Review DS sustain bar.

  1. Review DS sustain bar.

    Outer Appearence- I found the box idea a nice change of pace from the traditional foil packaging that is so prevalent among most protein bars today. If I was browsing a rack this would jump out at me. Perhaps the only critque I would make is to enhance your logo a bit more, mabye etch it in foil to make it pop to the consumer.

    Bar Appearence- Nice smooth coating all along the outer shell of the bar, I am a dark chocolate lover and I enjoyed the subtle aroma that wafted over my senses before I took my first bite.

    Texture-I have tried my fair share of protein bars and I most say this is a unique product in terms of its middle of the road texture. Not quite a nougat and not quite creamy it falls pleasently in the middle of the two, so you get brownie points for that accomplishmet.

    Taste- The outer shell tasted like dark chocolate not a high end one but a dark choclate nonetheless. Its amazing how many companies butcher Dark chocolate by overloading it with sweeteners, its supposed to be a more intense the milk chocolate so I found it quite ideal to my pallet. The chocolate plays a nice supporting role to the star that is peanut butter, I definetly could tell that I was eating something pb and while not right out of the jar good it was quite tasty for a protein bar I picked up the subtle tones of honey that you guys used and it paired pretty well with the pb. Out of 10 I'll give this bar a 7.5 now that on total taste where a one is a ****ty trioplex bar and a 10 would be a snickers. Oh and no after taste whatsoever Kudos to you for this DS.

    Nutrition- 300 cals 9 grams fat 35 grams carbs, 20 grams protein. Nice nutritional profile, I do however feel that this would be suited to a person bulking or maintaining as the 16 grams of sugar would make it a treat on a cut diet at least for me. It is from honey so it is partially forgiven.

    Overall- 8/10 this was quite the tasty bar and I was pleasently surprised on the whole that DS was able to pull this off on their first product. I personally would like to see a little less sugar but its nothing major. Also I did detect a slight hint of something that I just couldn't place I could've sworn it was anisette but mabye thats just wishful thinking.

  2. The sugar is all raw honey, so the GI remains low and the benefits of honey are well established.

    Thanks for the review.

  3. tattoopierced1
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    cant wait for these to be released..they are really good.

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