Venom Tri-Lean System + Thyrogen-X Log

  1. Venom Tri-Lean System + Thyrogen-X Log

    This will be a general log of my ALRI Tri-Lean system + Thyrogen-X usage. I figure I'll keep a basic log mainly so I can see how my progress unfolds. I will not really be going into detail as far as diet, workout, etc.

    Some personal details on myself...

    5'5" - yes, I'm wise-cracks plz...
    174 lbs - yes, I estimate to have around 15-20% bf...yikes!
    34 yrs old - yes, I'm old...

    Workout schedule:

    Mon - Chest/light cardio
    Tues - Back/light abs
    Wed - Shoulders/light cardio
    Thurs - Legs/light abs
    Fri - Arms/light cardio


    Lose bf/increase lean body mass
    Strengthen my cardio endurance without keeling over like a stuck pig.

    Other supplements taking:(these I have been taking 15-20 days prior to starting my Tri-Lean stack)

    Powerfull - 8/day (split 2, 3, 3)
    Symmetry-X - 8/day (split 2, 2, 2) will be changing to 4/am and 4/pre-w/o as of Friday 8/18.
    CissusRX - 9/day (split 3, 3 ,3)
    Chaos (used Xceed prior)
    Excell (used Xtend prior)

    Just a side note: I weighed in at 174 at the gym on Saturday 8/12. All further weigh in's will be from my scale at home.

    I'll be back tracking a bit since I actually started on Monday...

    Anyway, let the journey begin...

    Day 1 (Monday 8/14)

    I receive my ALRI goods in the mail and promptly read all the labels and prepare myself for a month of trying to eliminate some unsightly fat while adding muscle mass/density. I promptly pop a Venom and Thyrogen-X around 10:30 am with my mid-morning meal. I feel the Venom going to work and it feels like I'm on It's pretty intense as I've tried to stay away from caffeine and other stims except for the 1 AMP/day preworkout prior to starting the ALRI stack.

    The appetite suppresion from the Venom is insane and I can barely think of food all day. Cotton mouth is noted and I promptly increase my H2O intake to quench my dry mouth...

    Around 12 PMish I take 2 Special Tactics with my mid day meal.

    2:00 pm I take 2 Special Tactics and 1 Thyrogen-X with my mid afternoon meal.

    LOL...that same day I received my Chaos and Excell from AI and had to try the Chaos. I lost track of time at work and took my Chaos at 4:50 pm. I feel kind of weak and a bit lethargic toward the end of the day. Kind of like my adrenaline was

    5:10pm or so started my workout...I'm feeling a bit high strung and my workout was okay but nothing spectacular. It was probably due to the timing of the Chaos. Dosed too close to my w/o. Another thing I noticed was I felt weaker which could be attributed to lack of focus/intensity.

    6:15pm Am driving home and I am flying...mind and body are feeling like I could run a marathon.

    10:00pm take 1 Lean Dreams and promptly pass out.

    Day 2 Okay fast forward 1 day (Tuesday is a repeat of Monday). One thing to note is that I had some spectacular dreams Tuesday night...

    Day 3 Wednesday:

    My dosages and timing remain the same except from Tuesday on, I'm now dosing 1x Venom and 1x Thyrogen-X with my first meal at about 8:00am or so. 2x Special Tactics follows with mid-morning meal. 1x Thyrogen-X and 2x Special Tactics are dosed during my mid-afternoon meal at around 2:00pm or so.

    I weigh myself first thing in the morning and it reads 171.4 lbs. So from Saturday to Wednesday I lose 2.6 lbs. Makes me wonder if I was retaining some water...which is a definite possibility. I think the stack is working and has me drinking water like a parched camel in the desert.

    Still feeling lethargic toward the end of the day around mid afternoon on. I take my pre-workout drink 30 min before hitting the gym. Energy levels during workouts still seem on the low side and I feel less focused which = less intensity = weaker. Midway through my shoulder workout I get an energy surge that carries me through my workout+light cardio.

    I take 1 Lean Dreams around 9:00pm or so. Dunno if it was just hot that night or if the thermogenic effect of Lean Dreams was kicking in. I wake up about 3 times to piss. Definitely not happy about that. Man, I must've drank a river that day.

    Day 4 Thursday:

    I wake up feeling tired from waking up so many times to pee.

    Weight = 169.0 so far a weight loss of 5 pounds from Saturday...not bad.

    I eat my breakfast, pop a Thyrogen-X then head off to work. I want to see if it's actually the Venom that's giving me the lethargy. I feel fine with no lethargy so I conclude it's the Venom that's giving me the sleepy juice mid-afternoon. I ended up popping a Venom around 9:00 am.

    The cotton mouth is still there but not as pronounced as day 1. My water intake has remained constant at about a gallon+ per day. I can't really tell if the Thyrogen-X is doing anything but the combo of the Tri-Lean system + Thyrogen-X is definitely working as I appear less pudgy and more solid.

    It's almost time to take my pre-w/o drink and see how today's w/o goes. Today is legs...yay. I was feeling a bit sleepy earlier but feel more or less normal now. Until next time...

  2. Ive used all of the supps for ur cut stack that you have with the exception of crowlers stuff ( that is taken care of and on the way tho! ) and lean dreams. Venom makes me drink water like its going out of style and has me feeling cracked out for a good 12 hours or so. I really liked thyrogen-X and was very pleased with it. Special tactics was a good product but nothing to dramatic like Venom Hyperdrive and thyrogen was.

    Goodluck bro ill follow the log
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  3. Thanks 3clipseGT...

    Day 4 Thursday continued:

    Quick update before I head home. My leg workout this afternoon was great! Had lots of energy and good intensity. No cardio today so we'll see if I dropped any weight tommorow morning...

    I think I may create a Chaos review or log also...but not until tomm at the earliest. UFC time!

  4. Day 5 Friday

    Morning weigh in: 169.4
    Weigh in after I pee: 168.4 (weighed myself twice to make sure)

    Note: I think I'll do my weigh in after I pee in the morning...can't remember if I weighed in before or after I pee'd the past 3 days...

    Woke up 3-4 times last night to pee again...Even so, I'm feeling rather refreshed today.

    Took my Thyrogen-X, Venom, Symmetry, Cissus with breakfast. Had my Powerfull serving prior to breakfast.

    Cotton mouth is back and I immediately filled my water jug as soon as I got to work. Will post back with updates later.

  5. Weigh in after potty in the am

    Good luck with your log and the Venom Tri-lean and Thyrogen X. Ill be spying on you!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for the support FnF...your comments are always welcome.

    Day 5 Friday continued:

    I was feeling rather lethargic as usual toward the mid-afternoon. I was a bit worried how my workout would go but after taking my serving of Chaos and Symmetry I was feeling like a million bucks.

    I had a great workout and am getting ready to head home. So far so good and I'm hoping the afternoon lethargy will go away soon. I'm seriously contemplating taking another Venom at around 12-1pm. We'll see how it goes.

    Probably won't be posting over the weekend since I'll most likely be busy.

    One thing to note though: my legs were still sore from my workout yesterday so I've decided to move my cardio on Friday to Saturday. So tentatively I'll only be doing cardio on Monday/Wednesday/Saturday. Until next time! Have a great weekend!

  7. QUick update:

    Day 6 Saturday:

    Official weigh in: 168 lbs (a loss of 6 lbs from last Saturday) No joke.

    I've decided to skip my serving of Venom today. The lethargy has not agreed with me well and I'm taking a break from it. Today will just be Thyrogen-X, Special Tactics, Cissus, Symmetry, Powerfull, and Lean Dreams.

    I had to skip cardio today due to having to take my puppy with me to wash clothes...and yes, I'm still washing clothes...what a sad life. Oh well.

  8. Im really concerned with your lethargy issues. Hyperdrive could not cause that. On the other hand it is possible the thyrogen x is too much for you, too much thyroid stimulation is as bad as not enough. Maybe you could go 4-5 days without the thyrogen x to see if that makes a difference. And also make sure to drink alot of water, 2 gallons a day if possible, hyperdrive makes you sweat aot and with higher metabolism your body needs more water to keep the engine running cool.

  9. Thanks for the suggestions FnF...I've used Thyrogen-X over the weekend with no Hyperdrive and felt more or less normal. Maybe I'll try going without the Thyrogen-X today and see how that goes.

    Day 9 Tuesday:

    Official weigh in: 166.8 lbs.

    My weight over the weekend actually increased and when I weighed myself yesterday morning (Monday), I was back up to 170 lbs. I attribute the increase in weight to bad eating (naughty naughty) and lack of activity. I more or less did nothing and did not do my planned cardio over the weekend due to spending time with the gf. I also did not not take any Venom Hyperdrive over the weekend so that possibly may have added to the increase but I think it was more a combination of bad eating and water retention.

    Yesterday I took my dosage of Venom Hyperdrive mid-morning in hopes that the lethargy would not set in till late afternoon. It seemed to work fine but some bad news about management at work left me pretty much out of it. However I took my Chaos pre-workout, mixed my Excell, and headed up to the gym. I did a short chest routine since I got a late start, did my cardio, and felt pretty good. I feel my cardio endurance is improving at a decent rate.

    I will take FnF's suggestion to stop the Thyrogen-X and see if possibly that is causing my lethargy. We'll see how it goes...

  10. keep it up kid. ill pay attention. trying to decide what to do after h-50 and looking for inspiration.

  11. Thanks for the support Shaolin...

    Day 11 Thursday

    Official weigh in: 166.8 again!

    My weight over the past couple of days has remained constant. I don't really see this as a bad thing as weight loss can sometimes be temporary. This shows that the weight I've lost is true weight and not some fluctuation type weight loss.

    Just a recap of Day 9 Tuesday. I tried a day of no Thyrogen-X to see if that was causing the lethargy issues I was experiencing. Well, I was still as tired as ever late afternoon and felt like passing out. It kind of feels as though Venom increases and sucks all my adrenaline then leaves me extremely lethargic. It could just be that I need a second dose of Venom mid afternoon.

    Note: Tuesday night I substituted 1x cAMPHIBOLIC in place of the Lean Dreams due to the Melatonin issues in LD. I will cycle the LD, probably at a usage of 3/week and the other 4 days I'll use cAMPHIBOLIC.

    Yesterday, (day 10, Wednesday) I tried a day without Venom again and reinstated the Thyrogen-X. I felt pretty good with a minimal amount of lethargy. My stress levels from work have at least quadrupled so some lethargy I'm experiencing can be partially attributed to that. My workout yesterday was more or less non-existant as I had about 20-25 minutes for it. I managed to squeeze a few sets of lateral flyes and dumbell presses together and spent about 10 minutes on the treadmill. Not a good week so far.

    Today I will restart Venom at 2x per day and see how it goes. No workout today as I have some personal matters to attend to. We'll see if it affects my weight tommorow morning.

  12. Day 12 Friday

    Official weigh in: 166.8

    So after a couple of days with basically no workout cals burned my weight has remained the same for the past 4 days. Wow, I'm impressed.

    I've decided to end my run of the Tri-Lean System + Thyrogen-X due to other plans.

    My conclusion on this stack is that it is very effective in suppressing appetite and helping to burn more calories without really needing to change much about diet and exercise routines. My diet wasn't changed and I was not cycling carbs and only added a smidge more cardio work to my workouts and still lost a considerable amount of weight. I am going off what I see in the mirror and I have noticed a definite reduction in body fat. I would recommend this stack and the only gripe I have is the lethargy issues with Venom. It may just be me so try it out!


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