muscletech good product

  1. muscletech good product

    I know most people hate the muscletech company but.. I was given a full container of Anatorp70 and it's a pretty good supplement. It didn't change my dna i'm sure but by the third week i had better pumps, strength, and endurance. Taste is not that great but you get used to it.
    In one months use i've gained three pounds (I know thats not much but i've been stuck for a while so i was happy) Anyway anator was the only supplement i used last month besides a multi and my diet was the same as well. So i'm using it for another month to see how the second time around goes.

  2. Hey, if it works for you and you can afford it, then have at it.

  3. Muscletech products seem to be of high quality (I've found some in discount bins and bought them) but most people roll their eyes at the cost and the stupid marketing claims that come with them.

  4. yeah i get everything about 5 bucks above wholesale. just wanted to throw out that i had success with it.

  5. They do have grandios ideas but IMO BSN is the best really comercial company and muscletech is overpriced. If it works think that you could be taking more supps for less money to greater yeild, depending on diet.

  6. I agree the prices are too high, it keeps me from buying more Gakic which actually worked excellent for me.

  7. You can get GAKIC powder from Custom Nutrition Warehouse : Your Nutrition Superstore if you want some savings. I personally kepp my supplement arsenal Muscle Tech free, not because I hate them but because they're not worth the price you pay

  8. If you can find their products in the bargain bin for cheap, by all means buy them. They have a couple descent products now. A few years ago their products were complete junk though. The original "cell tech" had enough sugar to put one into a diabetic coma.
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  9. Has anyone actually tried any of this Pump Tech business? I got some free sample packets from Dave Henry at a Hi-Health appearance last week but haven't tried any of them.

  10. I've had sample of pump-tech it's pretty good. About like any other NO product

  11. Quote Originally Posted by FLgator
    I've had sample of pump-tech it's pretty good. About like any other NO product
    Yea, that's what I figured.

  12. The anator p70 gave me bad stomach aches and bloating some times. But got great gains off it i would reccomend it.


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