Hey everyone. I love your boards. Great discussions about supps, training, and diet. Anyway, I am in the process of designing a lean mass stack and I have decided on these three GL compounds -- mega-h, mega zol, mega-trn. I have previous pro-steroid (lol) experience, having had two 3 weekers with superdrol spaced about 6 months apart (post cycle therapy was in check of course). Great gains, have kept about 15 of 20lbs.

I'm 23 yrs old, 182lbs, 5'11, 10% bf. I'm not a believer in bulking up with excessive bodyfat gains. I'm a rather high level athlete so I try to stay in the 8-12% year round. So I've decided on this cycle during my pre-preseason regimen. I just need suggestions as how to stack them and for how long for optimal results. I'll also keep a log if you guys would like.

This is what I have planned so far:
Mega-h: weeks 1-4 50mg
Mega-trn: weeks 3-4 4mg, weeks 5-6 6mg
Mega-zol: weeks 3-6 150mg

post cycle therapy:
Tamoxifen Citrate: 40,30,20,10
RXT: 25, 50, 50, 75

I was also considering running Anagen/Fenotest half way through PCT and into my natural training peroid (sans 'roids).
So my main question would be how to stagger these three compounds and what their dosage would be for my size. Any thoughts and suggestions from those with experience would be great. I'll log if I get enough positive feedback. Thanks