stack question...

  1. stack question...

    I've been doing some searching and haven't found much about symmetry, including the product listing on nutraplanet itself... I was wondering what this supp actually does?? I saw a few members stacking cissus and symmetry together... so I was possibly thinking about doing this... Is the cissus really necessary though if I am not looking for joint support??

    I've been reading a bit about anagen and this product has seemed to get a few reviews... Would a symmetry/anagen stack be good?? Or possibly Feno/Anag/Symm ?? Should cissus be added in there for better results??

    Btw I am 21 and have never used test boosters of any sort before.

    Thanks all!

  2. tattoopierced1
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    cissus can definatly benefit you even if you arent using it for joint/tendon issues, it does far more than just that. I think that an Anagen/Cissus stack at higher doses would be pretty good.

  3. The ingredients of Symmetry are deliberately extracted analouges of Cissus, concentrated specifically for Cissus' anabolic activity. Many members have megadosed them both in test trials for USP with very promising results.

  4. So I should think about a cissus/anagen/symmetry stack? Forget about the fenotest?

  5. Tbh if you're going to use Cissus RX and Symmetry then you may aswell just use PowerFULL instead of Anagen.

  6. Why is that?


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