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  1. Quote Originally Posted by mastertech
    Well it's finally over. This has been a long 8 weeks. Time for a little rest!


    BEGINNING ........ END

    Chest....45.5 ..... 46.5
    Neck......17........ 17 1/8
    Waist.....35........ 34 1/2
    R Thigh...25 1/2... 25 3/4
    L Thigh...25........ 25 1/4
    L Arm.....16........ 16
    R Arm.....16........16 1/2

    These aren't huge gains by any means but I like it slow anyway. The real proof will be in the pictures which I will post later today or tomorrow when I get my hands on a camera. I have not eaten exclusively for mass nor to get cut but I wasn't stupid with my eating either. I enjoyed that ice cream or that strawberry shortcake. Thats what I liked about JW, I still got the leaning effect while just doing what I wanted with food. I did not perform any cardio either. My goals were to get stronger,gain some lean muscle, and once again hit 315 on the bench press.All my goals were met.
    The biggest benefit I received was in the strength dept.
    ......................START... .......FINISH
    Bench Press .... 275 x 3..........315 x 3
    Dips(BW).........x 15...............x 25
    Pullups(BW).....x 14...............x 20
    Flat DB press...85 x 12...........100 x 12
    Incline DB press..70 x 12.........85 x 12
    Overhead press(machine)...155 for reps.....200 for reps

    I concentrated a lot on upper body and was maintenance on lower. I have some catch up to do with my arms now as I pretty much didn't do any isolation exercises with them. That will be next goal. I cannot stress the need to change to change your workout up from the norm when using JW if you want some more strength. I recovered a lot faster while using this. As a matter of fact, I was browsing the training forum and will be using some rest/pause principles to catch up my arms so its time for another routine change.

    Excellent log sir, it sounds like Jungle Warfare was a great product for you. You can't beat muscle/strength gain combined with fat loss. I have a few bottles myself, but am performing some much needed shoulder rehab work right now, so a strength gain inducing supplement such as this one is on the backburner.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by max silver
    Do you happen to have the results posted up anywhere? It'd be great to see some numbers to quantify the test level increase.

    No, this was done by the tester for personal reasons, he shared it with me only. Sorry! It wasnt done to show the effects of JW he had numerous tests ran and test was one of them, I can say for the short term it raised his test about 200 points though.

  3. OK it's picture time. I borrowed a cheap digital camera to take these photos. Combine that with some bad lighting and you can imagine the results. I wasn't overly happy with them and probably wouldn't have posted them had I not said that I would. I hope the difference can be seen from the before photos.

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  4. The obvious growth is in the front delts, traps. Your also much leaner in the midsection. Great work!!!!!


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