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  1. Talking cAMP + Sesamin + LX LOG

    Today im going to start a log on cAMP +sesamin and lean xtreme.
    weight:184.5 pounds
    belly at wides point(navel):39 in

    LX 2 ED(1 first thing in the morning and the other before bed)

    Sesamin 3 ED (1 breakfast, 2nd at afternoon snack, 3rd with a meal after work out )

    cAMP 2 x 3 ED(1st dose after i wake up. 2nd before working out and last dose before bed)

    im trying to get rid of my belly fat that i put on since my last and first superdrol cycle. Im not really good on keepin track of my calorie/carbs/ protein intake, im cleaning up my diet to try to get the best from this stack.

    Any sugestion and comment are highly apreciated.

    Here are some pics i took with my cellphone, sorry for the low quality . this are the after pics
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  2. I'm assuming you meant inches on those waist measurements, eh?

    Are you plannin on doing cardio? Probably couldnt hurt.

    Good luck bro!

  3. oppss sorry about that i already correct it.and thanks

    Day 1

    i had a good back/shoulder/bicep workout, but first since i had a log time since i did any cardio, i did 10 minutes. i took 2 cAMP before going to the gym. I notice that i was sweatin more than usual im getting ready to take the 2 cAMP and 1 LX before bed

  4. Day 3
    well yesterday i was kind of busy so i could write anything. The only thing that i have noticed in this 3 days is that my sleep has improved, i like that because i have dificulty to sleep but i get to sleep better now.

  5. Day 8
    its been a week already , i havent done any cardio, i havent had a chance to do it sice i been getting very late at the gym. I havent had a chance to clean up my diet, i ate like a pig 2 days this week.
    although i didnt do alot of changes i manage to lose 3.5 pounds this week im at 181 lbs the only thing is that i havent stoped going to the gym and im doing a bit more intense training

  6. well its day 24 i have had many problems and other stuff that didnt help to finish the stack, in the past 2 weeks i havent been in the gym and im off cAMP and Sesamin the only thing that i havent stoped using is Lean Xtreme and about a week and ahalf added rebound reloaded, i been doing alot of drinkin and i not keeping a good diet but i manage to get to 174 pounds. well it seems that i ****ed up big time.

    very desapointed at my self.


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