Steven Segal Energy Drink Review (funny stuff!)

  1. Steven Segal Energy Drink Review (funny stuff!)

    I found this review and thought I'd share...didn't know Steven Segal was even making this...


    The guy who reviews the drinks is pretty funny.

  2. The name Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt was an inevitable afterthought. When Steven Seagal finished creating a drink that holds untold natural power, there was only one equivalent in nature- The Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt. Both mysterious and powerful, it is a symbol of the untold energy the earth has to offer- Such is Steven Seagals [sic] Lighting Bolt energy drink.
    Quote Originally Posted by Reviewer
    I love that A) they admit the name of the drink was a total afterthought (ah crap, what do we call this ****?), B) they refer to him as "The Steven Seagal", and C) they insinuate that they named Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt after... Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt. Well, that sure clears everything up.
    Oh man that's great.

  3. The guy who thought of making that is weird. Maybe will he make plenty of $$$ though..

  4. I tried those energy drinks about 6 months back. Worst energy drink I have ever tasted to be honest. I can't even describe how awful they actually are. But I kept the cans though because they look kinda cool, and I couldn't bare to part with them.

  5. Priceless



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