joebo's Anagen/Fenotest/Cissus Log

  1. joebo's Anagen/Fenotest/Cissus Log

    Just recieved everything today. I took my first anagen pill with my lunch and will take another one with dinner along with my first dose of fenotest. I am going by their directions which is the following:

    1 dose anagen 3x a day
    2 doses of fenotest morning and night

    I will also be dosing 2 grams of bulk cissus ED

    I'll keep this updated daily

  2. DAY 1: So far i've been on exactly one day. Nothing new to say, but will check in everyday regardless. Yesterday was an off day, so tonite will be a back workout. I really don't expect to feel anything til at least 5 days in. I've heard the fenotest really heightens your sex drive, so i'll be curious to see. On a side note, bulk cissus takes like horrid a$$. I think i will buy a capper and cap this stuff. I can bare it, but its nasty and doesn't mix at all. Just clumps up into a ball of crap. Just put in on my tongue now and wash it down.

  3. Just to note...After 4 doses of anagen i've been noticing muslce hardness. I have heard this about anagen, so i'm chalking it up to that and not fenotest. So far so good....

    Stats since i forgot:

    12-15% BF

  4. Day 2
    Nothing new to report. Had a decent back workout yesterday, but still don't feel anything yet. Only thing still to report in about would be muscle harness and got really good pumps yesterday. Doing arms tonite. In case anyone else was interested in this stack. For about another 4 days its on sale at NP for 26.99 for 1 anagen/1 fenotest. Plus you get a free book. At that price you really can't go wrong either way!!

  5. Day 4-6
    Not a whole lot to report about. Been having good workouts lately and progressing nicely. Pumps are great. Still no rise in lilbido to report about. The cissus has really been helping my shoulder and knee after only a few days at 2 grams/day. I'm hoping in the next week, i start to feel more pronounced effects. Although, I do think its starting to help out some. Only time will tell.

  6. dude, i know exactly what you're saying about the bulk cissus. I bought some of that thinking that I could mix it in my protein shakes......BAD IDEA!

  7. Day 7
    Had another great workout yesterday. Its hard to say whether either is working. Muscles are def harder and even slightly more vascular, but nothing super impressive. Strength is going up, but I've upped my carbs a bit so that could have something to do with it also. No libido change, which i'm expecting to see in the next week according to other logs i've read. Off day today, will be hitting legs tomorrow.

  8. Day 8
    Muscle hardness is the one very noticiable factor thus far. I think libido is slightly elevated, but nothing drastic. Cissus still doing a great job with the joints/tendons. Hitting arms tonite and hopefully the good workouts will continue. Putting off legs til Saturday. Since I haven't tried either of the products individually its hard to say whats doing what, but so far as a whole i'm liking it. I'm up about a pound too. Right now i'm not dissappointed with the 26.99 i spend for the stack and I'm thinking about ordering another bottle of each and extend the cycle.

  9. Day 14?
    Lost track, but about day 14. Was on vacation for the past couple days so no workouts for me. I hit the gym yesterday and felt good. I didn't eat enough yesterday because i was on the road most of the day driving home, so workout was just ok. In the past 2-3 days my libido has def jumped up. Can't comment on strength anymore then before because i haven't been in the gym. So for right now all i can say is LIBIDO is UP!!

  10. Day 15
    Nothing to report in on today as yesterday was an off day. The libido is still up and getting the occastional reminder which is odd. Morning wood is there every morning now. Will be adding PowerFuLL to the stack Sat. or Mon depending on when it arrives. On sale for $20 so i figured i'd throw it in towards the end of this cycle. Today is a back workout so this is usually when i can tell my strength increases the easiest. I think if i ran this cycle again i'd run each at 6 pills a day. I have a feeling this could be an awesome stack but will turn out mediocre due to underdosed servings.

  11. Day 16
    Had a great back workout yesterday. Most lifts are up about 10lbs or so for reps. I also did shoulders yesterday since I won't be around this weekend. Standing military press up 10lbs. I'm almost finally pressing bodyweight! Joints are feeling great thanks to the cissus. Sex drive is def up! Sleep is actually better as well. Although i have order PowerFuLL and was going to stack it at the end of this cycle, I think I am going to have to put that off. I'm going to be doing a log for ALRI on their Thryogen X so i don't think I'll be adding powerfull at this time. Although I'm not as heavy as i'd like to be, i would like to shed some extra bodyfat before I head to Cancun in december. Hopefully Thyrogen X can help me keep my mass and lose some fat!

  12. are you keeping up with your weight? have you lost, gained? Im going to do the same stack but with creatine as well. I capped my bulk cissus and I plan on 4 grams a day. Cap it if you have time im actually getting faster at it and enjoyin it to a certain degree...

  13. I'm up between 2-4 lbs, but as of lately feel kinda bloated. Now i was on vacation for four days and my diet was obviously not great, but still seems like i'm quite bloated for no apparent reason. Also, when i first started this stack, i felt vascularity was increasing, now those effects seem to be diminishing. Like i said earlier, the little effects i am, maybe feeling from this stack may improve if the dose is upped to 6 a day on both products. However, I feel as though a product should work well at the recommended dose. If it doesn't, i don't think that product is worth my money.

  14. good point

  15. Day 17
    Arm workout yesterday. DB curls went up in reps. I managed 6 reps at 55lb. BB curls also went up to 105 for 6 reps. Dips went up, well i pushed myself pretty hard, but I normally just hang a 45 and go failure. Yesterday I hung a 45 and a 25 so i was happy with that. I honestly can't say 100% that this stack is doing anything, well except for the cissus. I still think its underdosed and you will need 6 pills of each everyday to make it more effective. I am also feeling bloated, and not quite sure what that would be from. I'm hoping the effects are just starting and the last half of this cycle will be awesome, but i've thought this too many times on other products that failed to amaze me. I'm also up about 4 lbs, but feeling bloated, so i'm sure i'm holding water.

  16. Day 18-19
    Good leg workout on sunday. Everything is going good, but I don't attribute much of it to the stack. I'm up a total of 4-5lbs, but I seem bloated like i stated earlier. I'll be interested to see what happens when i get off this stack and start the thyrogen. At this point I can't really recomment this stack unless you acquire it for a cheap price like i did. The fenotest may be working a little, but I don't think the anagen is doing anything. I know scivation said they would have blood work on fenotest, but kept delaying and delaying for months on end. Then they left the board. Not really a promising sign. So whether it elevates test levels or not is up in the air.

  17. i speculate that fenotest's is basically a fancy bottled Fenugreek supplement. It smells just like Fenugreek. FEN-u-greek FEN-o-test? sounds alike........

  18. Wouldn't surprise me

  19. Day 20
    Yesterday was an off day, so no new comments on strength. Got some acne on my face and traps area which isn't completely uncommon for me, but a bit more then i would typically get. Maybe something is starting to work more? Who knows..... Chest tonite, so i'll see how my strength is. I'll post up tomorrow with how my workout goes. One thing i will add that i stated earlier, is that sleep is without a doubt better and have a better feeling of well being throughout the day.

  20. Day 21
    Yesterday was a chest day and it went well. Lifts went up as planned. I really am up in the air with this stack. I think it is helping, but it is so minor that its hard to call. I wouldn't buy it again at this point. Libido is also shot! Felt up for a bit, but now non existant.

  21. Im having second thoughts now because I have read the same in another log of some sort, it was suspected that fenotest had a negative effect on libido.

  22. Day 22
    Off day yesterday, so nothing new to report. Libido is now shot for whatever reason. I've read another log with a user reporting the same thing. I think I've come to a conclusion that this stack is junk. Lots of people seem to use anagen, but fenotest is def junk IMO. I really do not think my opinion here will change in the next 8 days, but who knows. Back workout tonite. I will also be starting my Thyrogen-X log tomorrow.


  23. Day 23
    Great back workout yesterday. Weights all weight up with ease. Going by other logs i've read, I think i might attribute any success with this log to anagen. I don't think fenotest is worth much in my book. I think high doses of anagen would prove successful. I am starting my Thyrogen-x log today as well. I will be ditching the fenotest starting tomorrow i think. I will update this log as usual.

  24. thatsa shame things didnt work out. Glad to hear you liked the anagen. Been thinkin about purchasing a few bottles for a run of it. What do you feel the ideal dosage for anagen is 6 caps?

  25. Its hard for me to dissassociate the effects of these two products from one another. I'm basing my conclusion on other logs i've read. If I were to run anagen solo, i would say 6 caps a day would be a good place to start.


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