My 8week Pheramax/Methoxy TST/ V-50 LOG!!

  1. Thumbs up My 8week Pheramax/Methoxy TST/ V-50 LOG!!

    This is my Log for Pheramax/Methoxy TST/V-50

    My stats:
    24yrs old

    Been lifting on and off for 10years
    Took 1year off for my fiance's pregnancy but have been back in the gym FULL TIME for about 11months.

    I'm also a personal trainer and manager of a supplement store.

    starting weight 185.5Lbs
    Weight after 10days 189Lbs
    Starting BF 13.8%...I'll post my ending BF right before I start post cycle therapy
    Bench: 325LBS
    Squat: 400LBS
    Dead Lift: 305LBS for 4 (just started DL about 2.5 months ago)

    I've been on cycle so far for 10days. I'll post my dosages of each first and then I'll note what I've experienced so far in regards to gains, sides, body fat, strength, etc...I do have some questions for you guys regarding post cycle therapy etc... which I'll address in this post.

    wk1 wk2 wk3 wk4 wk5 wk6
    PM15mg PM15mg PM15mg PM15mg PM30mg PM30mg
    TST 2mg TST 4mg TST4mg TST 6mg V-50 1pill V-50 1pill

    wk7 wk8
    V-50 1pill V-50 1pill

    I'll start with the good I've experience so far and then go from there

    Gained 3.5LBS
    Increase in strength
    EXTREME INCREASE IN SEX DRIVE!!! (almost annoying)
    Muscle fullness
    Strong desire to get back in the gym

    -Phera is a very "wet" compound and as such I have noticed an increase in water retention, as well as some body fat. I've started doing a little cardio but nothing too extreme.

    -I'm a little irritable but nothing compared to when I used M1-T or Revolt...I've enjoyed the fact that it hasn't been too extreme

    -Biggest complaint is that it has really hurt my appetite. I just haven't been that hungry. I force myself to eat because I don't want to become catabolic but I've had a hard time maintaining a steady diet.

    Questions for you guys...

    - I'm not that familiar with V-50 but my understanding is that it is a (winny) type product. Don't know how much truth there is to that statement but here is my question. Should I start PCT during my 3rd week of V-50 as I will have just finished my PheraMax or should I wait till I finish the V-50 as well and run my PCT with Jungle Warfare?

    - Here's my other PCT question for you. I have liquid Nolva. I could really use some assistance on dosages and duration. I've never used any of these compounds so I wasn't sure if I should stick with the same PCT I did for M1-T. I would like to get Pill form Nolva but I'll probably just stick with liquid for this cycle.

    I'll be updating this log weekly and maybe sometimes more. Thanks in advance for the assistance with my questions.

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  2. let me know how it goes i just came off pheradrol/m-tst

  3. I noticed V-50 to be a weaker form of Prostanozol. And Mega-Zol being an EXTREMELY potent form of prostanozol. V-50 has some stims in it for the boost from the lethargy caused by winny-like designers. Perhaps you should boost your TST dosage up to 6mg if you can stand the sides. I seemed to never have any sides from my TRN and ZOL at 6mg and 150mg. But that's just me. I am pretty resistant to sides and can normally tolerate a high dosage of most products. I'm surprised that after 10 days you have gained only 4 lbs, but such can be the case with some cycles.

  4. Any update hublife?

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