Renegade's Log: Excell & BlueUp

  1. Renegade's Log: Excell & BlueUp

    This thread and log has been ended by RenegadeRows. No longer using Blue Up. Could not delete it.

  2. Question!

    Before I start on Monday, I was wondering what everybody recommends for Excell.

    I want to get the most out of it, and I'll be using an 80 serving supply for 30 days. Go figure.

    I was thinking 4 scoops for workout, 2 scoops about three hours after my workout???

    Also, how is my CEE dose? Should I increase to 4000mg? The bottle would last me 30 days @ 4000mg.

    Any input would be appreciated.

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  4. Entry #1

    Monday, Back and Shoulders.
    Just getting over a stomache virus, I began my stack today.

    5 sets x 12 - Pulldowns
    2 sets x 5 - Weighed Chins
    5 sets x 8 - Cable Rows
    5 sets x 5 - Overhead Press (Smith)
    8 sets x 8 - Lateral Raises
    3 sets x 12 - Shrugs
    4000mg CEE 8:00am
    2 servings Excell DURING WORKOUT
    2 caps Blue Rhino PRE-WORKOUT
    2 servings AI PB Protein POST-WORKOUT
    2 caps Lean Green w/ DINNER
    Workout was relatively intense. I did not mind drinking Excell during my workout. Tasted a little like flavored water! The Blue Rhino has been hitting my libido nice, I'm starting to feel like I did when I was 18! Just getting over a PP cycle, its a needed kick-in-the-arse, because my libido was slow returning in post cycle therapy. All in all the workout went well, I decided to do more cable work (rows + pulldowns) as oppose to my usual chinup/pullup + DB rows to change it up. I prefer the free-weights.

    Stomache was a bit upset today, and gag-reflex seemed a bit touchy. Had a hard time with drinking 2 servings of Excell, but Tuesday I will use only one during and one after my workout to make sure.

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