Methyl 1 Alpha / Haladrol Cycle

  1. Methyl 1 Alpha / Haladrol Cycle

    Has anyone run a Methyl 1 Alpha / Haladrol cycle? I've seen several results from other LG products run in conjunction with Haladrol, but not Methyl 1 Alpha. Just searching for any results.
    I'm several weeks off from starting a new cycle, and I will be posting my PCT bloodwork in a few days from a SD / Haladrol cycle. I saw good gains, and have retained 90% of what I achieved.

  2. Post blood work ans the afformentioned stack was uneccesary. As Halodrol Is a close cousin of Tbol which chemically is the close cousin of dbol without the bloat. While SD is close to Anadrol, as far as Mass gaining, but no water retention, not really needed to satck as both of them are quite potent by themselves, and for some can cause liver and or lipid probs...

    No one really knows what 1alpha is, but they are speculating that is the close chemical cousin of M!T, so if so why play liver killer?

  3. yeah. it just doesn't make much sense. Apowerz6 is right.

    m-1-alpha is the post-ban version of m1t, in progestin form. legal gear may have many naysayers, but i've heard good things about m-1-alpha. very good things (still haven't found my rat, though). dry and solid. it is so powerful that i think the PCT could be more of the problem, that and of course the concomitant liver toxicity being a downer. absolutely no drinking.

    the most i would think anyone could look forward to stacking with the big m1a would be prostanozol/orastan-e/mega-zol, the oral-winny-wannabe. is it in my head or did i have major muscle zip after the first week dosed exactly as directed on the orastan-e bottle? it gave me more aggression and irritability than anything else i have experimented with, and i am a lightweight who uses anything initially very lightly. more blood-pressure problems and irritability with orastan-e than with m-1-a or any other compound i've experimented with.

    the m-1-a sure seems androgenic enough, and certainly anabolic enough. why on earth mess with such a powerful compound? if hunger was a problem than legal gear already had an answer: methyl-1-p. that stuff did it for me, it just dried my lower lip too much, couldn't manage much more than two capsules a day it cracked my lip. freakin' progestins, work like anti-progesterones or something. too damn dry. non-aromatizable androgenic compounds shutting down my estrogen. i like my estrogen, dammit!

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