Alri Venom Tri-Lean w/ Thyrogen-X log

  1. Alri Venom Tri-Lean w/ Thyrogen-X log

    Tomorrow I am starting the Tri-Lean system w/ Thyrogen-X. I am going to run it for 30 days and keep a daily log on here. I paid for all the supplements so this will be a completely un-biased log. I will update my weight and measurements once a week.

    Supplements I will be taking-
    Venom Hyper-Drive 3.0: 1 pill in the morning till I build a tolerance then I will up it to 2 a day.
    Venom Special Tactics: 2 pills two times a day.
    Venom Thyrogen-X: 2 pills two times a day (You can take it 3 times a day but to make it last 30 days I will only use it twice a day).
    Venom Lean Dreams: 1 pill at night, till I asses my tolerance then I may bump it up to 2.
    USP Cissux RX: 2 pills two times a day.
    Adam Multi-Men: 2 a day.
    ON Flax Seed Softgels: 1 pill 3 times a day.
    ON Gold Whey: 3-4 scoops a day.
    Scivation Xtend: 4 scoops on workout days only.

    Workout program-
    I will be doing Max-OT training 5 days a week and doing Abs twice a week.

    Max-OT cardio which is basically HIIT on a stationary bike. I may mix it up once in a while and use the treadmill.
    I will doing cardio right after my w/o. I realize the Optimum time to do my cardio would be in the morning and 8 hours apart from my w/o but I am not a morning person! I may also go hiking on Saturdays if I have time.

    I am not going to post my diet everyday; but I will post my BMR and my calorie intake for the day. To start off I am going to cut my BMR rate by 500 calories. If my w/o suffers from too low of a calorie intake, I will bump it up a little to I reach the optimum amount. My diet will be clean I.E. no fast food, only water and fat free milk, low fat.

    Goal: I would like to get down to 10% B.F. and raise my LBM. As far as weight I would like to keep it up by not losing any muscle.

    Current Weight: 159.8
    Bodyfat: 16%
    LBM: 132 lbs.
    Height: 5' 6”
    Age: 23 turn 24 July 2nd
    Sex: Male
    BMR: 2730

    If anyone has a question please ask or pm me...
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  2. Good luck mate!

  3. Started the stack today... I took one venom w/ breakfast and I noticed a little of an energy kick. Nothing major, the plus was I wasn't all jittery. The appetite suppresant seems to be decent, but not sure if it was the stack or my discipline. I have the weekends off from the gym so the true test will be on mon. when I hit the weights and cardio.

  4. Sat. night I took one Lean Dream and I got about 8 hours of sleep and felt really refreshed. Sun. I had a pretty good amount of energy and got a lot of stuff done. I took 1 lean Dream about 9:30 and went to bed just past 11. I woke up around 3 and felt really warm. I got back to bed in about 5 mins. and woke up really refreshed. Today I don't feel tired and I am not jittey or anxious after 1 Venom. I can definately feel my body temp. go up after taking the stack. Tonight after work I hit the gym and I will post up how it goes.

  5. I had a really good workout last night; I actually had a lot of energy and made some gains. I was sweating a lot more than normal due to the increased temp. My heart rate was up but not as high as when I use the ECA stack which I think is a good thing. My recover in between sets was really good too. I just came off my rest week so that may have increased my enthusiam to work out.

  6. Last night I went to bed about 12 and woke up around 3 a.m. and tossed and turned for a while before falling alseep. I got up about 6:30 and felt refreshed. The venom seems to help me stay awake and I am not feeling tired but I am sweating a lot today and I work in a 70 degree office.

  7. Had another good work out last night, felt like I could stay for hours. Pretty much the same thing today, stack is going really well. I weighed my self this morning and I was at 157.5 lbs. I will weigh myself and do my b/f again on sat.

  8. Feel more heat from thyrogen-x? I have done dicana couple months ago, and felt huge heat even in my forearms..

  9. Quote Originally Posted by jjohn
    Feel more heat from thyrogen-x? I have done dicana couple months ago, and felt huge heat even in my forearms..
    Yeah I am sweaty today too, also really anxious. I didn't sleep that well last night for some reason, just kept waking up. I am not tired though, just wish I was sitting at my comp.

    I had another good workout last night too. I have been taking in about 2200 calories and about 180-200 grams of protein and making good gains still. Plenty of energy in the gym, and I actually want to work out. Tonight is leg day so I am looking forward to seeing how it goes.

  10. Good luck, this looks like an interesting stack. I hear FnF saying the Hyperdrive makes her very warm as well. Looking forward to your Sat update

  11. Hey how much did you pay for the stack? where?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Viperspit
    Good luck, this looks like an interesting stack. I hear FnF saying the Hyperdrive makes her very warm as well. Looking forward to your Sat update
    Thanks I probably won't be able to post the results from saturdays weigh in till wed.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by PROD1GY
    Hey how much did you pay for the stack? where?
    I got it from Bodybuilding Supplements and Discount Sports Nutrition I used the AM discount and paid around $113 shipped for all 4 bottles.

  14. My thur. workout went really well too. My recovery between sets wasn't the greatest but I increased my weights. Fri. I wasn't able to workout becuase I had a concert to go to. I took sat and sun. off. Monday I did my usuall monday routine and also did my fri. excersises too. Tues. my gym was closed so I jogged about 45 mins. in the heat

    Updates: I weighed myself and did my B/F on sat. My weight was at 166.4 and my B/F was 14.6

    So far the stack is going really well. I have a lot of energy in the gym and my weights and reps have been going up while maintaining my 500 calorie deficit. I am still using the minimum recommended dosage and plan on keeping it so until my weight loss stalls out.

  15. Yesterday had another good w/o. When I was doing my cardio I really pushed my self to the max and I checked my heart rate at the hardest point of the intervals. It was at 200 and my max rate is 196. So I lowered my intesity to keep it around 180.

    Last night I went to bed early and I woke up about 4 times. A few of the times it took me like 15-20 mins. to fall asleep. When my alarm went off I slept in for another 15 mins, but I don't feel tired as of yet. On a positive note I had to cinch my belt to the next notch because my regular notch was loose.

  16. The workouts are going the same, really good. Fri. I did legs and last time I did them I didn't feel like I was a 100% so I upped my calories that day by 250. It really helped and made some really good gains that day. I am still keeping my doses the same as when I started. The appetite suppression effects are starting to diminish so I may bump up the Venom to 2 pills a day later in the week.

    Updates as of 7/09-
    Weight: 153.1 lbs.
    Body fat: 13.2%
    Waist at my navel: 32 inches
    LBM: 133 lbs.
    BMR: 2748 so I will be taking in 2248 on w/o days and
    1873 on off days

  17. Well mon. afternoon I started to feel tired and was not looking forward to going to the gym. So around 45-60 before I hit the gym I popped another Venom and man did it get me amped! I wanted to run to the gym from work after I took it. I had a really good workout and I could have done more sets but I didn't want to start overworking myself. My cardio also went up about 10 RPMs and my heart rate stayed around
    185. That night I tried two Lean Dreams pills and man that sucked. I took them at 9 p.m. and went to bed at 10. I fell asleep really easily but I must have woken up around 10-12 times no joke. I had to use the restroom a few of them but the rest were to due me sweating. I woke up drenched and had to move from one side of the bed to the other and switch out my pillows. The thermostat was at 72 degrees and I had my fan on high the whole night. I then woke up at 5 a.m. and couldn't fall back asleep. I felt tired tues. morning but after I took a venom it keep me going till about 2 p.m. I decided to take another Venom before my w/o and it had the same effect... an awesome w/o with great energy and recovery between sets. Tues. night I took one Lean Dream and had a good nights sleep and felt refreshed this morning. Tonight I plan on taking another Venom pre-workout, if the w/o's continue to go as well as they are I am going to buy another thing of Venom and use it as a pre-workout supplement.

  18. I have been having a problem over the past 3 days or so... I have been getting really bad cotton mouth and my throat feels sort of tight and sore. I drink about a gallon and 1/2 throughout the day but I can't seem to get rid of the symptoms.


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