Almost time to MONSTER up how should i do this log

  1. Almost time to MONSTER up how should i do this log

    Ok it is time to MASS UP: 12 days away from my Cycle Will start preloading supps this weekend. It's going to look similar to this although changes could be made during the cycle of course 16 weeks is a long time.

    Weeks 1-2 Methyl-Drol/ Pherabol
    Weeks 3-4 Pherabol/M-tst/M-trn
    Weeks 5-8 M-tst/M-trn

    Weeks 8-12 Tamox, Powerful, Creatine E2 Matrix.
    Weeks 13-16 Rebound Reloaded, Activate, E2 Matrix.

    Addl supplements Milk Thistle, Hawthorne berry, Prostate combo, taurine, b5 and b6, ATD, Ultra lipoderm, Jetfuel

    S-drol could run into week 3 if I feel I need it. If it were run in week 3 than the m-trn would not start until week 4. I will not be going over dosages of everything as I feel everybody is different and what works for one person wonít work for another and people tend to get caught up a little too much in the amount one takes. As I have used all the compounds before except the TST I will run amounts that I feel will get me to my goals for this cycle based on past experience. Here is how I was thinking of setting up my log you guys let me know if this sounds good to you or if you would like to see any changes.

    WEIGHT I will weigh in every 5 days I donít feel doing it daily is as good since my weight can fluctuate 2-3lbs on any given day.

    PICTURES: Day 1, Day 21, Day 42, and Day 63

    WORKOUTS: I will post last weeks and these weeks only the exercises that stay consistent. As I tend to change exercises each work out except for some core ones flat bench lat pulldowns etc.

    CALORIES: I will note how far above maintenance I am. I donít shoot for a specific amount as my maintenance changes daily depending on my cardio. but I will want to avg at least 500 calories above on a daily basis with 1.25gm of protein. I find that works best for me.

    Anything else you guys want to see? Let me know open to all suggestions. I love feedback I learned alot from reading on here so I try to help others learn from what I am doing.

    GOALS. 20lbs without going above 12.5% bf I have worked VERY hard the past 6 months to get down in % and wonít tolerate becoming FAT again. I feel this is a very achievable goal with the compounds being used. The weight gain averages out to only 2.5-3 lbs a week. The cycle will start at a bf% in the 10ís so I am leaving a little room for some body fat to come back. As I will be eating more carbs and fats. But this wills not a dirty bulk at all. I have a feeling this is going to be one WILD ride.

  2. That would be pretty complete IMO.

    Good luck

  3. tattoopierced1
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    20lbs is a heafty wish.... IMO, lower your expectations.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1
    20lbs is a heafty wish.... IMO, lower your expectations.

    Well I was basing the 20lbs on the fact that I gained 16lbs on a 3 wk cycle of plex and drol alone. and most logs on here have people gaining approx 5lbs a week on plex and my goal would be on 2.5lbs a week about half of what others have been gaining. But the 20lbs doesn't have to come in just the 8 weeks if I got 20lb altogether even after the whole 16wks I would still be happy. I appreciate your input

  5. If you lower your expectations and go through the roof, you'll be happier that if you dont reach high goals.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jjohn
    If you lower your expectations and go through the roof, you'll be happier that if you dont reach high goals.

    Jjohn I thought i was lowering my expectations taking the gains I made per week on my last pp/drol cycle and cutting those expectations in half. I appreciate all the feedback so do you guys really feel that with 8 weeks and those 4 compounds 20lbs is really to much to ask. I mean here was another reasoning behind my 20lb goal at a 500-750 calorie surplus you should gain about 1-1.5lb a week naturally thereby only asking 1-1.5lb extra a week out of the anabolics. for a total of 2.5lbs a week. based on the last two cycles one a pp/drol cycle where I gained approx 5.25lb per week and one a drol/trn cycle where i gained approx 1.95lb a week I figured with the addition of TST and a longer duration that those goals would seem very realistic. Is my thinking flawed. As i said this is y first real BULKER in a LOONG TIME so let me know what gains you guys think would be more realistic I am all ears. Thanks for all input it is greatly appreciated
  7. tattoopierced1
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    whats your stats and post your diet.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1
    whats your stats and post your diet.
    5ft 1in 145lbs mid 11% bf currently my diet changes daily as on MMA nights I burn more calories so I adjust my calories. My diet is approx 40% protein 40% carbs 20% fat I use fit day and log each meal so i can adjust accordingly during the day. I will stay at approx 500-750 calories per day above maintenance. I have alot of years experience with AAS/PH I did my first cycle approx 10 years ago. I had my first son and got a desk job a few years ago so I got real out of shape started out in dec at 23% bf. Most of my cycles have all been done with weight considerations in mind as i was a wrestler and compete in MMA and BJJ> I am now with a new coach and I have decided to move up in weight class due to more opportunites Hence I am doing a real BULK without constraints on how much weight I can gain.

  9. Well like a said changed might be made it looks like I am going to have to switch up the cycle there will be a slight delay in getting the pherabol but this could actually work out better because I might one the methyl-drol at the beginning and then wait to the last 3 wks of the cycle to run the pherabol and I wouldn't be running two methyls at the same time during the cycle my liver might like me better plus that way I won't have a straight run on the methyls either I will have a few weeks than a break and then a few more weeks at the end.

  10. Well, I can only wish you good luck, and no injuries during the log..

  11. Quote Originally Posted by jjohn
    Well, I can only wish you good luck, and no injuries during the log..

    thank you yeah i am hoping to stay injury free for the whole cycle but being an MMA fighter that is hard to do lol

  12. Quote Originally Posted by mixedup
    thank you yeah i am hoping to stay injury free for the whole cycle but being an MMA fighter that is hard to do lol
    Hehe.. have fun. It's what it's all about!!!

  13. well since the p-bol will be started later I have had alot of time to think on this cycle and made another change. I am starting to preload supps tomorrow. But I am also going to be adding in some 1-T cyp so I will only run the methyl-drol for 2 weeks just long enough for the 1-T to start kicking in. The 1-T might start mid next week 1/2 earlier than the drol as I don't have to worry about some other issues as much and from past experience I start feeling effects in 2-3 weeks while on cyp. I will run the TST/TRN for 6 wks as they are designed to work together. I will add the p-bol on at the end and will time the last inject to clear with the p-bol approx so I can start PCT and not worry about any lingering anabolics.

  14. Hi guys sorry i'm not doing a review here but since I am using more than just otc supplements now I thought that a log in this section would be the wrong place for my cycle. thanks for all the input from everybody


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