SAN Fierce reviews first dose

  1. Smile SAN Fierce reviews first dose

    Im still in my pct but i wanted something to help me out, i feel great but i get kind off distracted and feel kind of down in the gym so i order some SAN fierce, i havent seen many reviews on it so i decided to buy it and see what happens, i took my firts dose at 12 pm right now its 1:46 i feel more focused in what im doing, im at work rigth now, i was curious if it worked of if it just another crappy supp. i feel it working but i have to wait til 8 pm when i usually go to the gym to test it up to see if it gives the endurance and strenght that it claims im taking my next dose at 6 pm

    by the way i ordered tangy orange, it taste really good, it disolves really well, no bad after taste it smells really good also.
    im going to try to keep you guys posted

  2. i just came home from the gym, my workout was great, nice pump, i was concentrated, i pee alot thats the only diference that i noticed from other days, i dont know if its because i was drinking more water than usual. but it seem to be a good product

  3. Hmmm.... Looks like a good product. Please keep us updated as I am sure many people would like to hear some feedback about this.

    Good luck

  4. thanks jjohn, this is my second day , great pump, good concentration, no bloating. i was able to squezze some more reps, as far as strength i havent notice anything big just more intensity in my training, endurance and recovery was ok

  5. If focus, intensity of training and quality of reps are there, dont worry about strenght gains, they should come in pretty fast

  6. third day, i had a lot of work to do at my shop that got me late for my workout,so i kind of made some sort of circuit training, i excersiced chest and trycep, great pump i was very stressed and it help me concentrate. I didnt noticed the days before but the shaker that i used today was clear i notice that some creatine stayed at the bottom, notghhing that a bit more or water and stiring the shaker wouldnt help


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