I recieved my sample in the mail today. I opened the packaging and found 2 nice candy bar sized boxes. The boxes are very professional looking and was a nice change, however it did cross my mind, will the boxes affect the pricing much? I'm of the opinion as to make it nice looking and easy to transport, at the lowest possible cost so the consumer gets the greatest value possible. OK, now onto the bar. It was fantastic. It wasnt the typical dry bar, but it wasnt so moist that you were gumming your mouth trying to chew it. My 20 month old son had a bite and tried to steal it from me it was so good.

I do have one question though, it says it has Soy protein, alot of bodybuilders stay away from soy due to the whole estrogen thing. While I realize it is probably a minimal amount of soy, would you think this would affect it at all, and is there a benefit to why you used soy instead of a whey isolate or a micellar protein?

This is definatly something I will be purchasing in the future as it is a quick and yummy way to get in nutrients on the go when a meal isnt feasable.

All in all, I give this product 3 snaps in a Z formation.