Alpha Drive XL and Restore Review by BiO

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  1. Nice log, thanks for the feedback.

  2. vunderful as oosual. Happy as ah leetle gurrrrl!

    Creeeeeeeeepyyyyyy, lol.

  3. When your done the log maybe some L3Igf-1 and Cissus for your back injury would be good.

  4. Lower back is actaully doing OK. I've been doing lots of hypers along with ab work, stretching and hanging in gravity boots. It's been a lot more stable but i am going to take another month or so off of deads and squats then slowly get back into them if I can.

    Starting Cissus back up since this log is basically over.

  5. Oh yes the gravity boots those are always fun. So as of now would you buy these products? And what do you think they are best suited for?

  6. I would buy either again. Both are good additions to a PCT using nolva or torm. As a bridge or standalone it rates pretty close to the NHA stack IMO.

    The Alpha Drive could be used alone, particularly if you want a libido boost.

  7. Big cheers to you for such an excellent log!

    Stay tuned because I will annouce the contest winner this Friday, September 15th.


  8. i was looking to buy this stack soon. this pretty much seals the deal:bb:

  9. Thanks BioScience, my pleasure.

    Blood work is in, I will pick it up tomorrow morning and post asap.



    CHOLESTEROL 211 H, <200 MG/DL
    HDL 27 L, >39
    LDL 168 H, <130
    VLDL 17, 0-29
    CHOL/HDL RATIO 7.8 H, <5.0

    GLUCOSE 84, 65-99

    UREA/BUN 18, 10-28
    CREATININE 1.1, 0.6-1.5
    GFR ESTIMATED >60, >60
    BUN/CREAT RATIO 16.4, 10-28
    URIC ACID 5.2, 3.5-8.0
    NA 141, 135-145
    POTASSIUM 4.5, 3.5-5.2
    CHLORIDE 104, 96-110
    CO2 20, 19-31
    ANION GAP 17, 4-18
    OSMOLALITY 289, 279-295
    PROTEIN TOTAL 7.7, 6.0-8.2
    ALBUMIN 4.6, 3.3-4.9
    GLOBULIN 3.1, 2.1-3.9
    ALB/GLOB RATIO 1.5, 1.0-2.0
    CALCIUM 10.1, 8.4-10.4

    PHOSPHORUS 3.2, 2.5-4.5
    ALK PHOSPHATASE 105, 39-160
    GGT 30, 5-80
    ALT 54, 2-60
    AST 43, 10-50
    BILIRUBIN (TOTAL) 0.7, 0.2-1.3

    TSH HIGH SENSITIVITY 2.43, 0.45-4.50

    Sorry that's hard to read, the board software keeps compressing the lines no matter how far I space them apart.

    So, pretty much what we were expecting here. No impact to liver and kidney function which is an added plus for oral anabolic steroids users. Cholesterol is out of wack in part due to the cycle before using these products, the elevation of total test brought on by the products themselves, a familial history of hyperlipidemia, and having to live with a pregnant woman who only stocks the larder with carbs and fat.

    Thyroid looks happy. CO2 levels are way low..go B12 and folic acid!

  11. Can anyone help me find a link....some guy had posted pre and post bloodwork in regards to test and estrogen levels while running Alpha Drive?....I've searched but no luck.


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