Preventing/healing injury through homeostasis

  1. Question Preventing/healing injury through homeostasis

    Over the past 2 years I have endured many sprains, strains, and tears of joints and muscles. It has gone on to the point where I am beggining to have trouble doing normal activities of daily living.

    I doubt it is because of my diet/ training/ form etc, I have a decent understanding of things and have a degree in the field.

    I think that its essentially a snowball effect. As we all know, a significant soft tissue injury brings with it systemic inflammation and pro oxidative residuals, among other things.

    So essentially, you get hurt once, you have a good chance of getting hurt again, etc.

    What I think would help is a return to homeostasis, a return to neutrality, where I can begin to rebuild injury and hopefully pain free.

    With that in mind here are supps that I am taking: Creatine, Fish Oil, Gluc/ Chond, Multi Cissus, Vit C, E, D, B, zinc, sellenium

    Here are supps that I think might help: Celadrin, an adaptogen, BCAAs, a topical joint supp

    I did a lot of research into Oratropin, but I decided since cancer is very prominent in my family, its not a wise idea.

    Anyone have any thoughts, opinions, disagreements ...

  2. Celadrin is a good move. I would concentrate on hammering down inflammation. The Cissus will do some of this, but I also would throw in devil's claw root, cucurmin, methlB12 tabs or injections, and lots of magnesium.

    For the oxidative end of things..grapeseed extract, SOD, ester C, coQ10 or Idebenone and I have also had really good sucess with using 1000iu of gamma E and mixed tocopherols.

    Take all of these coupled with a nice 10-14 day break where you do a lot of stretching or maybe some yoga and it could very well set you back on track. It'll be a little pricey..but it's cheaper than surgery.

  3. Bioman, Im glad you caught this thread, I respect your voice.
    I actually started this after I got home from the ortho and he recommended surgery for a worn out AC joint.

    How do you feel about the role of an adaptogen in this situation. perhaps anagen?

    Also, any point in trying celadrin transdermally, or is the oral bioavailability good enough?

  4. I haven't tried the celadrin transdermally yet. I usually just buy some bulk powder from CNW and cap it with some bulk Cissus in a 1:1 ratio. It worked very well for me. You could mega-dose Cissus for a while to try to heal up that AC. 1-1.5 grams of celadrin per day will speed things along IMO.

    I like Rhodiola rosae a lot. How well it addresses inflammation and tissue repair..I don't really know. Some monographs have pointed out an anti inflammatory and antioxidant ability for rhodi, but it's main deal is easing anxiety and boosting endurance which are always helpful.

    Anagen is reasonably priced even if you double the dose. The ecdy in it may also aid in healing indirectly. I honestly don't think the Bacopa levels in Anagen are high enough to really elicit and effect, but they certainly can't hurt. One thing with Anagen is the delivery..ecdy is best taken with protein, but Rhodi is best taken on an empty stomach so it presents a bit of a dilemna. Rhodi is cheap so one could take additional doses of it seperately on an empty stomach.

    USP's REM-R3 is probably the most potent Bacopa on the market right now.

    Other adaptogens could be beneficial as well just in aiding homeostasis. Seems like there are new ones added every month. Ginsengs, Andrographis, Gingko, Ashwagandha are all really good but I am most partial to Rhodiola as it just makes me feel good.

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