Scivation Anagen is the shizzz!!

  1. Scivation Anagen is the shizzz!!

    Here's the stat breakdown to give you a gauge on how powerful this product is for a natural anabolic. I am 5'9" 184 lbs about 12% bf. I can best classify myself as an ecto/meso (as for the meso spectrum...i'd say i'm average. I am not one of those who can gain muscle just fu*cking around, but I can gain a good amount by hard work, diet, etc).

    I have been taking Anagen at 3 caps/day (not taking the reccommended 4 caps, because I am getting an alternate source of ECDY from Cytodynes ZMASS PM -- note: I just started the ZMASS PM w/the Anagen) for 21 days now. The first 18 days I made decent gains in strength and size. I do not have a weight gain, because I stay away from the scale to steer away from discouragement....the 184 has been my weight for some time, I could be more or less, however, looking in the mirror, I am definitely bigger. If I were to guess the weight gain in the past 21 days, I'd say I gained an easy 5-6 pounds and lost 1-1.5% bodyfat (these are estimates, but I have been monitoring my body for years, so I'd say its a 80-90% accurate claim.

    The past 3 days, I upped the dosage to 6 caps/day because I wanted to try it out after reading Derek's run at it and because I got it hella cheap during one of the board sponsors scivation sales. Withthatsaid, this is the 3rd day at 6 caps/day and I am freakin' hard, and looking huge! I'd have to compare this to a 1test prohormone cycle I did in the past. (NOTE: I have always responded well to ECDY....if you look in the forums, you may find somewhere that ZMASS PM was one of the supps I live by under one of the forums named "supplements you live by").

    Conclusion: I will continue this for 8 more weeks (Derek's reccommendation somewhere 12on/4off). The bodyfat loss speaks little about the product, as I can take any fat loss supplement and probably lose more w/no change in diet(ecto), but the muscle gain speaks loud and clear about this product, however, I do react to ZMASS PM as well, but not nearly the gains as i've made on anagen. I cannot compare this to any other natural anabolic as I have not taken any (i.e. powerfull, cissus, nha stacks, etc.)

    Side effects: Not much at all, just when I upped the dosage to 6 pills, something strange happened. I didn't get a very good sleep at all. Tossing and turning with vivid dreams. But at 3 pills/day for the first 3-4 days or so, I was more tired than usual.

    P.S. I know this review is very unorganized with a lot of rambling, but i'm in a rush. If you have any questions or criticism feel free.

  2. thanks for the info.. there has been mixed reviews about this product, I was considering adding it to a stack I proposed in the DS section.

  3. Nice... Glad it works well for you!

  4. Please continue to update this thread as you gain more experiences/ thoughts. Thanks!
    My The 1 LOG:

  5. The good old boys over at Scivation have done it again. Stack it with Fenotest (4 a day).



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