Xtend/Shock Therapy/Creatine Gluconate Log

  1. Xtend/Shock Therapy/Creatine Gluconate Log

    My stats are: 5'7, 188 pounds, 10-12% BF (depending on method), age 19. And Jayhawkk affectionately called me the "backasaurus" . I will be taking Shock Therapy by Universal Nutrition 30 minutes pre-workout, sipping on the xtend throughout the day and intra, and postworkout. I also will be taking the creatine gluconate from CNW 4 grams post-workout. Right now my calories are at maintenance, so I can judge the effects of these supplements without a change in diet. My split is a basic one I reverted back to:

    Monday: Chest/tris
    Tuesday: Off
    Wednesday: Back/Bis
    Thursday: Off
    Friday: Legs
    Saturday: Shoulders
    Sunday: Off

    This week my workout schedule got a little messed up because of working late, so I will be doing my back workout today (Thursday). I am doing not doing any cardio at the moment. I'll update the log daily (when possible) and provide details of the workouts.

  2. subscribed! I use shock therapy occasionally when I need a boost, it's def. some powerful stuff! I'm interested in the 'creatine gluconate' raw and not in SizeOn . And of course Xtend is great.

    What I'm curious about is whether Shock Therapy, with continued use, has any affect on body composition, or if it is strictly a pre-workout enhancer.

  3. Today was my first day on this stack. I took the shock therapy 30 mins pre-workout, and sipped xtend throughout the day. During the workout i sipped a mixture of xtend and creatine gluconate. My workout went as follows:

    BB Rows- 4 sets
    Hammer Strength Back Exercise- 5 sets
    Chinups - 3 sets
    Standing DB Curls - 4 sets, heavy weight
    Seated Alternating DB Curls- 3 15-rep sets, with slow negatives

    Overall today's workout was not so good. I had not gotten much sleep last night, because I went to the Darkest Hour concert here (it was amazing). I didn't feel anything from the shock therapy yet except for maybe a very slight energizing effect. No amazing pumps to report. Weight was at 185 when i steppend on the scale today. Tonight I will get plenty of sleep and hit up shoulders tomorrow.

  4. Today, I hit up shoulders and traps. It probably wasnt too smart to hit up traps a day after back (since it is part of the back) but i did it anyways since this week my workout schedule is messed up. I did the following:

    Hammer Strength Shoulder Press: 5 Sets
    Heavy DB Flyes with Mike Matarazzo form: 4 sets
    Shrugs with EZ grip: 4 sets
    Side Extensions on Incline Bench: 3 Sets
    Upright Rows: 3 Sets
    Cable Flyes: 2 Sets

    Notes: Today I felt the Danimal in me and it was an intense workout. I think I felt some effects of the shock therapy today. I was feeling really energetic, and my traps and delts were really pumped. Also vascularity in my forearms was looking really visible and thick. I felt like I could have worked out longer, but I did enough for today.

    On a side note, i need to buy an Ipod again. I lost mine a couple months back and it has affected my intensity. I used to be able to listen to the sounds of Sheer Terror, Blood for Blood, and Judge when I was working out. Now since I moved down here to Montana, i am stuck listening to the music at the powerhouse gym which is horrendous. I feel sick to my stomach everytime I hear "promiscuous girl" by nelly furtado, and also the drones of ****ty music like Sean Paul. Occasionally it will put me in a rage and make me want to lift heavy, but usually it just makes me unfocused and nausious. I am sipping on my extend in a milk jug, and will be doing that throughout the rest of the day.

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