Bioscience Alpha Drive/ALRI Restore Log- Unitas27

  1. Bioscience Alpha Drive/ALRI Restore Log- Unitas27

    Hi Folks,
    I was chosen by Bioscience to test the new Alpha Drive Test booster, along with ALRI's Restore. I started my first dose today, and will be doing 4 caps of each 4 times throughout the day.

    I am attaching my very recent Testosterone blood panel done on 8/4. I was on Restore solo prior to this log so my test levels and estrogen are pretty good. I hope to get my test up to 1200 ng/dl with this combo (wishful thinking maybe). I will have another blood test on 8/20.

    I have to run, but I will post stats and goals later. Please check the Mind and Muscle link for more information.

    My log will also be on Mind and Muscle. Tester Log: Bioscience Alpha Drive/alri Restore - Mind and Muscle Forums
    Attached Files Attached Files
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  2. Your total Test came out pretty good, but your Free T is actually below normal...

  3. Can you imagine having your free test at 210pg, ohhhh man i can only dream, lol.

  4. Good luck with your log man!!!!! And please dont forget the pictures

    STAT on the stats

  5. subscribe...what do you think of Restore solo???

  6. Any new updates???

  7. Hmmm maybe he's playin' hard to get...

  8. Yellow...........Knock Knock........anybody home???????

    Kitty got your mouse finger?

  9. i was just thinking about buying this stack. thought i would find a good log & see how it worked. only one post so far

  10. I think Unitas crapped out on us...


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