HorsePower + Excell + Muscle Milk Log.

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  1. Renegade's Final Review

    35 Day Log.

    Start: 164
    End: 168 +4lbs

    Start BF: 13%
    End BF: 12% -1%

    Bench: +15lbs
    Squat: +15lbs
    DL: +20lbs

    HorsePower: 8/10
    This product was very good. For the price and servings it was worth it. The results I saw were an increase in strength, more defined physique as well as endurance/pumps in the gym.

    The plus sides of HorsePower was the taste was very nice. Lemon lime flavor was a delight to drink. The ingredients were dosed very high, they did not skimp on the formula. The pumps were VERY good, endurance, strength, energy were all above the norm. The texture was clumpy because of the Glycerol, but it was easy to drink anyway.

    The down sides of Horsepower were few. The fact that there is Glycocyamine in the formula, which they have refused to take out, broke the deal for me. I was sure I had a staple in my training from now on until I started reading about Glycocyamine and decided that, even if the jury was still out on this compound, I would not ingest it everyday. I will not buy this product again unless they take this out.

    Also, there were no stim's in this formula, which made it hard to give me a kick in the ass before training.

    Overall, I would not buy this product again because of the Glycocyamine, but if that does not bother you, I would recommend it very much. The recovery, endurance, strength and pumps I encountered were top-notch, and compared to other products I have tested this one tasted the best and was one of the best deals (most servings) for the money.

  2. yah i read some of that stuff about the glycocyamine at and t nation

    as long as it has betain and/or sam e in it im not worried. they lend a methyl group so homocystein levels would be lowered (not raised) if anything



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