Buddikamans Reloaded/ActivaTe/Powerfull/Anagen/Cissus Log

  1. Buddikamans Reloaded/ActivaTe/Powerfull/Anagen/Cissus Log

    Not sure if anyone is interested, but i was planning on making a log starting monday for the following products.

    Usp Labs- Powerfull- 8 per day
    Usp Labs- Cissus RX- 4 per day
    Usp Labs- Rem R3G- 3 per night
    Designer Supps- Rebound Reloaded- 1 per day
    Designer Supps- ActivaTe- 6 per day
    Scivations- Anagen- 6 per day
    Nx Care- Aminovol- 8 per day
    Universal's Animal Pak- 1 pak per day
    Bsn- Cellmass- 2 servings daily
    Gasparis- Size On(once Cellmass is gone)

    Age- 24
    Height- 6ft
    Body type- Endo/Meso
    Lifting Exp- 1.5 years, with .5 taking it seriously
    Diet- A day of my diet goes something like this...

    Breakfast 11am- Tuna steak with greenbean casarole
    Post workout shake 2pm- 1 serving Real gains w/ 2 scoops ON Whey
    Lunch(at work) 6pm- 2 paks of tuna w/crackers
    Dinner- 11pm- Chicken breast or steak w/ mashed patatoes and vegetables

    Sometimes at work i try to sneak in a protien shake or beef jerky before or after lunch, as my job keeps me busy. But i try to eat as much as possible through the day, more so than whats posted here.
    Workout Program-

    Monday- Chest, Triceps, shoulders
    Tuesday- Back, Biceps, Forearms
    Wednsday- Legs
    Thursday- Chest, Triceps, Shoulders
    Friday- Back, Biceps, Forearms
    Saturday- Legs
    Sunday- Rest

    My workouts right now are somewhat rotuine and somwhat made up depending on what i feel like...for example, i do bench on both olympia and smith, so im able to lift more on smith, and sometimes these big guys come in and let me workout with them, and they push me pretty hard, but ill try to keep it understandable during my journel.

    Goals- This is a bulking cycle, Just coming off a PCT to a half assed PP cycle, had to quit 2 weeks in due to being sick. Hoping to notice some nice synergy with these products, i dont make very much $, and it cost me about a paycheck to get everything, but i figure damn what else would i spend my $$$ on?...Hopefully ill notice something from these products, as ive never tried any of them. Ill try to take before and after pics, altough i have no digi camera, only a shoddy cell phone, so well see..

    Right now im looking for comments on this stack, ive actually started taking the pills starting today(Thurs, june 8th) and working out accordingly, but i dont have as much info offhand as i could, such as measurements, and BF%, and ill have to get used to writing down my workouts, not to mention im recovering from being sick, and trying to get back into working out seriously, this will be my first Log.

    Feel free to post comments or suggestions, thanks.


  2. DUde please tell us how you like the REM, cuz my brother is on it and is having fun dreams


  3. Wow that's an impressive stack. How long do you plan on running this stack? Since you mentioned you're on a limited budget, would you perhaps be better off to restructure this cycle into phases?

    For example, the first phase could consist of Rebound Reloaded, Activate, Cissus, and REM. This in itself should be a pretty damn potent stack, with large strength gains, libido increase, better sleep, mass gains, etc.

    The second phase could consist of Powerfull, Anagen, and Cissus. That would also likely be another very powerful stack as well. You'd still likely see great sleep, mass gains, strength, libido increase, etc. I see you are using higher than recommended dosing level for Anagen, why not lower that a bit so you can space it out a little longer? I honestly think you'd get much better value for your money if you make these supplements last longer.

    I'd use the creatine products right througout.

    One concern I have with your diet is the seemingly tiny amount of food you're eating. For real mass gains, you should really be packing in the calories. For example, add in a post workout meal sometime after your post-workout shake. Tuna and crackers is a snack, not a meal when bulking. Change that to tuna on whole wheat and you're set. You gotta eat to grow.

    How are your gains with your workout routine? That seems like it might be an excessive amount of volume, lifting 6 days in a row.

    You've purchased a great selection of supplements, but to really get full mileage out of them, your diet and workouts are going to need to be effective.

  4. Wow. I plan on going for something similar after my x-factor log. Hope all goes well

  5. Just a suggestion that was made to me eat more
    I eat more then you at 175 and hardly ever gain

    more at once or more meals
    (more meals being better) because you probley wont gain anything on that diet or like myself you will gain very slowly and lose gains if you do too much cardio/work

  6. Yea i hear you bro,

    Im gonna start eating more starting monday, but at the same time, i do beleive everyones body is different, for example, i never had a problem with being skinny, and just from that diet and hard workouts, including manual labor at work, ive been gaining alot of fat, so i have to watch out with the food or i will gain weight quick...

    But at the same time, i am growing, slowly but surely. My body is pretty effecient at growing, so long as i dont starve myself.


  7. Hey do what works for you for me it has always been easier to lose rather then gain

    I would think that with that stack you have it would consume and turn your food to muscle much easier then fat

    but you know how you will react better then i do

  8. That would be great if it does, cause GD, im getting fat

  9. subscribed.

  10. My prediction is,

    you will be humping your dresser soon.

    I will be watching.

  11. DAY 1 Monday June 12th

    Today i was in the gym hitting it pretty good. I did chest, triceps, and shoulders.

    Ive decided to make this LOG more about the effects of the pills combined synergy and how they effect my body and workouts.

    I did about 6--8 sets of chest, 3 flats and 3 inclines on the smith, with one 45 plate + one 35 pnds on each side, i could of probably did two plates but didnt want to overdo it since i just started my cycle today.

    For triceps i used a Olympia curl bar and put 35 pnds on each side for lying tricep extensions, i managed to get about 6, but had no spotter for forced reps, i did 6 sets, a little more than usuall to try to burn out, since- no forced reps.

    Shoulders i did military press and behind the necks both on the smith machine, i got a decent burn in my shoulders but didnt push it as hard as i could have, for some reason i was weak today, only had 25's on each side of the smith, instead of my normal 35, i also did bent over flys for the back of my delts, using 35 pnd dumbells.

    Ive been taking these pills since last thursday, i dont know, i havent noticed a whole lot, im not even noticing major increases in my libido, but maybe a little. I think at the gym today my pumps and muscles feel a little harder than usuall, and im looking slightly more vascular, but it hasnt even been 1 week yet and the impression im getting from these pills is its more a long term build up thing in the body, and not a instant power buzz, ill keep you guys posted.


  12. Any updates?


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