Blanes cAMPHOBOLIC/sesamin log

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  1. Day 15:

    45min cardio followed by 2 caps of cAMP

    today was shoulders/calves

    front raises/side raises-warmup

    db bench press 3x10-12reps
    hs shoulder press 2x10-12reps
    upright rows 4x10reps
    cable lateral raises 4x10reps
    reverse pec deck 3x15reps

    seated calf raise-3x15-20reps
    leg sled calf press 3x15-20reps

    had another great workout today, i plan on finishing my cAMP/sesamin combo sunday, i will continue to diet for the remainder of next week then go into a lean bulk.
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  2. Please post your final thoughts/progress at the end.
    Enjoyed reading your log.

  3. Day 16:

    45minutes of cardio followed by 2 caps of cAMP

    today was chest/abs
    2 caps of cAMP taken 30min prior to training

    seat cable flys-warmup

    incline db press-3x10-12reps
    incline smith machine-3x10-12reps
    flat db flys-3x12-15reps
    machine seated press-3x10reps

    leg raises-3x25reps
    seated machine crunch-3x20reps

    weight: 174.5lbs

    workout was great today, i also performed 30 minutes of cardio in the evening, which was good for me, made me get out of the "sluggish" state i was in. Im debating on whether to keep dieting for next week or go into my bulk on monday. i am ready to up my calories and add some mass, i will make my decision by friday, right now it is 50/50.
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  4. Day 17:

    45min cardio followed by 2 caps of cAMP

    today was back/calves

    wide grip hangs-warmup

    wide grip chins-3x10-12reps
    closegrip cable rows-3x12reps
    hammer strength pulldowns-3x12reps
    rack lifts-3x15reps
    seated shrugs-3x15reps

    seated calf raise-3x20reps
    smith machine calf roll-3x20reps

    tonights workout was awsome, i got a free sample of ultimate orange and took it before tonights workout along with 2 caps of cAMP. I was full of energy, and the pump was definately better, the stuff tasted horrible, but all in all i was impressed with the supplement. i have decided to go into my lean bulk starting monday, i will keep the cardio 3-4days a week, it will be low impact. i will be taking pics this weekend to show the progress throughout my cycle of cAMP/sesamin. tomorrow is an off day, and im leaving to go home for the weekend, i will report back sunday with pics/final weight/and thoughts conclusions on the products.
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  5. just a note: NEVER take ulitmate orange in the evening! geeze, i could not go to sleep last night, but the funny thing is that i feel extremely rested this morning.

  6. hey bros,

    i have posted my final pics, i was holding onto some water from this past weekends carb-up so the pics imo don't really do much justice. my finishing weight was 176lbs. down from 180.5 at the start. i was pleased with the stack, it would definately not hurt to run it for longer than i did. i had no side effects and felt energized at each workout(i had previously felt sluggish and run-down before taking the cAMP/sesamin). i am going into my clean bulk and hoping to get some quality lbs out of it. feel free to ask me anything that i did not mention.


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