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    I will be reviewing this Serious Nutrition Solutions -Reduce XT, in the coming weeks and will keep a daily log, that I will post to you on a daily basis of my progress and to tell you how well this product did or did not work for me I have faith that this product will work as it has been made to .As we all no SERIOUS NUTRITON SOLUTUTIONS has a top notch record for making one of a kind products that work like no other, I have been given the opportunity by them to test this product and to bring you my results in the coming weeks ,I will be very subjective with my review and will hold nothing back ,feel free if you have any questions to ask them . The below information is about the product I am testing. But regardless we all like to see reviews on the product first to see if it works or not, we all hate to spend are hard earned money on supplements that say they work, but do not.

    Reduce XT: The Next Generation in Cortisol Suppression
    Reduce XT is a novel supplement introduction into the realm of ‘Cortisol blockers.’ In a category so overwhelmed with marketing hype and false claims, many individuals discounted this category of supplements altogether.

    At Serious Nutrition Solutions, we have always been dedicated to bringing our consumers top-notch products, and Reduce XT™ is such a product.

    Reduce XT is primarily to be used in addition to diet and exercise to help blunt Cortisol release, which in turn may lead to many positive benefits including increased fat loss, increased lean muscle tissue, muscle retention while dieting, and a host of other benefits.

    A simple way to put it would be to say that Reduce XT™ is to be used as a supplement to help you achieve the results you deserve through your diet and exercise program by helping you keep your hard earned muscle gains, maximizing your fat loss progress, and helping you to achieve your individual body-composition goals.

    So What’s in a Name Anyways?
    Reduce XT™ earned its name because of its multiple functions in terms of:
    Reducing Cortisol which can lead to a reduction in body-fat (especially in problem areas such as the lower abdominals, love handles, etc.)
    Reducing Appetite
    Reducing Cortisol, which can contribute to, increased lean muscle tissue
    Reducing Estrogen slightly, which makes Reduce XT ™ excellent for PCT (Post Cycle Therapy), especially when stacked with Inhibit-E™

    Reduce XT™ is used for:
    Fat Loss*
    Appetite Suppression*
    Building Lean Muscle*
    Retaining Muscle Tissue* (i.e. Anti-Catabolic)
    Lean Bulking* (i.e. building muscle without accumulating fat)
    As a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) aid*

    Cortisol Blocking*
    Slightly Anti-Estrogenic*

    Reduce XT™ contains a novel compound designed to help aid individuals in attaining their body-composition goals. Building lean muscle tissue and losing fat are achieved through hard work in both diet and exercise, but your body’s response mechanism for putting it through this hard work is not what many people realize it to be. Think of it as your body inadvertently sabotaging your potential from obtaining maximum yield benefits from all your hard work, sort of like running in place. You work hard through diet and exercise to build muscle but your body releases a hormone to break it down in response to your hard work. You eat right and/or train properly trying to lose fat, but your body releases a hormone to that can make you add more in response to your hard work. Many think of this effect as almost like running in place, you can try really hard but you just don’t get anywhere.

    That is where supplements come into play. Reduce XT™ supplementation may aid in helping suppress Cortisol levels, thereby allowing individuals to maximize their individual results from their diet and/or exercise routines.

    Reduce XT

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 capsule
    Servings per Container: 90
    Amount per Serving
    Reduce XT Proprietary Blend 50mg

    Other Ingredients:
    Cellulose, Gelatin

    As a dietary supplement, take 1 to 2 capsules 2 to 3 times per day. For best results, take one serving upon waking, one serving either 4 hours later, or 30 to 60 minutes before training, and the last serving before bed.

    Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing a baby. Because o f the mild anti-estrogenic effects of Reduce XT™use of this product may decrease the effectiveness of oral and transdermal contraceptives. If you normally rely on oral or transdermal contraceptives as your only method of birth control, you should use an additional form of birth control while using this product. Always consult a physician before using this or any other dietary supplement

  2. Will this be used as part of a PCT or as a stand-alone supplement?

    Also, what dosage will you be taking?

  3. Both ,but I will be using for my pct first then after most likely .

  4. As for dosage I am not quite sure , I will start at the lowest and slowly bring it up to the max that way my body can adjust to the supplement over a given amount of time. I will keep you updated.

  5. Personally I do best at a dosage pattern of 2, 1, 1 for a total of 4 caps per day.
    The NEW Focus XT - Mental Clarity, Focus, Concentration, & Energy:
    SNS VASO6 - Making Daily Use VASO6 a Reality:

  6. That sounds like a good dosage for me to start with .


  7. Best of luck....I'm a fan of SNS products....think you will be too.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by sns8778
    Personally I do best at a dosage pattern of 2, 1, 1 for a total of 4 caps per day.
    As do I. Good luck with the log man.
  9. review start (monday the 28th 06)

    My review of the Reduce -XT will start tomorrow (monday the 28th 06).

  10. This will be in a PCT
  11. Post Week :1 Day :1

    My cycle of the Reduce will be as follows

    2 upon waking
    1 before workout
    1 before bed

    I have taking 2 this morning upon waking at 6:30 am , 15 min after taking with 8oz of water there was a little bit of energy increase ,nothing else has been felt or noticed at this time .At 7:10 am I had my first liquid mean of BSN -TRU-MASS 3 scoops .
  12. day1 week 1 dose 2

    The afternoon dose was somewhat the same ,I seemed to be more focused and in a better mood . Even though I am doing Re-Hab for my shoulder injury .

  13. Lookin good so far man. Keep the updates coming.
  14. day2

    As for the Reduce it is the same as yesturday ,I have noticed that my stomack is getting smaller .My night dosage was one pill
  15. Post

    I started the SNS -Methyl-plex today will do 3 a day along wth doing the SNS -Reduce - XT .Will keep a detailed log of both

  16. Quote Originally Posted by huge&ripped
    I started the SNS -Methyl-plex today will do 3 a day along wth doing the SNS -Reduce - XT .Will keep a detailed log of both
    3 a day starting Methyl-Plex is too high. I emailed you.
    The NEW Focus XT - Mental Clarity, Focus, Concentration, & Energy:
    SNS VASO6 - Making Daily Use VASO6 a Reality:

  17. I have decided to stop the start of methyl-plex ,I have taken 1 of it but ,It has been suggested to me to ,even though done with PCT to wait a month or two after the Reduce is finished before starting a new Prohormone cyle ,So I will resume that cycle then ,I have done so many cycled in the past My body will get real screwed up if I don't wait .

  18. I have lost some more weight do to the reduce I am now at a weight of 198 ,so the product is reducing my fat I had hurrray

  19. I only have a 12 more days left and my overall view on the Reduce is it is a excellent supplement to loose fat and to keep cortisol from destroying your hard earned gains ,damn cortisol lol .

    Starting weight was 213
  20. Post

    Ok I am 7 days from finishing this cycle of Reduce I have noticed a abundnace of good things definition on my whole body is awesome the fat is virtually gone ,my energy is through the roof ,it my opinion this product is the s**t awesome stuff does what the label and paperwork says it is gonna do and nothing more or less ,good for a post cycle therapy or during a cycle ,I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMEND IT AFTER A CYCLE though my weight has leveled out to 200 lbs of solid muscle ,I can hardly wait to pack on more muscle to my frame on my new cycle on around Oct. 20 or so 30 days after the compleation of the reduce and 6o after previous prohormone cycle .

    *In my opinion this product is 120% worth every penny ,use it ,buy it ,stock up on it


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