AnabolicInnovation's Whey Protein Blend Review - Peanut Butter Bannanna

  1. AnabolicInnovation's Whey Protein Blend Review - Peanut Butter Bannanna

    AnabolicInnovation's was nice enough to send me a sample of their Whey Protein Blend along with my order, so the least I could do was review it. Thanks again. Here we go.
    Anabolic Innovations Whey Protein Blend is produced by a proprietary microfiltration process that isolates the native whey proteins in a highly concentrated form, containing 22 grams of protein, just 1 gram of fat and 1 gram of carbohydate per serving. This protein will provide exceptional nutritive value in a wide variety of applications.

    Flavor/Taste: 4/5
    Peanut Butter I like, but not being a fan of bannannas I was hesitant. It sounded like a strange combination, but proved to be delicious. Neither the PB or bannanna was overpowering, they blended together in an almost perfect 50/50 combination. This is a unique and delicious flavor that I recommend to everybody. My only problem is I mixed it with more water than normal, so the taste wasn't as strong as I would've liked. Normally I would put an extra scoop in there to remedy this.

    You couldn't even taste the protein...

    Mixing: 5/5
    This mixed very well in my shaker cup. It produced NO clumps, NO sticking to the sides. There wasn't any left at the bottom when I finished it.

    Overall: 4.5/5
    This protein is affordable, mixes cleanly, and it tastes very good. Better than ON's in my opinion for taste, and they have some unique flavors, like Lemon, Chocolate Banana split, etc. I recommend it!

  2. leave my chocolate/PB? hmm.......maybe.

  3. I spelt banana wrong...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows
    I spelt banana wrong...

    Don't worry I usually spell it wrong and I sell the stuff lol

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