Insane Megadosed Nonhorm. Log

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by ugab37
    Also, how would you dose the symmetry/cissus on workout days. I was thinking 6-8 caps preworkout with the rest divided throughout the day and one dose at night.
    Im going to follow the instructions on the bottle for the first cycle. If after 30 days i see fit to order more than i may increase the dosages as needed.

  2. Sorry bro but it looks like you've got more money than sense, you've gone WAY over board on the supplements, ya it's to stock up on supplements but spread it out, you don't need all that, and as one member on here has already noticed insane amounts of supplements doesn't equal insane amounts of muscle. You could cut it back to Rem, Cissus, Powerful and Symmetry, and do high doses of those but the other stuff just isn't needed, except bcaa's and such.

  3. Any updates available?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by max silver
    Any updates available?

  5. Man...I thought this was the "Show me your stash" thread.
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

  6. Weird experiment -- but I'm subscribing.

  7. It seems like several of the previous posters skipped over a few posts in the thread....

    He is not doing his originally proposed stack and he's starting on July 11th.

  8. I take back what i send above, smart move, good luck with it. I'd like to try out hyperdrol.

  9. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Mulletsoldier again.

    Quote Originally Posted by rampage jackson
    Man...I thought this was the "Show me your stash" thread.

  10. Rampage, mullet im confused is this a joke? i want off this ride.


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