DS Sustain Bar Review

  1. DS Sustain Bar Review

    Hello all. I haven't posted here in a while, but I was asked to cross-post my review for this product, and I figured you all would be interested. Here it is:

    First off, the bar comes in a box, wrapped in a foil packet. Very stylish. The bar is coated with a thin layer of very dark chocolate, and is mostly homogenous inside, with a color of peanut butter diluted with milk. I cut each bar into halves, and ate 1 in the morning when my tastebuds were least sensitive, 1 frozen, 1 alone in the evening, and 1 with milk.

    Taste - 6/10
    The taste, the most important factor, in my opinion, was a disappointment (Alas!). The dark chocolate is excellent, and just the right level of darkness/bitterness. The bar is incredibly sweet... much too much so for my liking. My biggest concern, however, is what appears to be a strong chemical taste akin to that produced by heavy use of sugar alcohols. Unlike sugar alcohols, the flavor does not coat your mouth and linger for a while, a sensation that makes me want to vomit. This is totally mysterious to me, as the ingredients do not indicate any artificial sweeteners, or even any suspect ingredients besides the generic 'Flavoring'. Interesting to note that the chemical taste was strongest in the morning, and was muted when the bars were frozen or eaten with milk. Actually, the bar was quite tasty when eaten with milk.

    Texture - 9/10
    Don't freeze these! They turn into a hard, chewy log. Actually, I liked my log. That aside, these bars have the best texture I've ever experienced on any non-homemade bar. Very soft, with a few peanut chunks here and there. The extra thin layer of dark chocolate is hard and provides a nice subtle contrast to the interior. The bar is very light, not dense, and thus did not sit like a log in my stomach. All that is lacking, texture wise, is a tiny bit of crunch... that would have been perfection.

    Profile - 8/10
    I love the macronutrient breakdown: 20g P, 35g C, 9g F. The protein sources, Caseinate/WPC/Soy Isolate, are close to ideal for a MRP bar. Unfortunately, I really feel like these could use more than 2g fiber to be a proper MRP, or even remotely filling. Adding a bit of inulin, and perhaps out bran, balanced out with a tiny bit of lecithin, would probably not have a negative impact on the texture (experience w/ making bars tells me this).

    Overall - 7/10

    I would have rated these higher, but unfortunately the taste/sweetness thing weighed heavily in my mind. These bars have great potential, but without a few tweaks I can only see myself purchasing them occasionally. Bring the sweetness down a notch, get rid of the chemical taste, and add a bit of fiber and I'll be stocking up for life.

    BTW: Did you all SERIOUSLY add a Bruce Lee nanchaku icon?? Oi vay!

  2. Nice. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for letting me test them. After hearing about the price, I'll probably be buying them semi-regularly!

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