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    I am not new to this board but i am new to posting here... I am usually @ BN under hetrick30ex...

    Anyway, i just ordered the sample pack of AI's Whey Protein and i will give you a quick run down of the flavors as i use them...

    07/15/06 - AI's "Peanut Butter -
    Great taste, a little under powered. Mixed pretty well, no clumps but did have some grits when i was done with it. It was a well accepted break from my normal 10lbs bag of ON Chocolate!!!
    All in all i would give it a 4/5...

    More reviews to come as i consume the samples!!!

  2. Over the course of the last week, the majority of the protein i used was from the AI sample pack. I had 1 of each of the following.
    I am very impressed at the level of quality of these powders. All flavors are relativley oderless untill mixed. They all mixed better than i have seen protein powder mix before, there were never any clumping and when i was done, no grits with the exception of the penut butter. The strawberry was probably the best strawberry i have ever tasted, also with the vanilla!!! Awesome product and i am stuck, Looks like i am going to be supporting AI for some time to come!!!

    Peanut Butter/Chocolate
    Mint Chocolate Chip
    Very Vanilla
    Barbaric Banana
    Stupendous Strawberry

  3. Yeah, I tried the Chocolate, and I was very impressed as well. I am currently using 100% on Whey, and I have to say that it is some awsome stuff in my opinion, But after tasting AI's stuff, I am hooked as well.

  4. Raspberry:
    I have never tasted protein like that before. It was really different but it tasted pretty good. Again, everything mixed/dissolved great!

  5. WOW Brobulker,

    I don't know how I missed this thread but I want to thank you for taking the time to post it.

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