Stimulant X Review

  1. Stimulant X Review

    I just finished up my sample packs of Stimulant X...

    A bit of background on me real quick, I have a HIGH tolerance for caffine and nothing will usually phase me so keep that in mind...

    Age: 20
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 180

    Alright, to the meat of the review now.

    I received the sample pack of four whole pills Woo! I read the directions and decided to be safe and try one... This was about 3pm. Waited 30 minutes and didn't feel any different so I took a second one. Well... I figured it was a placebo effect because it had no effect on me... until dinner time. I wasn't hungry at all. I was like crap, cause Im trying to gain here. Well, off to the gym at 7pm and couldnt even get food in my stomach without feeling like I was going to puke... Workout sucked due to not having enough carbs in me.

    Next day, worked... Decided to see if it still would work for me so I got off at work 6pm. Popped 2 in AFTER I ate my dinner ahahahaha and headed to the gym. Good workout, I was awake through it... No explosive energy at all. Was a really good workout though none-the-less... until after. I felt like I was going to puke trying to guzzle the protein shake. So I stopped at about half of it. And oh boy, I couldnt sleep the entire night! I didnt feel much energy from this stuff but dang, I didn't sleep till 5am. Well, thats enough of it for me.

    So for my body.

    As a energizer: 2/5
    As a keep-up-all-nighter: 5/5
    As a appetite surpressent: 5/5
    Overall in my view: 2/5

    It isnt what Im looking for. I need an inreased appetite as well as not stay up all night. I guess I will have to continue to look for an effective energy boost product for myself.



    btw, if anyone has any questions, just ask.

  2. I was just reading their writeup on Bulk Nutrition and it kind of bothers me that they mention they use "methyl caffeine", like it is some special form of caffeine, when caffeine's normal structure is 1,3,7-METHYLxanthine. I am not sure what they are referring to or if they are trying to say that they are using a different caffeine but it seems sort of outlandish to me.

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