My VyoTech 17-HD Log

  1. My VyoTech 17-HD Log

    Well, I figured I would post a log in here about me taking this supplement...17-HD..

    Well, Wednesday was Day 1.... I took 1 pill about an hour before workout. I did not notice any power surge that was described by many users. I didnt really feel much. It could of been the oatmeal and banana I ate about 30 minutes prior, Im not sure.

    Oh and this was my first day back after a layoff. I train Doggcrapp style now. I am sore I can say that.

  2. Well, Day 2 of my workout was Friday and my 2nd day of 17-HD.

    It was biceps/forearms, Legs

    I took it approximately 30 minutes prior to my workout. Again, I did not feel any surge of energy. I didnt notice an effect on my workout either. So far, its not starting out well with this stuff.

  3. Well, my 3rd workout and 3rd try with this 17-HD. I took it 30 minutes prior to my workout.

    I again, didnt feel any surge of energy. I did have a good workout today though. I cant say if its this stuff or not but it went well today.

    Today was Chest, shoulders, triceps, and back

  4. it might take 5-7days for it to get into your system bro, be patient.

  5. Nice, I am subscribed!

  6. I think results with 17-HD definately vary from person to person. I had some good results with it......definate energy boost the first week I took it, but the effects wore off over time and had to double dose to get same effect.

  7. Ok, thanks guys. I am training 3 days a week now. My next dose of it will be Wednesday. I will let you all know how it goes.

  8. I just did my 4th workout and my 4th dose of 17-HD. Again, I dont feel any surge of energy with this stuff. So, Im thinking that I never will.

    However, I did have a good workout today. My lifts were good and my strength was good. I dont know if its the 17-HD, the kre-alkalyn, or all the food Im eating but Ive had good workouts since returning from my long layoff.

    Today was biceps/forearms, calves, quads, and hamstrings.

  9. Keep it up bro, Nice log. What are your stats?

  10. Day 5 of 17-HD

    Well, I believe I finally felt some sort of energy. I was getting fairly hyper acting before my workout. I didnt eat anything unusual before training. Just my usual cream of wheat.

    I had a good workout. Strength was up and the attitude was good. Good day today.

    Today was Chest/Shoulders/Triceps/Back

  11. You need to wait alittle longer after eating. If you can just play with times, I would try 1 to 2 hours after eating. You should see a HUGE difference!

  12. I second that I always took it on an empty stomach.. that stuff made me feel like I could workout forever

  13. Day 6...

    Well, I had another good workout. I honestly cant say that its the 17-HD doing it but my workouts have been very productive. I guess I will have to wait and see when Im done with this stuff if my workouts are still productive.

    Today was

    biceps/forearms, calves, quads, hams..... extreme stretching

  14. I had results similar to trauma1's. Initially a good energy and power boost but as the days went by, the effects lessened. I took it for approx. 1 month training 5 days per week. I would say the first couple of weeks were the best and the efect tapered downward from there. I never tried upping the dose though...

  15. Well, my 7th workout and 7th dosage of 17-HD. Had another good workout. All lifts were up except for rack chins. Dont know what happened there.

    Still undecided. I probably will be until my bottle is gone and I start working out without it.

    My workout today was....

    chest/shoulders/triceps, back......extreme stretching.

  16. Well, keep us posted on your progress and whether the 17HD is making a difference. G/L!

  17. Nice log. Do you feel more focused? Do you feel better fullness of muscles?

  18. What happened with this?

  19. Read This.

    As Posted on Another Forum:
    Review of 17-HD

    ** Androgenic's review of 17-HD **
    I will explain how this product bothers me on an unparalleled scale. It is what is wrong with the industry. Shawn Ray uses it…hmm. This product is deceptive, trying to sound like a prohormone or even a potent steroid. The company has stated they did not decide on the name or try and be deceptive it was what the “scientist” (seriously) named that's what they went with...HAHAHA! Even if they have a "scientist" of some sort, which they probably don't, that guy is not in control of their financial fate in the naming/marketing/advertising of the product.

    17-HD (17-Halo-Methyl-Dianadrone): To review the choice of name here, by marketing NOT SCIENCE…let’s review.

    1.)17 – As is c17a, the 17th carbon at the alpha position is where anabolic steroids have their potency and toxicity and often is where a methyl group is as attached.
    2.)Halo – Besides being a great X-Box game, it is another group of steroids such as the popular halotestin, also halodrol is quite popular in the prohormone world.
    3.)Methyl – See #1. Also – see buzz word of the year (#2 is ethyl ester)
    4.)Dianadrone – Diana(bol) aka methandrostenolone, comes pretty close to hitting the whole 17-HD name is one fall swoop.
    5.)17-HD, or 17-Halo-Methyl-Dianadrone, sounds like a chemical compound doesn’t it? Sounds like one heck of a methylated potent oral steroid. Right?

    Guess what? It’s not. Matter of fact it’s just a bunch of herbs. I’d say this is pretty deceptive so far, but lets get into the useless or even counterproductive part.

    Here is the ingredients according to the write-up:

    17- Halo-Methyl-Dianadrone: 400mg
    Ge Gan (pueraria lobota)
    Smilax Officinalis
    N.O. Oliliacae

    Betaecdysterone 100mg
    Wild yam extract 100mg
    Glabra 100mg
    Phosphatidyl choline 50mg
    Citric acid 50mg

    ______________________________ ____________________ ________________
    We'll start with wild yam and go from there.
    Wild Yam is great at regulating estrogen...there's a potent benefit! And I will quote:

    "Wild yam has been used for menstrual cramps or pain, menopausal symptoms, rheumatic conditions, and gallbladder complaints. Wild yam is sometimes suggested as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy. While components of wild yam are chemically manufactured into the hormones progesterone or estrogen, the body is unable to use wild yam in the same way."

    ______________________________ ____________________ ______________________________ __
    Ge Gen is aka kudzu and I quote:

    "Chemicals extracted from kudzu include isoflavones known as daidzein, daidzin, genistein, and puerarin. Isoflavones are plant chemicals that have estrogenic and antioxidant effects.",00.html

    ______________________________ ____________________ ______________________________ __

    How 'bout Smilax? Let's go for the trifecta shall we? Smilax officinalis is also known as sarsparilla.
    I'll quote again...

    "In the United States, sarsaparilla is sold primarily as an oral remedy for skin conditions such as psoriasis. It is believed that chemicals in sarsaparilla may attach to endotoxins (the remnants of bacterial cells) that are common in individuals with psoriasis and certain other conditions. By eliminating or reducing the amounts of endotoxins in the body, sarsaparilla may help to relieve the condition.

    Orally, sarsaparilla also has weak diuretic and laxative effects, which may make it useful in promoting the loss of excess water from the body and also in treating mild constipation. It may also promote sweating, which may help to reduce fever. Additionally, sarsaparilla contains chemicals that may act as a mild expectorant – a substance that may loosen bronchial mucus and promote coughing. However, none of these effects has been verified through clinical studies and they may vary greatly depending on the amounts and type of sarsaparilla that is used. ",00.html
    ______________________________ ____________________ ______________________________ __
    Hmm...well we've established it raises estrogen, has laxative there anything else this miracle supplement can do for me you ask?

    Well I am glad you asked...Glabra is cute renaming (as every ingredient is and the product itself) of Glycyrrhiza glabra, aka Licorice. Licorice you say? Yes, THE ultimate bodybuilding supplement. And I will quote:

    "Licorice is also a mild laxative. Large doses of glycyrrhizinic acid and glycyrrhetinic acid in liquorice extract can lead to hypokalemia and serious increases in blood pressure, a syndrome known as apparent mineralocorticoid excess. These side effects stem from the inhibition of the enzyme 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (type 2) and subsequent increase in activity of cortisol on the kidney. 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase normally inactivates cortisol in the kidney; thus, licorice's inactivation of this enzyme makes the concentration of cortisol appear to increase. Cortisol acts at the same receptor as the hormone aldosterone in the kidney; thus, the effects mimic aldosterone excess, although aldosterone remains low or normal during licorice overdose. Cortisol does not actually increase either; however, its activity in the kidney effectively increases due to the disabling of this enzyme. To decrease the chances of these serious side effects, deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) preparations are available.

    Licorice affects the body's endocrine system. It can lower the amount of serum testosterone, but whether it affects the amount of free testosterone is unclear. A PubMed search for licorice AND testosterone will provide additional information."

    Well, cool, Licorice decrease testosterone, increases blood pressure and may increase catabolic hormones. Oh yeah, and again its a laxative.
    ______________________________ ____________________ ______________________________ __

    So lets tally up the results: we got elevated estrogen, decreased testosterone, increased cortisol, increased blood pressure, and 2 laxatives.

    Lastly, there is one ingredient listed that, in fact, does not exist…so I can’t tell you what it is other than it is an herb. N.O. (sounds like Nitric Oxide – Buzz Word!) Olilicae. Sorry. Given the collective data one WHAT IS IN THERE, I wouldn’t hope for much.

    Well the only thing of benefit I see here is the 50mg of Vitamin C (citric acid), which doesn't even meet the lowly RDA. Sweet formulation. Really.

    Good luck to anyone who uses this. The supplement industry loves you.

  20. yea i read that before..and dang this is an old thread!!! but 17-hd is still around and it KICKS ASS DUDE!!! I Take it along with my Super Pump and OOOOOOWWwiieeee!!!!!
    I feel so lit up i cant stand still between sets. Im about to start X-tren / M-Drol Cycle.. If anybody is interested in following that!!

  21. I would be interested to see how this turned out for him also. I tried a few samples of 17hd when it first came out. I liked the energy boost and focus. So I ended up buying IDS's version of this cause it was about half the price. I ran it two different times. Both times I had good energy and also noticed a big increase in labido. I also had some strength gains but I didn't ever see much in the way of weight or size gain.

  22. ive got a bottle more than half full. it does give a great energy boost.
    what sport do you play.. u little pansy


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