Melting Point/Basic Cuts/Sesamin Stack with Log

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  1. Cool beans.

    Any cramping?
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  2. Negative on the cramps, I have had nothing yet.

    Anyways its update time:

    Chest day consiting of pyrmid(ing) incline/regular benching for 4 sets up and 4 sets down,(12-10, 8, 6,4)
    Cable Flies 10-12 x 3
    Barbell Curls 3 x 10-12
    Ran two miles

    Leg day:

    Smith Machine squats 3 x 10-14 superseted with
    One-leg presses 3 x 10

    Leg Curls/Extensions superseted with one another 3 x 12

  3. Strange. How much weight have you lost?
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  4. Nice log. What are your final results?

  5. Well I still got about a week left, so i'll post the final stuff this friday. In terms of weight I have dropped about 10-13lbs while retaining most of my muscle. As I said I'll post the results later on, I've had a quite busy weekend(seems everyone decided to wreck there car in my township) and I have a massive parade tommarrow.

  6. Ok well the end of this cycle is now upon me, mostly b/c things have deteriorated quite quickly. I have had a ****e ton of work and Firedept related material going on, not to mention I’m out of basic cuts. Anyways here are the in-depth end results:

    Supplements used during cycle
    The total amount of supplements used are as follows: Sesathin(Scivation) Basic Cuts(DS) Melting Point(DS), Green tea(Higher Power Nutrition) CLA(EAS) BCAA 1000’s(Optimum Nutrition) Vitamin C(Costco Brand) Vitamin E(Costco Brand) ZMA(Higher Power Nutrition)

    Dosing was either bottle recommendations (CLA, BCAA, Green tea) or custom to how I set everything up. For the most part this is how the rest of the stack was dished out:

    Sesathin x 2 with Melting point
    Melting Point x 4 with two of the later day meals
    Basic cuts x 2(on lifting day, two pills in the morning and two before lifting while just two in the morning on non-lifting days)
    Vit C 1mg three times daily
    Vit E 800IU’s in the morning
    ZMA x 3(roughly around 30mg of zinc and 450mg of mag)
    Note that the x some number does represent pills unless indicated otherwise, also L-Tauine was used but only for a short time, and I followed the bottle rec’s.

    Obviously I used a whey protein powder but it was just a regular 5lb tub from Costco, nothing special here. On the side I ended up getting rid of my Vitamin C, CLA, and put a good dent into the BCAA’s. I still have more but I can always use it for another cycle.

    At the start of this test I was roughly 250lbs and checking in at about 23% body fat. Coupling these supplements and a rather fair diet worked out pretty well, being that I’m now at 238ish and 19ish percent body fat. I used measurements at various points over the body to gauge BF as well as a Health O-meter scale. For the most part a lot of the initial weight lost was due to water weight, but I kept the diet semi clean and the workouts at a high intensity. Physically I can notice some reductions in BF, but I still have a ways to go to get where I want to be. In terms of cardio I did anywhere from 15-20 minutes at a rather high level after I lifted, not to mention that at least 2 times a week, I had extra physical labor that was exerted on me in one form or another (Fire calls, Ripping down Insulation, Chopping wood…etc). The weakest point of the whole cycle would be my diet. It went from outstanding to terrible in no time flat. During the week things were good, I was at working and eating cleanly. Once Friday came, things went right out the window. I made poor choices or didn’t eat all of the meals/didn’t eat at all. Not to mention supplementation dropped a few times during the weekend as well. With this aside I still would like to give credit to the supplements for doing there job even though I was not.

    Final Notes
    Basically I would like to thanks the guys from DS for lending some valuable advice and crafting this quite potent/useful product. As I described above, my diet was not that great throughout and I missed supplement dosing, and yet I still managed to drop some weight and retain most of my muscle mass. Also I would like to thank all of you who read my log, being that it’s my first one. I look forward to posting another log in a few weeks when I revamp a few things and get back on track with school. Once again, thanks.

  7. Cool. So what is the plan of action for the next 4-8 weeks?
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  8. Well I'm gonna take a week or so off from lifting, and then come the week of the 18th i'll pick it all back up and try to hold a few hundred cals below mantain.... then when school fires up i'm going full bore in a Cutting cycle, take a month or so off around Xmas and then pick it back up in late january to continue on for next summer. I don't have all of the inner workings yet but I'll be sure to keep you posted.


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