HorsePower + Excell + Muscle Milk Log.

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  1. HorsePower + Excell + Muscle Milk Log.

    Age: 22
    Weight: 165lbs
    BF%: 12-14%
    Height: 5'8"

    HorsePower - Pre-Workout (mainstay of Log)
    Excell - Pre and Post workout, Throughout the Day
    Muscle Milk - Meal Replacement
    AI Protein - Throughout Day
    Lean Green - With Meals, Twice Daily

    To test HorsePower, give a full review. To gain muscle, while keeping fat at a minimum.

    Workout (Compounds!!)
    Monday - Back and Biceps
    Tuesday - Legs
    Wed - Cardio
    Thur - Chest and Triceps
    Fri - Shoulders
    (Days are subject to change due to scheduling)

  2. Day 1

    Monday, Back and Biceps
    Calories: 4000
    Weight: 166lbs

    HorsePower: 20 mins Pre-workout
    Excell: 20 mins Pre-workout
    WG Lat Pulldowns - 4x8
    Chinups - 4x8
    BB Rows - 5x5
    DB Rows - 5x7

    CG Pulldowns - 5x10 (light) supersetted with
    BB Curls - 2x12
    HorsePower + Excell seems to give an excellent pump. Energy was high too, considering no stimulants were taken. Me and my lifting partner (who both took Horsepower) noticed an effective pump in the biceps and forearms. Noticed I was more thirsty than normal; could be attributed to hot weather.

  3. Day 2

    Tuesday, Off
    Calories: 4000
    Weight: 165lbs

    HorsePower: Around 2pm
    Excell: 1 Serving- 2pm, 4pm, 8pm
    Off day
    Tuesday was an off day. It was raining, I was sore and lazy. Took Horsepower in the afternoon. I felt my muscles were fuller after I took it. I did some posing in the mirror, and some light stretching afterwards. I felt really good, pumped up.

    This stuff makes me thirsty! I think it's a combination of the drink itself, the Glycerol and creatine, but I was thirsty.

    Excell also gives me some terrible gas, lol. It's not so bad when I'm alone (usually am when I take it) but when I'm with my girlfriend or lifting partner, I feel sorry for them!

  4. Day 3

    Wednesday, Chest and Triceps
    Calories: 3000
    Weight: 165lbs

    HorsePower: Pre Workout
    Excell: 1 Serving- Pre-Workout, 4pm, 8pm
    BP - 6 sets of 8
    DB Flyes - 3 sets of 12 (light)
    CGBP - 5 sets of 5
    Skullcrushers - 6 sets of 6
    Dips - 3 sets of Max Reps w/ BW (about 13 reps)
    I felt pumped today, but I lifted alone so I didn't have the motivation I usually do. I hit it hard and fast for about 45 minutes. My chest was hurting me, it had a strange sensation. Pumps were incredible! Especially after the flyes. Strength seemed increased a small amount, but probably not due to the supplements yet.

    Took my AI PB Protein throughout the day. Morning, Pre, Post, At night. Today was also the first day I took my Muscle Milk. God I love that stuff, and it tastes so good. I feel like I put some thick, good fuel to my fire, something to rebuild my sore muscles when I take MM.

  5. Day 4

    Thursday, Legs
    Calories: 4500
    Weight: 167lbs

    HorsePower: Pre Workout
    Excell: 1 Serving- Pre-Workout, 3pm, 7pm
    4 sets of 12 reps
    2 sets of 5 reps (increased weight)
    Calf Raises:
    100 Reps Each Leg, Bodyweight.
    Cardio: 25 minutes on stationary bike increasing tension on legs
    Unfortunately my triceps weren't sore today. My chest was, but I have a hard time making my triceps sore. : Need to try harder, stop being such a pansey.

    I lifted alone today, and I HATE lifting alone for legs. 1) Because my partner has a squat rack at his house. I had to hoist the damn weight over my head, and therefor I couldn't do heavy sets like I usually do, but I repped them out and made them burn. Especially the stationary bike at the end, I had trouble walking after. Took about 45 minutes to complete. My calves were burning sore too.

    Horsepower makes me thirsty like a damn camel. That's a good thing, especially because you need water when you take your glycerol AND creatine. i drank 3 poland spring bottles just in my workout alone (and I didn't cramp)

    Friday is shoulders, going to be a brutal one too...

  6. Day 5

    Friday, Shoulders
    Calories: 4200
    Weight: 166lbs

    HorsePower: Pre Workout
    Excell: 1 Serving- Pre-Workout, 3pm, 6pm
    DB shrugs 5x10
    Upright Rows 5x5
    Smith Shrugs 5x10
    Lateral Raises 5x10
    OH Press (Smith) 6x8
    Was a great shoulder workout, I'm very sore today. HP gave me a great pump, especially when doing the lateral raises. I took in 2 muscle milk shakes before bed, so I could recooperate. I slept a good 10 hours last night too. I was wiped after the workout.
    Reached a new PR with my OH press @ 145lbs @ 5 reps. Probably my favorite exercise is oh press on the smith. its very smooth and you can go quite heavy on it.

    Later today I'm working triceps alone, because they are lacking. Will post update later.
    PS - I got more muscle milk in the mail, courtesy of Island Supps. They also sent me like 5 free samples of NO Xplode and a bunch of samples of True Mass & Syntha-6. Thanks Island, you guys truly rock!

  7. Day 6

    Satuday, Triceps
    Calories: 4000
    Weight: 166lbs

    HorsePower: Pre Workout
    Excell: 1 Serving- Pre-Workout
    Skullcrushers - 3 sets, 10 reps
    Skullcrushers - 5 sets, 5 reps (add+ weight)
    DB Kickbacks - 5 sets, 10 reps
    Cardio: 15 minutes
    Just finished my tricep workout. A quick 30 minute blast, trying to get them to grow more. My biceps are quite developed but my triceps are under developed (considering tris are 2/3 of your arm, they should be way bigger) I've read that skullcrushers, dips, and CGBP are the best Mass building exercises for tris. I did 5 sets of heavy skull's and than 5 sets of concentration kickbacks for shape.

    Did 15 minutes on my stationary for health/heart function. Felt quite nice. I took a dose of Superpump 250 earlier (free sample) about 2 hours before my lifting. I had a nice energy boost from that. I wish that Horsepower had some stimulants for mental focus. It makes a *big* difference in my workouts.

  8. Im following

    I also just started HP

  9. Quote Originally Posted by ECTOmorph
    Im following

    I also just started HP
    Thanks for your post bro! What do you think of it so far? did you get the lemon-lime?

  10. Cool log, RR. .Thanks for getting this info up. Best of luck.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Rage (SoCal)
    Cool log, RR. .Thanks for getting this info up. Best of luck.
    Rockn Roll. Thanks for stoppin in Rage! I love loggin, as it helps me keep on track and helps people with the feedback

  12. Day 7

    Sunday, off
    Calories: 4600
    Weight: 167lbs

    HorsePower: in the AM
    Excell: 3 servings spread out
    No workouts today.
    I've been eating like a damn horse(power) this weekend. Lots of food, lots of shakes. I got a chocolate shake from the ice cream place down the street and mixed 2 scoops of muscle milk in there. Holy ****. It was like 1000 calories in 2 minutes. My stomache felt like it was gonna pop. I felt like doing an all-out-bulk this weekend, as I tried to gorge myself to make up for the hard workouts last week. Good stuff.

    I'll take a minute to show you how I break down my protein shake intake.

    Morning: Muscle-Milk (mocha Joe)
    Post Workout: AI Protein (peanut butter)
    Meal Replacement: Muscle milk (root beer float)
    Bedtime: BSN Lean Dessert (sometimes with 1 scoop of MM)

    I'll take this time to give a shot out to Lean Dessert. 20g of a Casein blend with a damn good taste. Sugar count is sorta high, so you should take it about an hour before bed, but it tastes damn good, and mixes well with a spoon.

  13. Subscribed..... Good luck man!

  14. Day 8

    Monday, off
    Calories: 4300
    Weight: 168lbs

    HorsePower: 2pm
    Excell: 3 servings spread out
    No workouts today.
    Damn rain got me lazy today. I definately needed a day off today though. My body was sore, I was tired, sleepy, headache. I took a nap after work for about 3 hours, and fell asleep early too.

    I took 2 servings of HP today. One around 2pm, and the other around 8pm. I find no reason to not take 2 servings a day when you are trying to recover. Honestly I'll use about 3/4 of a scoop so technically its not 2 servings anyways. The bottle will last me at least 30 days, even if I take 2 servings a day 3 times per week.

    Tuesday is going to be getting it good! I plan on doing some heavy squats, and then going into a 45 min chest workout to make up for Monday. I also will be taking Wed off, or just doing some specialty workouts (abs and calves???) because my schedule doesn't permit a long w/o , and then on Thursday I'll be hitting back and biceps, shoulders on Friday. Lookout.

  15. Day 9

    Tuesday, Chest & Legs
    Calories: 4400
    Weight: 169lbs

    HorsePower: pre-workout, post workout
    Excell: 3 servings spread out
    Bench Press - 5x8
    Incline BP - 5x8
    Pec Dec - 5x8
    Incline DB Fly - 4x5
    Upright Cable Fly - 4x10
    Squats - 6x10
    Leg Extensions - 3x12
    Calf raises - 100 reps (bodyweight)
    I was a beast today, working out for almost 2 hours with my partner. We started with chest, and he went onto triceps while I hit my legs (to make up for my laziness yesterday.) Pumps were phenomenal, the highlight of my workout were cable crossovers standing up. Very tired, sore right now. I'm also hungry as a mofo, waiting for my pizza + chicken to cook!

    I know working legs and chest isn't a great idea but it needed to be done, both for my physical and psychological. I find that I can make my legs quite sore with a small amount of intense sets...usually heavy squats.

    My lats and triceps were sore from saturday, so I worked more on TUT and volume than strength today. PecDec, flys, really concentrated on hitting my pectorals instead of pushing the weight up with the intention of building power.

    A muscle milk shake followed my workout, and about an hour after I took in another serving of HP before dinner.

    Lean Green, Multi, Fish Oil all with dinner.

    I'm going to be including some Rebound XT + Powerfull into my stack soon. I hope it will add to my log instead of interfering with it. And if you don't like it, tough!:bruce2:

  16. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows
    This stuff makes me thirsty! I think it's a combination of the drink itself, the Glycerol and creatine, but I was thirsty.

    Without a doubt. I use HP also. The large amounts of creatine do it to me every time.

    Nice log Renegade. This product is extremely high quality and I've been wondering what others experienced. I can't get enough of it myself.

  17. keep it up bro, the world is watchin'

  18. Day 10,11,12

    Wed, Thur, Fri, Off
    Calories: 4000
    Weight: 166lbs

    HorsePower: Once per day
    Excell: Three servings per day
    So Wednesday afternoon I decided to hit my shoulders. This was a mistake, as I was already fatigued from a long workout the previous day.

    As I was doing shrugs with a relatively light weight (45lb dumbells) I felt a sharp pain from my neck to my middle back. Extremely painful, I dropped the 2 dumbells and stopped my workout. I had to go rest. It felt like a really bad whiplash, I could not move my head far to the side, or up and down.

    I went to my girl's that night and I had to leave after about an hour. The pain was unbearable unless I was sitting still. It caused my ears to ring, a headache, nausea.

    I did not go to work on Thursday because the pain was too bad. Had a helluva time sleeping that night. Took aspirin (Bayer and Motrin). Damn, this can't keep me down for too long.

    Went to the Doc's on Thur. He said there were no signs of nuerological damage (thank God.) So my spine was still in tact. He thinks it was a bad muscle strain, recommended rest and aspirin (Too bad he didn't give me any muscle relaxants!) I'm just thankful it was not too serious.

    I will be out of the game until at least Monday or Tuesday, as I don't want to aggrivate a neck injury. But man, I gotta tell ya, it really made me frustrated. Everything in my workouts has been going very good, from the supplements to nutrition to my lifts, and then this comes along. BTW, My traps look like they shrunk considerably after this injury!! Very weird.

    I'll keep everybody posted. Today is Friday morning, the pain isn't as bad as it was, my head is still mobile, but it's going to be at least another week before I get on my feet again. Sorry.

  19. Day 13,14,15

    Sat, Sun, Mon Off
    Calories: 4000
    Weight: 165lbs

    HorsePower: Once per day
    Excell: Three servings per day
    Well my injured neck feels better, however I am still taking today (Monday) off for good measure. I didn't get very much sleep last night, and it is raining today, so I'm going to recover more. My neck feels like it is about 85% better, which is enough for me to get back into my training but I'm not going to rush it. I have a feeling I might've been overtraining when the injury happened, so I therefor want total recovery before starting again.

  20. Day 16

    Tuesday, Chest & Triceps
    Calories: 4500
    Weight: 166lbs

    HorsePower: Pre and Post workout
    Excell: Three servings per day
    Flat Bench - 6x5
    Pec Dec - 4x12
    Incline Bench - 4x8
    Skullcrushers - 1x12,3x8,1x5
    Tricep Extensions - 5x8
    Dips (B/W) - 5x5 (exhausted)
    Felt good getting back into it. Had a great workout. Not too much in the way of strength increases but I could feel my tris are getting stronger with the skullcrushers. Good pumps.
    I took HP after my workout, and I felt like my arms literally swelled up in size. It felt really good. I ate a nice chicken dinner afterwards. Pumps were good, like always.

  21. Day 17

    Wed, off
    Calories: 4500
    Weight: 168lbs

    HorsePower: in the AM, in the afternoon
    Excell: Three servings per day
    Cardio - 15 min on the bike

    MAN THIS SH*T TASTES GOOD! The lemon lime flavor is very appealing, it's almost like drinking a lemon smoothie thats made with too much lemon! lol...I drank it on empty stomache - no stomache problems. I drink it with meals too - it tastes that good.

    Personally I think this product has very good composition properties if used twice daily. You will get enough creatine, arginine, and other aminos that help with recovery and volumization. I will only use 2 servings per day if my workload requires it. For instance, if I take a few days off I will have 1 serving per day to keep my creatine levels up. But if I really break down my muscles like I did this week, it seems to give me greater recovery.

    I've also been using Shock Therapy pre-workout occasionally. The reason is becuase of the nootropics and stimulants in ST. Unless taken with caffeine, sometimes Horsepower just isn't enough to cure my laziness on a rainy day.

    I've begun to think that, while HP gives amazing pumps in the gym, it may be better suited for a Post-workout, much like how Universal recommends ShockTherapy pre, and Storm post.

    Either way, HP is still an advanced product and I will continue to buy it after this log is finished.

  22. Day 18

    Thur, Legs
    Calories: 4300
    Weight: 168lbs

    HorsePower: Pre & Post Workout
    Excell: Three servings per day
    Squats - 6x8
    Leg Curls - 5x10
    Leg Extensions - 5x10
    Calf Raises - 2x25

    Alrightey then. Hit my legs nice yesterday. They feel nice today, sort of sore but I can still walk. I increased my weight on my squat and felt a bit of tension on my lowerback, and this is with a belt on. I think I go to failure, and then at the bottom of the squat my back tries to kick in. It was nothing serious but I will have to pay attention to my form next time.

    Also, I noticed that your breathing has to be in-synche big time with squats. I needed a breath and mistakenly took one when I was squatted, and it made my core loose. No good!

    Good pumps, recovery.

    I'll be taking Friday-Monday off for vacation/labor day. I'm going out of state. See yall on Tuesday!

    izza: :squat: :hot: :bruce3: ose:

  23. Day 19-22

    Labor Day Weekend

    HorsePower: Once Per Day
    Excell: Three servings per day

    Had a nice vacation up in the mountains. Relaxing, fun. Brought my stash up north...had Horsepower once per day. Nothing new to report, other than I was hobbling around with very sore legs.

  24. Day 23

    Tues, Back and Shoulders
    Calories: 4300
    Weight: 170lbs

    HorsePower: Pre & Post Workout
    Excell: Three servings per day
    Chins - 5x7
    DB Rows - TUT 3:3:1 - 5x5
    BB Rows - 5x8
    Shrugs - 10x10
    OH Press - 5x8
    Lateral Raises - 5x8

    Good workout today. Not great, but good. I worked out alone in my basement (I need to clean it.) Horsepower gave some good pumps today. I drank my second serving during the last part of my workout actually and it seemed to add to my energy and strength.

    Today (wed) I'm sore from the workout, but not as sore as usual. I'm also up 3lbs from last week, which is quite good for me. Strength is increasing. The chins yesterday I banged out more reps than I could previously (I got about 12 in with bodyweight) but after that they were harder to do. Maybe because I'm pulling up more weight than normal?

  25. Day 24

    Wed, Chest and Tricecps
    Calories: 4600
    Weight: 170lbs

    HorsePower: Post Workout
    Excell: Three servings per day
    Flat Bench - 10x3 (heavy)
    Incline DB Fly - 5x10
    Skullcrushers - 5x6
    Dips - 10x10 Bodyweight

    Worked out alone again, but Thur I'll be back with my partner doing legs. Today's workout went really well I thought. I had alot of energy and my stregnth seemed to be up. I also had a 'charge' type feeling after I drank the HP. I've been getting these since I started, but it's good to know HorsePower hasn't lost its affects after 25 days.

    Usually I end with dips for chest + triceps, just to make sure that I wrecked them into submission. And usually I can only do 5 or 6 reps because I'm so tired, but the first set of dips I got about 15 reps out with my bodyweight. And that was after a bunch of working sets for my chest/tris.

    I'm definately noticing some weight gain on this stuff. I did increase my calories, but I've gained about 5-6lbs in the past 3 weeks. I'm sure some of it's fat but for a hardgainer like me I'll take what I can get!

    I bet most of my weight gain can be attributed to the 3 muscle milk shakes I drink everyday! I mix usually 1.5 scoops of MM with 1 scoop of Lean Dessert (slow digesting caseins) and mix all that with milk. It adds a jumbo-cal bang to my diet with alot of protein and carb/fat. A skinny guy like me needs it

    Onto legs!


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