Purple Wraath review (after 1 day!)

  1. Purple Wraath review (after 1 day!)

    Okay so I took my fist serving of PW yesterday since I couldn't wait...

    Mixability - The mix is really bad. Like jjohn said, it leaves a bunch of sediment on the bottom. Not very nice and waaay worse than Xtend. Excell had no sediment.

    Taste - Taste was really bad. I mean, I've tasted a lot of stuff and this has got to be one of the worst. I know if it works it's worth taking the pain and just downing the stuff but damn, I know I cannot drink this ever again.

    Performance - Not judgeable since I took 2 sips and 2 gulps then dumped the rest due to the taste...Btw, I used 2 scoops to 16 oz of water and the flavoring was really strong and not in a sweet overpowering way but in a rotten semi grape flavor. (Was that disgusting enough of a description for y'all?) I even tried to water it down more after I took 2 swigs of it but that didn't help and jsut added to amount I had to drink. I ended up dumping it.

    Conclusion - Stick to Excell by Anabolic Innovations or Xtend by Scivation. I will be going with Excell...This review will definitely hurt my chances of getting rid of the PW but hey, I'm giving an honest review...

    P.S. So I'm left with a new tub of Purple Wraath that has 2 scoops missing...what should I do with this? Hahaha I could put it in capsules and pop a few every 15 minutes....LOL!

    Nah if anyone's interested in the PW PM me. Hope that's not against board rules...if so, mods please let me know and I will edit or please edit for me. Thanks!

  2. Yeah....CL as a supplement company....ummm....yeeaaaaah

  3. You can post it up in the trade forum. I did the same thing after buying ON's Rocky road whey.

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