Just started this new product and I can stay that after the first hour of my first dose of Red Cell, similar to Nitrix tabs in chemicals and dosing but with the addition of creatine ethyl ester malate, I had more boners than I new what to do with. That could be because my girlfriend has my junk on voice command or it could be because I've been in the damn desert for 6 months. Yea so, I'm in the first day and half of this new cycle and the product looks to be promising. The ingredients list does boast some, seemingly new, ingredients I haven't necessarily seen before. I'm currently researching some of the ingredients listed and will follow up with more. The jist of the stack is your typical...double does shall we call it....of l-arginine and creatine ethyl ester malate (MM5T) I can't make a call as of yet but we'll see as the week and buildup progresses. Stay tuned.