfull and cissus instead! Feno has mad my libido lower and that i dont like! Feno is supposed to increase the acth secretion and that would make the adrenal glands produce more androgens such as androstenedione and dhea. These two can be converted to testosterone but also to estradiol right? I save the feno for later and stack it with the remainings of my rebound reloaded after my coming nha stack. So from now on my review is about powerfull/cissus + anagen at 6 each!!!


  8. Been on powerfull cissus + anagen for about a day and i think libido is up allready:-) I also had a gr8 workout yesterday and pumps were super and I felt very focused to. Today I will start taking 4 powerfull pre-workout 2/4/2


  9. Just coming off a month of a powerfull/ cissus rx stack and then I jumped right into a anagen/fenotest/cissus rx stack. About half of the month later in the second stack I felt some prostate pressure and went off everything, or I thought, I don't know as much as I should about it. So now i'm taking saw palmetto, milk thistle and what not.

    I felt great, by the time I was 1/4 of the way into the feno/crx/ana I was going nuts in the gym, had tons of energy after the workout and it was a rough workout. Gains were nuts with all my lifts esp my legs.

    But getting to the point of my life story, Thinking that everything was natural and I didn't need any down time imbetween cycles could have been worse. It's a lot of stress on your body and your systems making some things work really hard and suppression others.

    I would take a week off imbetween cycles, to give your body a rest.

    Can't wait to be back on.

    gl, we have all the time in the world to play with naturals. As long as we respect there authoritie

    Enjoy the stack I had a blast, but now i'm taking it ez.


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