X-Factor, Anagen, Activate, and Rebound Reloaded Final Review

  1. X-Factor, Anagen, Activate, and Rebound Reloaded Final Review


    Ok, so I just took my last X-Factor pill and the last 2 Rebound Reloaded pills. I have enough Activate to last thru tomorrow and enough Anagen to last thru wednesday. The end of this log is somewhat bitter sweet. I have seen great results from this stack of products. Absolutley great results. I have seen good fat loss, good muscle gains, and good strength gains. Let me break it down for you.....

    First of all, let's start with the fat loss. I really noticed the fat loss around 2.5 weeks into the cycle. At this point my weight got down to about 221. The great thing is, is this had to be pure fat loss! I was looking much more muscular and my strength was holding steady. My muscles seemed to be hardening up and the actual muscle belly seemed to be becoming more full. This was a loss of 4 lbs. This was solely the X-Factor because I had not started the Activate or Rebound Reloaded yet.

    This leads me to the next really cool part. About 2.5 weeks in I really noticed an increase in appetite. Now let me stop here and clarify. I am the type of person that can go to a chinese buffet and stuff myself, then turn around an hour later and eat some more. I have never had a problem with not being hungry. The increase in appetite was actually rather annoying seeing as how I was trying to cut weight. So, I said screw it and increased my calories to about 2-300 calories above maintenance. Here's the cool part, I actually started to gain weight but I seemed to be continuing to lean out. I weighed in this morning at 229. That is freaking awesome!! The appetite I attribute solely to the X-Factor. It started before I started the Activate and Rebound Reloaded.

    Another great thing about this stack was the energy and mood I experienced. I seemed to have an endless supply of energy in the gym. I also seemed to have a drive like I havent seen in years. As far as attitude, I felt like I could load 800 lbs on the bench and do sets with it! I attribute this to the Activate and the Rebound Reloaded. I truly cannot say enough for these products. I fully intend on utilizing these products again very soon.

    Appetite. I list this as a negative because I intended this to be a cutting cycle, but with the increase in appetite, I simply could not do it. This would be an added bonus for a bulking cycle, however. I fully intend on doing another cycle similar to this in December except I will be bulking for the entire 50 days.

    To be honest, the diet that is suggested for X-Factor can become a little tedious. Let me say this, ANYBODY can do it, it is just a little tedious at times. For example, I love fish and I love olive oil. I cook just about everything in olive oil and I really miss it. LOL Other than that, the diet is really only a very minor inconvienence.

    I noticed that every now and then I would get a very slight headache. I would get it at the same time of the day, and it would only last for a few minutes each time. The only reason I mention it as a side effect is because I never, ever have headaches. No biggie.

    I really have nothing else negative to say about any of these products. I consider them all to be top notch.

    All in all, I am extremely pleased with the result of this cycle. I would say that I gained about 7 lbs of lean mass. That is freaking outstanding in 50 days when, for half the time, I was trying to cut. Also, I am a little disappointed in that I was not able to fully reap the benefits of the strength increases. Because of my shoulder (which I found out was biceps tendonitis) I was unable to perform heavy bench. Also, I was unable to perform any type of shoulder press for the entire 50 days. I feel that I could have seen some great increases in these 2 lifts if my shoulder would have been healthy. Hopefully by december it will be healed and I will be able to rock and roll.

    On a scale of 1 - 10, here's the breakdown:

    X-Factor - 8. This is truly a revolutionary product. I was very skeptical of this product going in, but let me tell you, I think it is worth every penny they charge for it!! However, I do think that Molecular Nutrition is shooting themselves in the foot by requiring 2 bottles for a 50 day cycle. I think most people that talk about X-Factor being junk could not afford both bottles, therefore only took 1. I did not really start to see results until the 2nd bottle. I think you guys should bottle 100 pills in 1 bottle and price it accordingly.

    Anagen - 9. This product is very inexpensive.

    Activate -9. This is truly a remarkable product. I cannot say enough good things about it. It is relatively inexpensive, but for the results I've seen (along with the Rebound Reloaded) it, too, is worth every penny.

    Rebound Reloaded - 9. I guess I could just cut and paste from the Activate, huh?

    I will not attempt to gauge this because of my shoulder. Let me just say this, by the way I felt as far as WANTING to lift the heavy weights, I would rank this very high.

    Ease of Use:
    X-Factor, Anagen, and Activate - 8. I only give this an 8 because of the numerous pill needed through out the day.

    Rebound Reloaded - 9. Three pills a day? Couldn't be much easier.

    Fat Loss/Muscle Building:
    I give this section a 10. I am truly amazed by the results that I've seen. I asked my wife last night if she could tell any difference from 50 days ago. She said without hesitation that I looked bigger and leaner. Always great to hear that. Especially from someone who sees you naked everyday.

    9.5. I would give it a 10, but I had to take a little off for the few side effects I experienced.

    Again, I thought this stack was worth every penny. So much so in fact, I am going to do something very similar in december. Only this time it will be a true bulking cycle.

    Hope all this helps,

    Big Stan

  2. Kick ass review bro! Ive been lookin at X-Factor actually for when i come off and PCT. Did you get serious DOMS with it or where they say ull be in pain because thats how the product works, is that true?

    Great review tho like i said, i loved activate when i ran it and this sounds like a kick ass stack! :bruce3:
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  3. Yea, I did get some pretty intense DOMS a couple of times, but all in all, it really was not that bad. I highly recommend any of these products, either as stanalone or stacked together.

    Big Stan

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