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  1. Smile Started Jungle Warfare Cycle

    Hello to everyone, This is my first post and I have been browsing awhile as a guest and have been reading reviews on supplements,ext. I liked what I have been reading about JW so I am giving it a try. My background with the weights has been all natural with the exception of one four week cycle of 1-AD about 1 & 1/2 years ago. I am really concerned about my longterm well being with supplements that need post cycle therapy so that is what led me to try this product. I have taken before measurements and will be taking them again in 8 weeks. I am going to guess my BF at 11-12% I will try to get some pix also. I am 6'1" and 215 currently. I started this week and don't really have much to say about it so far. I work out very hard 3 days a week and like the weights heavy with good form.I am thinking of jumping up to 4 pills a day during the cycle but would like some input as to when might be a good time to switch up. Also I don't know much about Restore. I see that people are wanting to stack with JW but I was wondering if it really helped out that much. I look forward to hearing from you guys/girls.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by mastertech
    I am thinking of jumping up to 4 pills a day during the cycle but would like some input as to when might be a good time to switch up.
    If it doesn't kick in by the end of the third week at 3 caps, bump it up to 4.

    Good luck!

  3. mastertech,
    welcome to AB. Keep the doasge at 3 caps/day evenly spread out through the day as possible. Keep your cals up above maintenance level really helps as well to help pack on the lean mass. A lot of people are seeing the JW really start to kick in around day 14. If you have any questions, let me know or FitnFirm.

  4. Thanks guys, any advice as to whether Restore is good/worth adding to the mix later on?

  5. I'd say stick with the JW solo for now. You may want to overlap Restore with JW at the 6-7wk mark if you want, but if your progress is doing well then I would just save the Restore for the follow up cycle. They both have very similar properties with exception of JW having a AR agonist element and Restore having anti-prolactin and cortisol properties.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  6. Well, it's been 10 days now and I have noticed a few things in the last 3-4 days. The first thing I noticed was how more vascular my arms had gotten and stay all day. Also, I have noticed a leaner, fuller look just all over. I raised my calorie intake up by about roughly 500 a day over what I normally take in. I haven't keep that up over the weekend though. I am waiting for the strengh increase I have read about as I wish to add as little body fat as possible. I have also noticed that when I hit the gym and start to work out that my intensity during the workout is unreal. I actually noticed that at the end of last week but wanted to make sure I wasn't just having a great day before I said anything. I have been getting very tired after workouts. This may be caused by the fact that I have to go back out into the heat of the day due to my job. It was 95 with high humidity yesterday. (I work out during lunch).I have not really noticed any sides. So far I am pleased and eagerly looking forward to bigger and better things with this supplement. I will weigh in on Monday as it will have been 2 weeks then. Later...

  7. sounds like your getting along well mastertech. keep the cals up and the water intake especially if you're working outside in the sun. don't worry about the strength gains they are on the way

  8. Bro you work outside in this heat then lift at lunch? WTF!!!

    I also work outside, well techinically I spent like 15 hours in a crawlspace doing the rough on a plumbing job last week. It's great for your back after a hard deadlift or squat session! LOL, anyway I work, eat lunch, go home eat again, nap, eat, THEN LIFT, then eat 2 more times. I don't know how the hell you can do it otherwise.

    Anyway, I agree that JW is very good for holding off extra fat gains when eating above maintenance. Makes it ideal for pct actually. I'm looking forward to trying it again when I'm not in such a deficit ie. not coming off a cycle.

  9. JW is a very interesting product. I was skeptical when it was fist released but am a believer now. Keep steady with it as it only gets better over time.

  10. [QUOTE=wideguy]Bro you work outside in this heat then lift at lunch? WTF!!!

    I also work outside, well techinically I spent like 15 hours in a crawlspace doing the rough on a plumbing job last week. It's great for your back after a hard deadlift or squat session! LOL, anyway I work, eat lunch, go home eat again, nap, eat, THEN LIFT, then eat 2 more times. I don't know how the hell you can do it otherwise. ]

    Wideguy, I can tell you this, in the summer it is pretty darn hard sometimes. I can lift either in the morning or at lunch. I lifted for about 4 years in the AM before work and had more pulled muscles than I've ever had. I tried to warm up good but at that time of the AM I just couldn't seem to get it right.
    I cannot put 100% into a workout after working all day either, plus if I want to see the wife/kids during daylight hours it's best for me to do it on "my time". The lunch workout works best for me as I am already "warmed up". The gym is also less crowded during this time.

  11. OK I said earlier that I would get some measurements/pictures and have finally done it. All measurements are taken as soon as I wake up. You gotta excuse the picture though.It is taken 2 weeks into my cycle after a great Labor Day meal of mom's fried chicken and mashed potatoes. I felt really bloated but enjoyed getting that way
    I weighed 215 two weeks ago. I stepped on the scale Friday and two days later and now weigh 218. Measurements were taken also over two different days to ensure accuracy.

    Start --------- 2 weeks

    neck -- 17" ---------- 17 1/4
    chest -- 45 1/2" -------- 46"
    arms(flexed) -- 16" --------- 16 1/4"
    waist -- 35" --------- 34 3/4"
    R thigh-- 25 1/2" -------- 25 3/4"
    L thigh-- 25" ---------- 25 1/4

    The only side I am having is a real lack of interest in sex. My wife is letting me know it to!! Workout intensity is really there. I am thinking of going one more week at 3 tabs and then bumping up to 4 tabs a day. Still considering the Restore later on but I am still on the fence about it as of this moment. Keep it real guys...
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  12. Looking good!!!! Nice pictures!!!! I must say I am suprised that you are having a lack of sex drive this soon, Maybe bumping to 4 sooner is a better thing, to keep the wifey happy and all Im at beginning my 6th week now, my strength increases started around day 20-21, and kept going up each training day since.

    Keep updating, I like reading
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  13. Welcome to AM and please to continue to give feedback on this product. Best of luck.

  14. Yeah I don't have any little responsibilities running around at this point in my life. Hence it's wake up eat, maybe get a quickie, work eat, sneak in as many meals as I can, go home, eat, nap, lift, eat, bang, eat, sleep, repeat.

    Today was fun! Gas pipe job in the pouring rain. BTW that's the end of my jack for your log. Keep it up and not to shabby on the picks. BTW, when you come off the JW or taper your dose down your libido should shoot right back up and then some.

  15. I think I'm going to update every Monday while on cycle unless something profound happens, like I reach one of my goals early.
    I got out of the army in '92' and was benching 345
    I know I could have done 350 but was scared to do it as I was afraid I would slack off if I reached it.(I could play a mean mind game with myself). Anyway I can't remember what happened but I missed a week or two at the gym, lost it and have never gotten it since.
    One of my goals this time is a 315 bench for several reps easily. I changed my chest workout at the start of JW to help induce a little growth/strength and I think it is coming along nicely so far. I was close before I started. (295 one week or 305 the next--it depended on which way I held my tongue I guess). I have every confidence that it is gonna happen in the next 6 weeks. Talk to ya later.

  16. keep us updated on the goal mastertech. I'd say it's a very reasonable bench goal, so hit it hard and I'm sure you'll get there.

  17. Well, today I officially start 4 tabs a day.It is day 21. I am going to post where I am at in my workouts and tomorrow I will step on the scale and give an update.
    This is my current schedule.
    4 sets dumbbell flat press--90#--12 reps
    4 sets incline dumbbell press--70#--12 reps
    4 sets decline dumbbell press--60#--10 to 12 reps
    4 sets dips(bodyweight)--12-15 reps
    4 sets cable crossover--80 to 90#--12 to 15 reps

    Squats 135x12/225x10/315x10/365x8/315x10/315x10
    2 sets dips(BW)--20/25 reps
    2 ? machine curls--110x12/130x10
    2 calf raises
    2 straight bar bicep curls--80x18/90x12
    2 nosebreakers/close grip press(to finish)--80x10/90x9

    4 sets pullups(BW)--17 1/2--13 1/2--10--9 (49 total- a PR)
    4 close grip cable rows--135x10/210x10/225x10/225x8
    4 dead pulls--225x10/275x10/315x10 w/straps/365x10w/straps
    1 front shrug--225x12
    1 reverse shrug--225x12
    2 arnold press--60x10/60x8
    2 dumbbell overhead press--70x8/70x8
    1 nautilus shoulder press(burnout)--140x10/95x10/65x10(no rest)
    2 dips(BW) 12/12

    This past Fridays workout was awesome.After my back work I didn't have much left for the old shoulders. I was sore Sat. morning.The dead pulls replaced t-bar rows in my workout and what a difference. I look in the mirror and something is definately changing. I feel that perhaps I am recovering faster on JW. I mean I get sore deep in the muscles but after a day I'm ready to rock the gym again with some intensity. Oh and by the way, the only other supplements I am taking is Cytogainer MRP before/after workouts and some whey protein powder before bed. I am really curious to see how a 3 day workout schedule fares at the end of this cycle as I have noticed most are going 4 days a week. From what I have seen I am in the minority on that or maybe I'm just lazy See ya tomorrow...

  18. I stepped on the scale today and am 219. That is the most I have ever weighed and I can say it isn't from added fat. Todays workout was also great. I can tell the strength benefits of JW have kicked in now. On todays workout(Monday) I did flat presses with 90's and the incline & decline with 80's. I also did my last 2 sets of dips with a 35lb weight on a belt for 12 & 15 reps. Then I finished with cable crossovers on 90,then 100,and 2 final sets @110. I don't think thats too bad compared to last weeks numbers. Next week I will take measurements again as it will be 4 weeks on.

  19. Today is day 29.I weighed on Friday and Monday.Weight is 218 both days. My strength slowly but surely continues to go up every workout. I am up to 95's on flat dumbbell presses. Also, last back workout got me 43 pullups in 3 sets.Thats the first time I got to 40 in 3 sets. It usually takes 4. I did the last two sets of deadpulls with 405 x 12 during my back workout on Friday also. I took measurements again since it is to the halfway point of my cycle.

    Neck----17 1/8
    chest----46 1/2
    L arm----16
    R arm----16 1/2
    waist----34 3/4
    L thigh----25 3/4
    R thigh----25 1/4

    I can't figure out how I got a 1/2 inch bigger on one arm and the other stayed the same as I do try to do seperate exercies to individually work them.Well, in the infamous words of my brother in law"WHATEVER". I haven't written every exercise up here but the majority of them.
    Now for side effects. My libido is in the toilet. I have no desire at all for sex at all. I also had a few pimples pop up for the first 3-4 days after bumping to 4 tabs a day and then they went away.Other than that, I've got nothing to complain about.
    I have decided to add Restore during the last two weeks of this. I am thinking of staying at 4 tabs JW till 6 weeks in and then start to taper down to ???? a day.
    I am open to suggestions on when to start Restore and how many a day.

  20. Mix in about 1-2 grams of trib, that helped during my JW cycle the last two weeks. I felt the lowered sex drive was from estrogen supression. You also could take a day off from the JW to let estrogen rebound. Then restart. Not sure that would work though.

  21. Well, today was the day! I decided at the beginning of this week that Friday, I was going to bench as it had been 4 weeks since I had done any. I really like the dumbbell workout that I am on right now but was wondering if I might be losing some strength in the bigger lifts. So, I did a combined back/leg workout Wed. with the intention of benching today to find out where I was at. I did....


    I did other exercises also but this 315 bench was one of my goals with JW. I haven't had a 315 bench since I was 23. I will be 38 next week.Not bad for a 15 year hiatus.What I really liked was these were clean presses with no spotters hands on the bar. I feel if I had known what I could do I would have changed the sets around some. But now I know.

    I really feel if you throw some change into your routine you can net some serious strength gains while on cycle with this stuff. I've still got 3 weeks to go. I've only gained 3 lbs while on it but I have really tried to watch what I eat b/c it seems the older I get the harder the fat is to come off. I would rather not put it on than work it off,thats more work than I would rather do!!!

  22. Nice work. Looks like the JW is really working for ya.

  23. Nice work. Looks like the JW is really working for ya.
    Thanks Pumped, I haven't really ever done to much on the supplement side of things except creatine and protein but I really like this stuff. The hardest part was waiting for it to kick in.

  24. Well I am happy to report that my appetite for sex has returned in the last 5 days. I guess my body finally adjusted itself. (been sleeping pretty good now)
    Workouts are still great. On Monday my arms were so pumped that I almost had to ask for help to get my sweaty shirt off after my workout. I finally managed to get my fingers on my collar and pull it off. That would have been pretty embarrassing.
    I guess I won't be needing the Restore after all. I was going to use some trib. that I had laying around but discovered it was out of date by 1 1/2 years so I had to put it out of it's misery.
    I will update my workout/weights this weekend.

  25. Well, today is Monday and my weight is steady at 218. That is fine with me as I see no extra fat. If anything, I have leaned up in the last 6 weeks. My strength increases have slowed but I can't complain, especially if I keep it. I think part of it is that I am just tired. Last week we were so busy at the shop that I missed 2 workouts so I made them up on Thursday and Sat. morning. I am dropping to 3 tabs a day this week to start winding down.

    I went to the gym today and did

    Flat dumbbell press--4 sets of 12 reps w/95's
    Incline dumbbell press-4 sets of 14 reps w/80's(ready for 85s)
    Decline dumbbell press--4 sets of 12 reps w/80's
    dips(bodyweight)--3 sets of 14 reps/last set of 17 reps
    cable crossovers--3 sets of 14 reps w/100's--One last set of 16 reps w/100

    My diet this past week wasn't the best as I didn't have much time to eat as often,ext. due to the business at the shop. I also got kicked by one of our horses Sunday afternoon in my crotch (just missed the jewels by an inch) and was really sore there today. I was surprised to do what I did considering what happened.

    I switched from squats to leg presses 2 weeks ago and am doing 10 plates for reps of 10 and a few sets of 12 plates for reps of 6. I'm trying to get those up to 10 reps before moving up. My quads are pumped almost as good as squatting when I am finished.
    I will be posting after photos in about 1-1 1/2 weeks in anyone is interested. Talk to ya later.


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